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Dead On Tail Swirl Overlap
the Zetas Explain

As we have explained, the dozens of moons trailing Planet X do a dance among themselves, creating several swirls. These swirls, like twirling partners on a dance floor, stay apart from each other, just as the moons in a swirl stay apart from each other while perpetually on the move. While Planet X is in the main dead-on in a path toward the Sun, it veres in this dead-on path slightly on occasion as it was doing during the Dec 27th and 28th imaging sessions. This causes the moon swirls to be visible from the side or above or below Planet X, depending upon the direction of motion. But the now visible moon swirls will often overlap, when seen from a dead-on view, such that they are more dense than when seen individually in a dead-on view, or when seen stretched out in a side-ways motion.