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U.S. Government Suddenly Preparing for Tsunamis
By Melody Mehta, TMG Prophecy, June 21, 2000

Watching CNBC late last night (20th June) I noticed a small, not very urgently presented piece about tsunamis. The pretense of the presentation was that scientists have now discovered another fault-line, this time off the east coast of the United States. Remember a few weeks ago the announcement that scientists had found a fault off the west coast of the US and the tsunamis that were predicted if there is ever a quake along it? Well, now, ever so coincidentally, just a few weeks later we have one off the east coast as well. So, we were told, huge tidal waves are, in fact, a distinct possibility for both the east and west coasts.

To make matters just a little more interesting, they also slipped in a scientist saying that they are expecting the fault-line off the west coast to 'go' in the undefined 'near future'. Apparently, such is the urgency, that signs are being erected along both coasts to direct people in the advent of a tsunami emergency. An urgent tsunami evacuation plan is already underway. CNBC was kind enough to show the signs, and also the buoys that have now been placed along both east and west US coasts to alert the government of an impending tidal wave, presumably so the population can be evacuated.

NOTE: John Maynard of TMG followed up on this CNBC broadcast. He found that the major portion of the populations east & west were isolated on these announcements. The announcement about the West coast was primarily played on the west coast, and the same occurrence for the east coast. Although the announcements were nationwide, they were both played down on purpose respectively. But what if the fault-lines are indeed a mere pretense? They certainly seem to be acting, these government people, with uncharacteristic speed over all this. I believe that the US government is expecting, rather than predicting, large and massively destructive tsunamis on both coasts in the very near future, and if they know to expect it, then they know exactly what will cause it.