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Planet X: 3 Observatories PRESENT

To share some of the experiences reported to me, the tack taken by
observatories this Fall has been to:

1. Refuse to look THERE.  "We ain't gona look THERE, 
   and never mind why."  

   This works as long as the refusal does not become
   too obvious.  One has to wonder, why NOT?  If there's
   nothing to hide, why NOT?

2. Refuse to look ANYWHERE.  "We're closed for repairs, 
   indefinitely.  Go away."  

   This is what Steve is reporting in Vancouver.  
   Observatories in the vicinity closing down too.  
   All it takes for an observatory to close is for 
   Steve Havas to glance it its direction. If there's
   nothing to hide, why CLOSE? 

3. Give extensive help, which does anything but. 
   "Here, lets take a CCD image for 3 minutes or so, 
   and compare to the star charts ... see, nothing 
   there but the usual stars. Too cloudy for infrared 
   today, though."  

   Presented with an explanation that the object 
   searched for is so tiny it may be a pixtel on 
   an image, needs infrared or red spectrum search 
   to stand out, and does not have the intensity of a
   star nor is it reflecting sunlight as Pluto does,
   infrared is refused and a short time CCD is 
   proferred.  If there's nothing there, why not 

So if you don't like a coverup, about a literal earth shaking event that
is in your NEAR FUTURE, then check the VIEWING specs, restated next, and