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Planet X/12th Planet Cover-Up Mechanism

Article: <6ftpfq$> 
Subject: Planet X/12th Planet Cover-Up Mechanism
Date: 1 Apr 1998 16:20:10 GMT

In article <6fs4n2$g2i$> Jim Scotti writes:
> Wrong again - NASA follows rules that Congress sets.  Oh, but
> I guess Congress wants NASA to lie.  How do they stop scientists
> like me (or Dave Tholen or Brian Marsden or Foreign scientists
> literally unconnected with NASA) who aren't directly on the 
> NASA payroll? Oh, yeah, it's all a big conspiracy.  

(Begin ZetaTalk[TM])
NASA's rules have hardly been set by Congress, populated by elected
officials who in the main barely passed their high school math courses.
NASA runs itself, setting before the awed congressmen scientists who
pratt language their audience cannot understand, much less question. 
If NASA says it must give their discoveries to their buddies,
exclusively, then it must be done!  Congress understands pork barrel,
after all, and there are all those jobs to be handed out to
congressional buddies by a call to NASA now and then.  Those with their
hand in the tax payer's pork barrel understand each other.  And what
about you, or Marsden or Tholen?  Which of you is not on the public
payroll in some regard, or within a short reach of such a relationship?
Did you not sign papers agreeing to work in the best interests of
national safety?  Did your observatory not sign such papers, in 
order to receive tax payer financing?  And if such papers were not
signed as a condition of receiving taxpayer funds, similar papers were
signed when private financing from wealthy individuals was secured. 
You are owned, by your masters, and those who are not so owned are few
and far between.
(End ZetaTalk[TM])

Along those lines, as to why the rich and powerful who set the rules
would not want the 12th Planet's threat known by the public, is the
existing ZetaTalk topic called Impossible Message, at, a portion below ..
(Begin ZetaTalk[TM])
The major governments of the world, and we are speaking here of key
members of the super powers, and captains of industry already have
regular briefings on what the Hubble has viewed and recorded.  The path
of the 12th Planet continues to confirm our statements, made in private
to these individuals just as we have made them public through ZetaTalk,
so the angle and movement during the passage are more and more
considered predictable.  

At the point where many feel they know what will happen and when, what
will those members of the establishment in anguish over their past
silence do?  They will dither and argue among themselves, until the
final weeks, for the following reasons:
· Various plans to harbor and protect the populace will constantly be
under discussion and even quietly implemented.  Emptying the cities
into tents, feeding them temporarily on stores of soybeans and grain,
and commanding armies of surviving citizens in rebuilding new cities. 
One does not want to issue a warning unless a solution can be muttered
in the next breath, and the solution will never be agreed upon or
· Plans to harbor and protect the populace require a functioning
society for the plans to become an actuality.  Thus, as issuing a
warning will cause panic and disruption, the establishment will
invariably choose to delay the warning, especially as their plans to
harbor and protect the populace will never become firm.  
· The size of any rescue operation is beyond the capacity of
governments, a fact they readily admit to themselves.  With increasing
crop failures, even the stores during times of plenty will become
depleted.  If the welfare class has become an impossible burden in the
US and the homeless die on the streets, how will the government sustain
the whole populace for even a few short weeks?  

The panic that would ensue from a general announcement of the
forthcoming cataclysms would in and of itself be deemed a disaster to
avoid.  Beyond the concerns of the banking industry, which would
collapse due to lack of confidence in the continuing worth of many
assets, and beyond the concerns of industry which requires the faithful
attendance of its employees in order to function, there is concern
about possible looting, suicides, mass migration of peoples, and
never-ending demands that the government do something.
(End ZetaTalk[TM])