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Earth Tilt Analysis

In the analysis below, done by precise Methods, it appears that something is amiss with the tilt of the Earth, its location in its normal orbit, and the position of the Moon. This analysis used the atomic clock, which is adjusted frequently by the Navy for a slowing rotation, thus these readings will not indicate slowing, per se. Rotatonal surging may have also affected some readings where differences are noted between days. Note the onset of noted differences did not start until shortly after the Summer Solstice, an interesting correlation to a recent crop circle analysis. The Earth's orbit may have dropped below the Ecliptic, or slowed, or veered closer to the Sun. More star and alignment with other planets in the solar system needs to be done to determine this. Note that the Zetas addressed this on August 20, in a writeup titled Sacred Orbit.

Earth Tilt Readings: Aug 26, 2003
Earth tilt seems to be a little bit off about 8 to 10 minutes of angle. Previous date readings showed it off 3 to 5 minutes. So there has been an increase in tilt being off by a small amount. Mars is not quite on tract with stars in the background. Mars about 6 to 8 minutes off angle then where it should be in relation to the stars. This could show a possible change in Earths orbit around the sun.
Earth Tilt Readings: Aug 20, 2003
The readings in the Southern Hemisphere show about a 4.5 minute of angle South. The reading in the North North Western Hemisphere show about a 3.14 minute of angle too far South. Since the Earth is a little fast and the Northern Star readings and the Southern Star readings were not directly opposite of each other then all these numbers fit together perfectly. North says we are to high in altitude about 4 minutes of angle and the South says we are too Low in altitude by 4 minutes of angle. These numbers concur that the Earth tilt is off by a small 4 minutes of degree of angle. Not a whole lot but something to watch. Now here is the interesting part. We have been consistantly low with the southern stars but Mars is Consistantly going higher. On Aug 18th it was 6.1 minutes of angle higher then where it was supposed to be in relation to Skat Star. Now on Aug 20 it is 9.37 minutes higher then where it is supposed to be from Skat Star. Is Mars going out of orbit north with the moon or is Earth going South?
Earth Tilt Readings: Aug18, 2003
These reading are very suprising to me. Notice in my readings Deneb Star and Skat Star they collaborate that the Earth is out of pole position by 4.2 minutes of angle. The more surprising aspect is that Mars is not as far off of an angle. You see, Mars is suposed to be right next to Skat star (fairly bright star) and is supposed to be at about the same altitude. Instead it is much higher and is directly between Skat Star and Lambda Aquarii Star (also fairly bright star). Very easy to see it being off with the naked eye and a star program. The moon is also rising too far to the North. If we put this together then you will see that Mars and the moon aren't going North. Instead it's the Earth that's going South out of its orbit as if something is pulling us down.