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Indian mythology states that there are 3 prime forces in our solar system.

  1. Bramha- The Creator
  2. Vishnu - The Preserver
  3. Shiva - The Destroyer

Shiva in Indian lore represents destruction,death and rebirth. Please have a look at this aspect of Shiva:

He is called Nataraja the lord of Dance. Nataraja means cosmic dance. Nataraja also means (vermillion) red dust! Nataraja means cosmic destroyer. His dance symbolizes destruction and creation anew. The circle around him represents its moons locked into an eternal dance around him. See his hair? That is how this planet appears when viewed from afar. See the guy under his feet? That's supposed to be us, Earth. Have you noticed the guy's lying on its stomach. That's the pole shift. In Shiva's upper right arm he carries fire. In his left upper arm he carries a musical instrument called a 'damru'. It is hour glass shaped. Tik tak tik tak. It is always on time. Now look at the following:

Here we see Shiva with Ganesh believed to be his son. Now the thing is that Ganesh is associated with the planet Mercury! At the back we see a bull. Meaning that he comes from Taurus constellation near Orion. His trident represents the moon swirls. Can it mean that Planet X will be seen when there is a new moon and just underneath it is Mercury? Did ancient Indians represent Nibiru as Shiva? Also we know that there is a festival in Febuary/March every year which is called Shivaratree. It means thegalactic wedding night of Shiva or the great night. Could this be a possible clue?

By Allan Marimootoo, on the Pole Shift ning.