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Swirl of Moons, the Zetas Explain
on Dec 13 Images

First image of the night, 1200sec 1x binning, the second, third and forth 1200sec images were taken a couple hours later or so.
Steve Havas
1st 1200sec ImageDec 14 Sum (2+ hours later)
Over the course of two hours, one of Planet X's moon swirls moved, discernably. This swirl of moons is
1. in a dance among the moons in the swirl,
2. in a dance with other moon swirls,
3. in a circular motion behind Planet X itself.
Other such moon swirls are evident, but not in a dense cluster from one image to the next. Thus, especially when Planet X is inbound at a rapid pace, such moon swirls, or temporary clusters, will be evident over the course of the imaging session.