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I thought I would let you all know about the stories of deer here in Iowa attacking cars and in some cases hunters. Usually during hunting season you here a few stories about rogue deer going after hunters, but never vehicles. My son came over the other day and told about a deer that put his antlers down and tried to attack his car. (My son doesn't hunt, he was just driving along a road.) I have heard several stories like this in the past couple of weeks. I know that several have "predicted" the animals going after people with no provocation and animals that normally don't do this. Something is affecting the animals.

It is not unusual for deer to become aggressive this time of the year. It is their rutting season which also coincides with the hunting season. This makes them doubly aggressive. Trying to mate and deal with constant gunshot will make them attack just about anything that moves that is not a doe.

Offered by Pat.

We had deer roaming thru our back yard when I lived on a farm. But during hunting season, they are nowhere to be seen. Pretty smart if you ask me. Anyhow, I never saw one attack a car before!

Offered by Leila.