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Imaging at October 3, 2002 Coordinates

I'm getting 10x5 min exposures with the red filter. Sending you the files as I get them. [Friday, October 04, 2002 2:29 AM] ... After just briefly looking at the new images there appears to be a number of new unidentified spots, some near the old spots some further away. ... Here's a summary BMP you can look at and a summary fits file. ... So far I think the best candidate is just below and to the right of star 4 which I also think is in line with the approximate direction the coordinates are moving. ...

Steve Havas

Steve's images, below, again secured as the time stamp above indicates in the early morning hours [2:29 AM] were secured Fri Oct 4, 2002. Included are 3 dark images needed for background on the summary, 10 red filter images, and a summary. These are all FITS files, which means one must use a FITS viewer which can be downloaded from a Harvard site. Included also are BMP files for examination without a FITS viewer. Comparison Charts are as previously provided. The Oct 3 coordinates of RA 4.400986 Dec 12.13942, converted, are RA 4 24 04, Dec 12 08 21.

3 Dark
10 Red Filter
BMPs, Zipped