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For instance, "Zeta Talk" has alleged, in 1995, among other things, that Hale-Bopp was "not a comet." This would come as quite a surprise to those of us that viewed it our night skies for several months in 1997. They've also claimed that Enterprise principal investigator Richard C. Hoagland once went on Art Bell to concur with this opinion by stating he "suspected Hale-Bopp of being not a comet but an intelligently driven star-like object." We of course never said any such thing. They've also charged that Hoagland did this at NASA's behest in return for a promise that NASA would re-photograph Cydonia. No such "quid-pro-quo" has ever taken place between these two parties on any matter.
Enterprise Mission, 2002

The Zetas say there was a comet overhead in 1997, being pointed to as Hale Bopp, but it could not have been the same thing supposedly discovered in 1995 and played up with so much hoopla for 2 years before it finally arrived and proved to be no more spectacular than Hayakutake the previous year. I do remember Richard Hoagland on Art Bell saying that because NASA was refusing to use the Hubble telescope to view Hale Bopp while it was at its closest point to earth, that it could indicate that Hale Bopp was artificial, perhaps a vehicle being driven by astronauts, something placed by NASA in the sky to cover up that there was no real comet, why else the refusal to focus the Hubble on it, and their argument that it would reflect too much light he also countered by saying they had imaged other bright objects with no problem, so why the refusal of this once in a lifetime opportunity to view "the most spectacular comet ever" with our best telescope, the Hubble. I looked on enterprisemission for an article related to that Art Bell show and didn't find the artificial theory in writing, but I well remember that show, which related to this article Also see other 4/97 links at

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Setting aside the PX issue, Hoagland has some serious credibility issues: He went on Rense's Show several years ago and claimed that North Korea was about to start a war. He warned that Washington DC was about to be nuked. This shows that he does get "info" from someone that is clearly designed to destroy what little credibility he has left. How does a guy who mainly studies Mars and the Moon get such great "insider info"? If you look at his book and his early writings, compared to his recent stuff, there is a marked change for the worse. Now what he writes about is mainly numerology/Masonic/astrology. As in "Horus rises at such latitude at this time and date, therefore, incident Y was planned by Masonic forces to follow their belief system." This not only makes no sense but again he is marginalizing himself. He has flip-flopped many times on PX. Once he said that Sitchin's PX is impossible because the orbit would be unstable, he bought into Van Flandern's exploding planet theory until his falling out with him, he hints that a catatrophe is possible between 2003-2012, now he says it isn't. In one of his posts he even claims that PX's existence is predicted by his hyper-D physics theory (which makes no sense by the way). Basically he's covered all the bases, if PX exists or not/comes in 2003/2012 or never, Hoagland will be right. Hoagland once was somewhat respectable, he spoke at the UN and even at NASA facilities about Cydonia. So clearly he's too smart to be doing these things unless behind the scenes he has been bought off or coerced.

This synopsis of his 9-29-95 Art Bell interview is also interesting because back then he was agreeing with ZetaTalk about Hale-Bopp and also pro-PX. Hoagland reminded Art Bell that when he first heard about Hale-Bopp he "predicted" a 3,600 year return, which is "the classical Summerian Shar", the return of the 12th Planet known as the "planet of the crossing". Hoagland explained that the "Summerian Priests understood" all the planets in the Solar System, plus "another object" they called the "planet of the crossing". This planet had a "highly elliptical orbit" several hundred AU beyond Jupiter. Hoagland stated that Sitchin's work had "impressed him", and that he felt Hale-Bopp "has been made to fit the Sitchin model". Hoagland stated he was "incredibly suspicious" when the orbit of Hale-Bopp was announced. Hoagland suspects "someone" nudged a speck to "mimic" the 12th Planet

Hoagland said, regarding the projected arrival in 1997, "what is stunning is the timing", as by his calculations this is the correct ending of the "Mayan Calendar" which was to end on December 23, 2012. Hoagland stated that "because of errors in our own calendar" that it is "later than you think", and that 1997 is the "end of the fabled Mayan Calendar". Hoagland stated that he felt the Mayan Calendar date "is critical now", as without intervention there will be "increased geological activity". After a lengthy discussion about various alien and human takeover agendas and predictions on pending geological changes, Hoagland responded to a question, saying "Why would someone try to confuse us? Answer: to distract us. If the physics is mandating major geological changes, and we are distracted both individually and governmentally into looking in the wrong directions until the clock strikes one, then maybe somebody doesn't have to lift a finger because nature will take care of, quote, the problem."

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