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Zetas Confirm
on Dec 4, 2002 Images

The team has correctly identified the Red and White candidates for the images taken on the night of Dec 3rd to Dec 4th. Due to the relative overhead position, compared to earlier imaging sessions where the scope was pointed more toward the horizon, the Red and White personas are closer together. Most notable this imaging session will be the increased size of the Red Persona, as it has come closer on its inbound path. This size and brightness will be documented in the usual manner by the team, and this significant imaging session, proving beyond a doubt to any but the most reluctant skeptics, will incite an increase in these imaging session worldwide. Such sessions number already in the hundreds, though remain anonymous due to the heat that Nancy and the team already receive on the Usenets. Nevertheless, the world is not fooled, and if anything the heat on the Usenets, being so out of proportion to what a truly crazy and unsubstantiated claim received, has increased interest in viewing the inbound Planet X. As we stated when Steve imaged on Sep 21st, a wild fire has been lit, and will not be snuffed out.