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Dec 28th Huge Splotch
at Dec 29th Coordinates

Steve notes a huge splot appearing on both the Dec 27th and Dec 28th images, much larger by Dec 28th.

A new huge diffuse spot shows up on all three [Dec 28th] images. Looks very similar to a Dec 27th spot only shows up more predominately. I think the sky conditions were very good [Dec 28th] as the images are very clear and this spot shows up so well. Unbelievable!
Steve Havas
I saw the fuzzball too. Its quite remarkable. Could it be the trailing dust cloud? Like a big tuft at the end of a tail?
J. William Dell
I agree that the big fuzzball on the Dec 28 image could be the dust cloud, or a red persona of a cluster of trailing moons plus dust or something similar. Whatever it is, it's pretty big. I think if you imagine it coming on head on you can see the round head at the right side and then it kind of trails off in a point like a tail on the left side. These images are getting more interesting everytime, that's for sure. Talk about the thrill of being able to document the biggest stellar event modern man will ever get to witness blow by blow!
Steve Havas
Dec 28th Splotch
DSS Comparison
Dec 27th Splotch