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icon Why Stalling?

This is an example of what the persistent public can expect when looking for the 12th in an observatory where someone has been told to "stall". You must admit, he did his best. How many blocks did he throw in your way? How many times did he point you in the wrong direction? How many times did he try to discourage you by failing to help? Add all this up, and it is a couple dozen, all told, as there was foot dragging you did not even type up here, as your point was made. Now why would an individual do this, unless under orders.

In the context of an individual looking for his paycheck to continue, and his boss to consider him a team player, and his changes of promotion or recommendations for other jobs he may have ambitions to get - this behavior is not that unusual. If some lackey were told to keep George from making it to where a female star is to emerge from her dressing room, he would direct George to the wrong hotel, or floor, state that she had already left, and if not prone to violence do everything he could to deflect George in this manner. Is that her? No, a look-alike drawing the crowd away. What car is she to drive off in? The one which is the wrong color, parked in the wrong place, and don't ask me any more questions as I've suddenly gotten busy on the phone.

Not all observatories will be like this, and note you saw the 12th, in spite of it all. This is the right approach to take. Strength in numbers, and when this type of stalling no longer works, they will come out with an alternative explanation for what you are seeing. Anticipate this, shortly.