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Zetas Explain: Camera Twitch Effect

The Zetas comfirm the Red Object in Frame 5, and the White Light Object in Frame 1, both of which show up on the Red Filter Summary, as being the correct objects for the Oct 11, 2002 imaging.

We would suggest another Red Filter Sum be taken excluding Frame 9, which clearly had a camera twitch during the image taking. ALL stars and even dim objects can be seem dribbing down the image, 3 presentations for each object. The fact that the Red Object candidate in Frame 9, so confusing Steve and J. William, is without such a dribble is a clue that this is not an object, but noise. If one checks closely, it can be seen that the candidate from Frame 5 is there, dribbing, 3 times, but is being diluted in strength due to the dribbing effect.

Below, as suggested by the Zetas, the Summary of the Filtered for Red images, Frames 1-10 but excluding Frame 9. This image clearly shows both the White Light and Red Light personas, having moved from the Oct 4, 2002 imaged position.