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Wobble Erratic

Highly erratic luching about occurs. Overall, the wobble shows the Figure 8 of the Polar Wobble, but can change in a day to something erratic. The Zetas state this as over compensation during the polar wobble, 'to and fro' like a Potter's Wheel.

Vancouver Dec 14: Measuring a right triangle with the hypotenuse, pointing towards the setting sun across the street @ 22 ft. and then 18 ft. straight back across the street from there -forming a right triangle, and calculating the angle, the sun set 52 degrees west of due south, or 38 degrees south of due west this evening. Measured 10 minutes before CNN sunset time, (rooftops and clouds blocking actual point of setting - but close enough) I think I'm within +/- 1 degree of accuracy given the variables, but not utterly positive. (Richmond is perfectly flat with all streets geographic, N/S & E/W.) [This is precisely what it should be for sunset, which is contrary to other reports from the West Coast where the Sunset was SOUTH of where expected.]

Japan Dec 14: I calculated sun high, pole 29cm, shadow 45cm, so 0,644 tan 32.30" deg, yesterday, at 12:15 Japan 14 Dec. Astro software says 32°. [This report is contrary to other reports, by this same observer, for other days where the Sun was SOUTH as captured on photos. A correction occurred on Dec 14, reflected in both Vancouver and Japan reports.]

Utah Dec 5: Sunrise barely East of direct South. Wife and I looked out East facing window which always lets in some Sun year round. Wife says, "Where's the Sun?" No direct sunlight coming in the window. Went outside to see the Sunrise barely East of direct South. All shadows almost directly North. Next day, 6th. The Sunrise was normal in the East again. People thought I was nuts when I spoke of it. Salt Lake City, Utah [This dramatic report shows a correction in the wobble occurred on Dec 5.]

Australia Dec 16: Sunrise 5:55 AM Azi 115° S/E Alt 5-8°. Skymap expects Azi 121° and on the horizon. NORTH by 7°. Sunset 5:50 PM Azi 257° S/W Alt 30-35°. Skymap expects Azi 262° Alt 32°, SOUTH by 5°. [Note sunrise for this reporter is expected to be SOUTH but was found North, a correction. This is a correction day, when the sunset was also not as far South as previously reported: 11° South on Dec 11, 11° South on Dec 12.]

Australia Dec 18: Sunrise 9:45 AM Azi 40° NE Alt 45°. At 12:00 Noon Azi 25° NE Alt 75-80°. [Note both these readings are in the extreme NORTH by 48° at 9:45 and then by 30° at noon. The correction noted on Dec 16 increasing!]

Chile Dec 10: This past December 10th I measured the deviation of sunset from West and I measured 34° to South, which, corrected with the declination of geographic North from magnetic North for my area is a 31º South of West. The predicted Solstice sunset deviation for my latitude (18,5 degrees South) is 24,9 degrees, but that is not until Dec 21st. So, on Dec 10 I measured a sunset 6 degrees more southern than it should be in 6 days from now! That would be explained if we accept that the current earth axis tilt has experienced a deviation from 23º57´ to almost 30º. Dec 16: And now I am really baffled. To my total astonishment, I measured just 20° south of West, which is a bit less 17° when corrected with geographical north declination. Compared to the 31° of just 6 days ago, it is not only northern than it should, but also a very fast change! I am starting to think that the whole wobble thing may be really happening. I hope Planet X is not the cause. Chile Dec 18: Sunset 28º south of west. I'm Scratching my head. I think solstice will be impossible to determine if this trend continues! [This reporter has the Sunset too far SOUTH by 6° on Dec 10 and then dramatically too far to the NORTH on Dec 16, a correction, moving in the wrong direction, then on Dec 18 back to being further SOUTH than it should be!]

Mississippi: Dec 6: Sunrise high by 19° NORTH, early. Dec 17: Sunrise here was 17minutes late, and the sun came up SE instead of ESE as it should. [This is a sudden change to sunrise SOUTH, wrong for the Americas Face.]