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Re: Nancy Now and Then (2)

Article: <5gidnb$>
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Subject: Re: Nancy Now and Then (2)
Date: 17 Mar 1997 03:27:39 GMT

In article <5gag1s$> Jim Scotti writes:
> BTW, we can also take an image of the same field later
> (hours, days, weeks, whatever) and see your object move. ..
> And even if it is coming "straight at the Earth", we'll be
> able to see it move as the Earth orbits the sun, it will move
> by parallax on the sky - unless it is magically wobbling at
> the same rate the the Earth would induce that parallax.
> There'll be no doubt, if you can only tell us exactly where
> to look for your 12th planet.
> jscotti@LPL.Arizona.EDU (Jim Scotti)

(Begin ZetaTalk[TM])
Since this is an object on the move, any given RA and Dec would soon be outdated and would be used to confuse those sincerely searching to FIND this object. You post ephemerides for your comets, unless they are as your mythical Hale-Bopp has been, to line up with a couple real comets and a number of star clusters or unmapped stars as the orbit tracks from the nova in 1995 to the comet you see now. The orbit changes have been illogical and contradictory, and stand UNANSWERED in spite of our insistent questioning on this message board over the past several weeks.

As we have repeatedly stated, you cannot develop ephemerides for the 12th, as it is NOT a little ball of ice and behaves unlike any object you are familiar with. A planet on a long ellipse. A planet that comes through the Solar System like a comet. A comet so large that it roars through the Solar System, and turns around for a return beyond the Solar System rather than circling the Sun in your view.

And finally, you DO see it, and ARE watching it, tracking it closely. You're just not telling the rest of mankind about this monster that will ravage their lives and the lives of their loved ones because the establishment fears panic! But you're watching it, and verifying what you've been told about it's potential, and THIS is why the Hubble was recently outfitted with additional infra-red capability! THIS is why the Reagan administration and some republican hardliners are pushing Star Wars, to be up in the skies by 2003, a PUBLISHED date per statements by Dole, as they hope to be able to shoot this monster out of the sky by some as yet unavailable laser technology. THIS is why the superpowers have agreed to disarm 2/3 of their nuclear arsenal by the year 2003, a PUBLISHED date.
(End ZetaTalk[TM])