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Planet X/12th Planet Discovery

Article: <6ftpmp$> 
Subject: Planet X/12th Planet Discovery
Date: 1 Apr 1998 16:23:53 GMT

In article <6fs4n2$g2i$> Jim Scotti writes:
> How do you think we determined the masses of all of the 
> planets? Before spacecraft flew past them, we used their 
> perterbations on other bodies, asteroids, and comets and the
> other planets themselves to estimate their masses.  Once we
> were able to track spacecraft like Pioneer and Voyager past
> them, our estimates for the masses was greatly improved.  
> A complete "swag"?  No, good enough in fact to direct the 
> spacecraft past the planet and on to the next one with rather
> high accuracy.  

(Begin ZetaTalk[TM])
Are you trying to say that a fraction of a percent in estimated weight
made the DIFFERENCE in being able to use the planet as a gravitational
sling shot?  You GUIDE your probes, with those little jets they have
about their middle!  

The effort that went into directing the IRAS team to point toward Orion
was not done without reason!  What was your reason?  That you went
brain dead and didn't tweak your formulas by that fraction of a percent
in weight BEFORE the search, but did so AFTERWARDS!  The weight of the
planets was not a given, it was a computed weight, at all times, and
stands so today.  Depending upon the other factors, this weight
changes!  This is how you placate yourself when something new comes
into your life.  You tweak the formulas around until they seem
reasonably close to what is currently "known", and they you get smug

But the bottom line is that you did not FORGET how these weights were
computed prior to the press to locate Planet X, and then REMEMBER them
when the discovery was feared to create panic in the populace.  If you
would make this silly statement, then give us some insight into what
you, Jim Scotti, would tell the populace upon such a discovery.  What
would your masters allow you to say?  That coastal cities will be
washed away?  That inland cities will be a crush of broken rubble? 
That electricity will not flow in the power lines that criss-cross
rural areas, and the phone lines will be dead?  That no groceries will
be on the shelves, and gardens difficult to grow in the haze of
volcanic gloom?  That there is a REASON the self-protecting CIA and
Military built secret underground structures like Mt. Weather?  How
would you tell the populace this, and still hold your job?
(End ZetaTalk[TM])