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Imaging on Dec 27 & 28, 2002
at Dec 29 Coordinates

I took some new images (yes, shows new objects!) The coordinates [on Dec 27th] started out facing SW in the beginning of the exposures so I think the red persona should be below and to the right of the white. I think the white has shown up right at the Dec 29 coordinates, maybe on this sum image showing in two spots over the course of the imaging (started at about 7:30UTC). I think the red persona is probably the big smudge below and to the right. And it looks like a cluster of moons may have shown up to the left and just slightly above the white candidate. All these spots are not on the NEAT or DSS and show up well on all three images!
Steve Havas
I took another set of 3 x 1200 sec images [Dec 28th], started earlier with the coordinates facing SE. A new HUGE diffuse spot shows up on all three images to the left of where I figured the red persona was on the Dec 27 images. Looks very similar only shows up more predominately.
Steve Havas

Once again, these are FITS files, which means one must use a FITS viewer which can be downloaded from a Harvard site. The files are dated Dec 27th, were taken in the early morning of Dec 27th in the clear skies of Arizona. DSS Comparison Charts are zipped as they are large to encompass the large SAO star used as a guideline previously, and encompass the area of the new images. The Dark is a ZIP file, and the Flat, and Bias are as used formerly, as they still apply. The Coordinates of RA 4.36743 Dec 12.12001 for Dec 29 must be Converted. Use Pierre's Guide to locate the coordiantes in reference to neighboring stars, including the large SAO star used for orientation on the Sep 21, 2002 imaging.

Dec 27 Filtered for RedDec 27 BitmapsDark/Flat/Bias

Dec 28 Filtered for Red



Dec 28 Bitmaps

DSS Comparison