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Debunking Faux Pas on Jan 25, 2003
at Jan 21, 2003 Coordinates

Sara must be closely monitoring my yahoo briefcase as I had not told anyone about these images except you four! I was briefly on the IRC chat today and was surprised to find out she had the images, had processed them and put them on her website with the usual noise/cosmic ray hit explanations. Now that's what I call on-the-ball debunking!

You're right, there appears to be an existing star just above and right of the probable Planet X White object/location that can be seen on the DSSII image. It also looks to be just visible on the NEAT image. It looks like that existing object just barely shows up on frame 3 and shows up on Sara's median. Sara did not recognize that as she describes everything in her big circle as noise so effectively dismissed an existing object as noise. It look like the probable Planet X White shows up much better than that existing object.

I think this contrast enhanced image of frame 3 may show the Planet X white candidate.