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Red Persona Movement on Dec 13-14 Images
at Dec 6th to Dec 18 Coordinates

Steve speculates, and the Zetas confirm, movement in the Red Persona, as recorded by the camera, during the long night of Dec 13-14.

I think this must be the location of the red persona for the three 1200sec images taken [below] at the end of the night on Dec 13. This is a sum image of those three. The coordinates were pointing SWW at that time as compare to a SEE direction for the first image taken that night so I think accounts for movement to the right. This fairly large spot shows up well on those three images and is not on any comparison images. In looking through the Dec 13 240sec images and over several of the images there appears to be a small group of darker pixels moving to the right and trending upwards. It doesn't seem to be completely steady movement though, maybe lingering in the same spot over a few images and then suddenly jogging to the side or up a bit. And on some of the other images I can't really make anything out.
Steve Havas
The Red Persona did indeed migrate across the images over the long night, a steady track seen on the images as the camera was pointed first toward the East, then the West. It moved from being to the left of the White, thence to the right of the White, predictably. When in the East, red light was pulled DOWN by the amount of Earth's surface the red light had to pass over, and toward the core of the Earth which at this time was to the East of the camera. When directly overhead, it pulled closer to the White Persona, still down but as the core being passed at that moment is directly below the White, not to either side. When to the West, the core again pulls the Red Persona down and toward the core of the Earth, which is now to the west of the camera.