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ZetaTalk: Not Succeed
Note: written during the Mar 22, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session

There will be no terrorist attacks, nor will the war progress to the point where a regime change occurs. Matters are escalating, quakes and weather and illness all ganging up on the war mongers, though this is not coming forth in the news. How would it be that a base in California was afflicted a month ago, and again in the SE, but no illness is affecting troops crowded into Kuwait? Likewise the heat has come sooner than expected, the dust storms more violent and continuing. What we are saying is that the US public is being told a quick war will result in success, but the utter opposite will be the case. Mechanical failure, human error compounding human error, and accidents that will silence the cry for support for war utterly.

Note: below written during the Mar 29, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

We mentioned a week ago when the Iraq invasion started that mechanical difficulties and weather problems would be the first thrust to foil the power and oil grab of those who would dominate the Earth in the Aftertime. This was already in process, mechanical problems, but continued with choppers running into each other, crashing, and cruise missiles missing the country such as landing in Iran or Turkey. A British plane was shot down by the US, and the extent of mechanical problems was at least double what was reported, most news suppressed. A sand storm that was crippling was reported, but the latest sand storm is being suppressed in the media, with older photos supplanting real news. There is, in short, a news blackout, pulling reporters from access and returning to the old ways of announcing only what the power mongers want the public to assume, not the truth.

We would equate this time to the period during the Space Program when the US shuttles had Mechanical Problems. There were months when either the shuttles themselves, or their launching mechanisms, were found to have cracks, and were under repair. We stated during that time that the gloves had come off, a Sharp Warning to the Bush Administration that they should cease their plans to run Nuclear Material into space. They did not heed the warning, and when Columbia roared skyward, with an Israeli on board announcing to the world that repression and abuse of the Palestinian people would be overlooked while the elite partied on, it seemed our warnings were empty. We stated at that time that enforcing the Council decisions often was timed for maximum effect, a period when success seemed at hand followed by devastation more of a lesson than early suppression of all efforts. Our words, in retrospect, are clear when the effect of the Columbia being Torn Apart are now known. The secret mission, carrying information deemed so secret that transmissions from the Space Station to Earth were not done, but the shuttle used as courier. All this information, and equipment proving the information correct, spewed across several US states where only a small fraction has been found. In addition to NASA living in fear of this information and equipment being found, examined, and the obvious meaning reported to the public before they can jump in with a hush order, is multiplied by an independent board examining the reasons for the disaster. Needless to say, they are not proceeding with the space program, and will not begin to reinstate this before the shift.

Now, how does that equate to the current situation in Iraq? They have been Warned, with great clarity, during these chats which are monitored well and reported back to the power mongers, that they will not succeed as planned in their takeover of the Oil Rich region. The orders from the elite at the helm of this power and oil grab care not for mangled bodies of civilians or their own troops, and issued the orders to proceed. As with the mechanical failures preventing the shuttles from lofting for several months before the Columbia lofted, mechanical problems and weather are being used to signal the seriousness of the Council’s intent. This is, as before, being utterly ignored. To those who wonder if mechanical problems or sand storms can be arranged by those carrying out the Council's ruling, it is a simple matter akin to a flick of the finger for a human. Weather manipulations are easy, as air masses can be heated or cooled, affecting the Jet stream, and this has been done in the past if UFO annals are researched with an educated eye. Mechanical problems in equipment relying on satellites, such as cruise missiles are, or relying on magnetic orientation or signals of some sort, are too easy to manipulate, child’s play. But these difficulties are being interpreted by the arrogant as truly caused by equipment failure and natural weather. These same arrogant power and oil mongers are also telling themselves that the Columbia disaster was not caused by an administration above themselves, but by some problems with the equipment similar to the O-Ring disaster years previous.

In short, they are not heeding the warnings of the Council, so stronger measures will shortly be taken. These measures will be, like the Columbia disaster, of a magnitude to stop the onslaught of the invasion as though the breath had been taken out of the body. All will hold their breath, confused, and this delay will be such that the earth changes already escalating will catch up with the power mongers.

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