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Planet X: DEC 5th Image!

1. SIZE of Planet X

I’ve recently been asked how large, in arcseconds, Planet X is in the
image taken on Jan 19th at Haute-Provence observatory in France.  I’m
told that arcseconds in RA and Dec differ, so that in the green circle
encompassing Planet X on my web site at 
(the green circle on the right in the image at bottom), the inbound
smoldering brown dwarf (or self-luminating planet for those who get hung
up on definitions) is 
   1/20 the diameter of the circle, per the Zetas.  
The object SEEN in infrared on Jan 5 and Jan 19 is LARGER than this, due
to the dust cloud and swirl of trash and moons behind it, reflecting
light from Planet X.  

2. BENDING of Red Light

Open Minded has provided new images he took on Dec 5, available from his
web site <== NOT VALID as of 1/12/2010
where he has made available a 44 minute CCD and a Palomar comparison. 
In that the red light coming from Planet X is subject to bending by
gravitational influences during its path between Planet X some 9
Sun-Pluto distances away and the Earth, the light is diluted as lost and
may appear to come from a different direction when pulling toward the
Earth and into a scope.  Thus, the Zeta instructions to “look around”
the spot for something not on the star charts.  Per the Coordinates page
the coordinates for Dec 8 had a BIG variation from the trend.  

    RA 4.45710 Dec 12.12791 on Dec 16, 2001
    RA 4.45702 Dec 12.15983 on Dec 13, 2001 
    RA 4.45699 Dec 12.22168 on Dec 8, 2001
    RA 4.45719 Dec 12.10971 on Nov 27, 2001
    RA 4.45724 Dec 11.98742 on Nov 15, 2001
    RA 4.45725 Dec 11.94356 on Oct 31, 2001

This variation lasted from Nov 27 to Dec 16, moving the Dec from
12.10971 to 12.22168 and then back down to 12.12791 in apparent location
based on the inbound red light predominantly emitting from Planet X. The
coordinates are listed above, from this page.  

3. DEC 5 Location

So where WAS Planet X on Dec 5? The Zetas have given me an approximate
location for Dec 5th, below, as we have their statement long published
on Nov 27 and Dec 8 but the Dec was in motion in between those dates and
no statement from them for that date. One can see that the RA scarcely
moves, between 12/5 and 1/5 and 1/19 but the Dec for viewing moves about
twice as far between 12/5 and 1/5 as between 1/5 and 1/19.  

    RA  .45700 .45645 .45623
        12/5   1/5    1/19
    Left  .00055  .00022

    Dec .17500 .15300 .13900
        12/5   1/5    1/19
    Drop  .022    .014

This is depicted on a .GIF on page
In that this was a time of bending, and loss, of red light moreso than
other times of less bending, we should be looking for Planet X in its
TRUE SIZE in arcseconds.  It shows up, as same, the NEW Dot noted on
this page in the center of the circle.  Note in the center circle
showing this NEW Dot, not on the Palomar comparison, I’ve placed a red
dot just above the NEW Dot, not on the NEW Dot itself.