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Contrasting Stretch on Feb 3, 2003

This [A] was my Feb 3rd image rendering. The contrast is adjusted [B] to show deeper in the field than JWilliam's [C] so that would be the main difference. Hopefully we can get a 2 hour dark soon which would bring out more detail.
Notable on the Feb 03 2 hour exposure is the stretching of stars and Planet X, and the Planet X dust cloud. It does shows "close hugging dust cloud" and some swirls close by quite well. The image I have rendered is noisier,but, does show the trail of light better for Planet X. The angle between the two circles is not quite the same as Star direction of stretch? Planet X appears slightly higher (maybe 2-4 pixels) at end of stretch relative to star stretch presuming exposure start at low and moved higher/left. Break or less intensity in the middle appears on some stars as on Planet X.
A: Larger Field, no Contrast AdjustmentB: Zoomed, with Contrast Adjustment
C: JWilliam's Stretch Observations