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ZetaTalk: Roles
Note: written on Dec 15, 2002

Contactees, during the current lifetime, whether contacted years ago or recently as a result of giving The Call because of current Earth Changes and general anxiety over this, are informed of the coming cataclysms. We, the Zetas, believe in empowering humans with the truth, no matter how horrific, allowing the contactee to sort out what they want to do about this. Many alien visitors are less blunt, and explain the future as a time of change, of movement toward a better world. Thus, not all contactees are given the full picture, but are aware of changes pending.

Many contactees recall receiving instructions, on where to go, how to operate machinery, or instruction that they have difficulty retrieving for some reason, are blocking. It is the Contactee, in all cases, who volunteers for a role, and if deemed suitable for this role, this is explored further. Under no circumstances are contactees put in charge of other humans, by ourselves or other visitors assisting in the Transformation. Any assumption of this is an ego trip by the contactee. Contactees may have decided to help their neighbors, as guides, or help with the injured, in easing their pain and anxiety, or to help inform people in the last days. Much of what they determine to be a good role for themselves generates anxiety, and thus is suppressed until it need to dealt with. This is a type of timed release, where the contactee is in cooperation with blocking and isolating the information in their subconscious. Thus, as it is so very individual, and varies by individual, just what the role or roles are cannot really be addressed.

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