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ZetaTalk: Sacred Orbits
written August 20, 2003

The annals of antiquity record orbits of Earth and other of its neighbors to be other than what mankind understands the current orbits to be. Velikoveksy, in particular, in his book Worlds in Collision, documents these aberrations. Are not orbits sacred, in accordance with Newton’s Laws, set out in time long past by motion countering the draw of gravity to be unchanged through time? As we have stated, Newton’s Law are nothing more than a mathematical description of the scene that Newton viewed during his time. He explained what he saw, but could only speculate on why orbits or rotation exist. He was almost entirely wrong regarding the forces at play. As we have explained, Orbits within the Ecliptic and the Rotation of bodies are caused by Factors outside of themselves, including the flow of Gravity particles and the Repulsion Force that balances this, Magnetic particles, the Sweeping Arms of the Sun, and the backwash of particles at the Ecliptic going into the Sun. Thus, orbits are living things, quickly re-establishing themselves if interrupted, and interruption does not spell doom.

It has been noted, during the agony of the date not known, that the Retrograde orbit of Planet X and the regular orbit of Earth would cause these planets to pass, given the passage of time. Indeed, as of the date of this writing, Planet X is well at the point where it is likely to be past standing between the Sun and Earth, a situation we have described as key to rotation stoppage and the shift. Does this mean that stoppage and the shift are immediate? As we stated on July 20, during the Lou Gentile show, days or weeks, not months, would pass [see White Lie explanation re 2003], so obviously the date is close. However, the exact date cannot be surmised by the position of Earth and Planet X vs a vs the Sun and each other, for the following reasons:

The massive dust cloud and tail of Planet X, composed heavily of oxidized iron dust, is drawn toward Earth and surrounds Earth during this grip, such that the size of the Planet X complex viewed seems to grow horrifically in a few short days. By this time, mankind will be aware that their orbit has been affected, but will not care. But prior to this time, the grip, there will be evidence that the orbit of Earth is not proceeding as expected. As there is no gravitational pull on mankind from an orbit, during a slowing or even reversal in an orbit, mankind would be unaware of this. He is aware of the Earth’s orbit only from the movement of stars. Mankind’s gravity focus is the Earth itself. As long as the tilt of the Earth remained the same, based as it is on the Earth’s own rotation, there would be scant clues to orbit changes unless the days were abnormally long or short, the Sun rising and setting out of ordinary, and this would have to be extreme before the common man would even notice. You say that some of these Observations have already been made? Perhaps, then, the orbit has already been altered!