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Imaging Sabotage on Mar 6
the Zetas Explain

Unable to influence the public, except briefly last summer, and finding they have lost the battle to keep amateurs and astronomers world wide from checking the ZetaTalk site for recent images, the debunkers resorted to outright fraud. Their influence, depending heavily on notaries like Jim Scotti, had obviously fallen flat, and the intense flooding of postings full of insults were simply being ignored. The accusation of pixel defects to account for objects showing up on all frames, even when the camera was being moved to focus on different areas of the sky, showed lack of creativity on the part of the debunkers. The argument that asteroids were being imaged lasted not more than days, as asteroid presence can be determined readily by checking into the Minor Planet Center site, and the many moons evident on the images were simply not registered asteroids! What to do, to buy time, as the debunking masters were demanding!

The plan, running steadily since mid-summer 2002, to flood the sci.astro Usenet with adolescent and insulting comments on every thread related to either Nancy or ZetaTalk or the Planet X imaging, had back fired, created a suspicion in the public that something was there, to account for all the attention. Thus, the debunking master huddled with his team, and tried to come up with a new plan. Meanwhile, they were instructed NOT to post incessantly on sci.astro, but to wait for further instructions, thus the relative quite on that Usenet of late. As the Planet X complex was due to be visible, unaided, to the eye by early April, they had to anticipate its appearance and create a rumor debunking this, was now the plan. A nebula, as the dust cloud and swirls of moons are now being described as more visible than the Planet X corpus itself, was the debunking tool of choice.

As has been noted both by conversations with the Arnie Rent-a-Scope owner and Naji, who is a technical wiz, someone rented the scope ahead of the infamous Mar 6, 2003 imaging session where a nebula was superimposed on the image Naji took. As has also been noted by Naji, Arnie's site is not designed to thwart hackers, assuming a decent crowd of amateurs intent on collecting their images, not subterfuge. The server can be hacked, has copies of recent images, and users, and Arnies instant message, assumed private, can be tapped as easily as a phone line. Thus, those perpetrating this fraud knew when Naji was planning to use the scope, and were ready going into the Mar 7, 2003 coordinate date as it had been noted that the team took images close to the coordinate dates, recently.

Image ghosts, caused by a failure of the equipment to reset the CCD camera, can be created in more than one way, they can direct one image to superimpose on another. What was the accusation against NASA, recently, that a student had superimposed a close-up of the comet NEAT V1 over the image of the Sun? Thus, as Arnie stated in his correspondence, someone had recentlytaken an image of the Orion nebula, which can be imaged such that star light is filtered out, but the nebula itself is enhanced. This image was retained on the server, as a digitized image, same binning as the team uses. When Naji, as a specified and known account, used the scope, the software was programmed, by a hacker, to superimpose the nebula. Then the program directing this activity self deleted! What this group did not expect was that Naji would plunge in the next two nights and take a barrage of images, for Mar 7 and Mar 8. These are solid images, showing the Moons no longer simply as Avis recognized new objects barely visible, but obvious, in their great numbers. Again, evidence of the inbound nature of the Planet X complex.

Since our statements cannot be proved, nor disproved, we expect them to meet with ridicule by the debunking crowd. However, it is clear that this team has never doctored images, and is struggling with the technical aspects, a long learning curve on the need for Flats and Bias images, and the need for moving the camera about during a session so as to eliminate any spots on the camera lens itself. Thus, to those watching this drama, they see not fraud on the part of the team, but a deliberate discrediting attempt, all the more reason to take the team seriously, and the debunking crowd for what it is!