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TOPIC: Global Warming

A group of scientist forming SEPP are claiming that the Earth is not getting warmer as claimed, and by late 2001 the Consensus on cause had deteriorated. NASA records from satellites and Balloon Data show a Cooling Trend resulting in a Shrinking Atmosphere and enlarging Ozone Hole, but NASA equates this to Trapped Heat a Snow Cover is reduced. The Riddle remains unsolved, while the Pace of Change and Warming Trend per NOAA are on the uptick and Wildlife adjust. There is debate over the role of CO2, the Sun's Influence, or Human Induced factors. A major flaw in the Computer Model used was discovered, casting doubt on the projections, and the IPCC also disagrees. Evidence of Past Swings and Rapid Swings in the climate, based on Ice Core samples, is ignored. If Ozone destruction is the cause, odd that Shuttle Damage is allowed to continue and a Bush Retreat on Kyoto! Other scientists see the Sun as the Cause, as Neptune's Moon, Triton, is also warming. Another theory points to the heating oceans associated with each El Nino being caused by underwater Volcanism along the Ocean Floor. The globe is in fact heating up from the Core of the Earth, the Ocean Warming. The Debate continues. What is clear is that there is an increased El Nino Frequency, the Hottest Year on record, increased Nighttime Heat, Thinning Ozone layers, melting Polar Ice and Mountain Ice. The potential impact on society brings a UN Warning and Climate Change dangers. Spy Satellite photos are helpful.