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Dec 28th Red and White Candidates
at Dec 29th Coordinates

Steve and J. William discuss persona possibilities for the Planet X body.

I marked a circled on this Dec 28 image which I think must be the red candidate as it shows up on all three images and is in about the same position as the Dec 27 image. The spots for my suggested red and white personas show up across all three images.
Steve Havas
You know, back on Oct 4, I think we were summarizing 10 X 2 minutes for 20 minute summaries. Now we have 20 minutes in one picture. 3 X 20 minute median summaries are not the way to capture a moving object on film. Tracking errors coupled with Planet moving over the hour could be the cause of my suggested Planet X White only appearing recognized on Frame 1. Obviously Planet X would still be on the trajectory path between Dec 27 actual and Dec 29 coords. It would appear it is travelling fast (meaning 1 to 1 1/2 pixels per hour) across sky in these 2 sets of images. Add tracking errors and any summary will wash out Planet X.
J. William Dell
It looks like the spot I suggested for the red candidate on the Dec 28 image is actually an existing object. I was checking the USNO images and there is a mag 20 object that shows up at that location!
Steve Havas
Steve's Candidates and DSS Comparison (right)

J. William's Candidates and DSS Comparison (below)