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Red Candidates on Jan 25, 2003
at Jan 21, 2003 Coordinates

Just very quickly here are some areas that stand out. There is an existing object to the left and above the Jan 21 coordinates which is the larger circle on these images. It appears to be relatively large and diffuse, may be part of a moon swirl. On the NEAT comparison you can see there is a tiny object near that location. The resolution is much lower on these images so I don't think that object should really be visible, or if so just barely. The small, faint, three vertical stars that are to the right of the coordinates do not even really show up on these images although you can see them well on the NEAT image. I think the object circled below the Jan 21 coordinates may be the red candidate with some moons or so moving across the images.

These images don't have the resolution that the Dec 27th & 28th images had as in those images the three, faint vertical stars to the right of the Jan 21 coordinates are visible. There was weather moving in and out of that area last night so that is probably the reason. Looks like pretty intersting images so far!
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NEAT Comparison