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Synergy of Signs
Leading up to the Passage

Where is Planet X now, on its approach to Passage? Planet X's Orbit through the solar system in early 2003 was from the direction of Orion, in a Retrograde orbit. It also dove 32 Degrees below the Ecliptic during its approach, but rises prepatory to crossing at the Passage. What are the signs that this point has arrived?

  • The massive Global Quakes on June 20 2003 and June 23 2003 signaled some change.
  • From Photos, it seems the true physical location, is below the Ecliptic on June 26-29 2003. Serious government coverup of earth changes started by June 22 2003, and at this time, June 28 2003, the White Persona was seen to the right of the Sun.
  • As Earth continued in its orbit, and Planet X in its retrograde orbit, they came closer, Planet X appearing brighter, larger and moving in a retrograde orbit between July 6-14 2003.
  • The Solar Wind blew the tail of Planet X toward Earth, visible as an explosive red sunburst by July 9 2003, and red dust increased. By July 15 2003 the dust cloud was drawn increasingly toward Earth.
  • A Wisconsin crop circle included the exact ZetaTalk triangle, and others inferred an aborted solstice and the appearance of a Winged Globe. The Winged Globe appeared on Aug 16 2003.
  • Ancient Jewish and Chinese holidays anticipate a Fall cataclysm, and photos showing Planet X rounding the Sun at an angle similar to a key crop circle.

Neither planet can proceed further in their orbits now, without losing the Point of Passage midway between the Earth and Sun described by the Zetas. Earth’s orbit may slow, in the magnetic grip, as well as rotation slow to a stop. The drama may be about to begin.

[Planet X] slows to a floating rate so that it floats past the Earth during the week of rotation stoppage, which is the point it is also floating past the Sun ... Planet X will be millions of miles from the Earth, not quite halfway between the Earth and Sun.
ZetaTalk: Slowing Influences
Thus [Planet X] will come into the Earth's orbital plane not directly between the Earth and the Sun, but forward, somewhat closer to [Planet X’s] approach. When one is looking toward Orion, at this time, from above the Earth's orbital plane, the Earth, Sun, and [Planet X] will thus form a triangle in the Earth's orbital plane with a 23 degree angle at the Earth, an 18 degree angle at the Sun, and a 139 degree angle at [Planet X]. It is at this point, essentially, that [Planet X] is closest to the Earth.
ZetaTalk: Entry Angle
Magnetic fields are such that at a distance, with other influences affecting the magnetized body, the status quo prevails. But when the fields engage to the degree that the lesser body's ability to resist is overcome, then suddenly there are changes. One day and the next Planet X appears the same size, the tail and moons visible in the same manner, but rotation has slowed to a stop!
ZetaTalk: Point of Passage

Increasing Size of Planet X in 2003 Photos:

May 16: Honolulu

May 27: Brisbane

July 7: Arkansas
June 12: New York
June 26: Florida
July 6: Florida
July 9: Italy

Increasing Brightness of Double Suns in 2003

The dot in the center of the Suns in the photos above is caused by a light overexposure in the camera. This has appeared only recently due to the light coming from both the Sun and Planet X. The increased brightness can be seen in these Vancouver images, the one taken after the Summer Solstice brighter where it should be fading, demonstrating that Planet X is coming closer. This extra light has also caused crops to mature two weeks early, around the globe.
I am a farmer in Illinois. Many of my friends have been commenting on how unusually bright the sun has been this summer. I have noticed this as well. Despite a relatively cool growing season so far, our crops are well advanced for this time of year. ... The cherry crop matured about two weeks early here in Northern Utah.

Global Quakes when Atlantic Rift is at Key Positions vs a vs Planet X:

May 26 2003: Albuquerque, New Mexico June 23 2003: Albuquerque, New MexicoAugust 4 2003: Palmer Station, Antartica

Rise to the Ecliptic in 2003

Rising from the south, where the Atlantic Rift was accessible from all sides by Planet X as it could reach under the globe like a hand with its magnetic field, Global Quakes were evenly distributed at all four grip points as the reach allowed this. During the period of the massive Global Quakes on June 20 and June 23, this changed to be either held in position when the Atlantic Rift lined up with the core of the Earth, at the Face and Dark placement points, or to to grab and pull the Atlantic Rift into alignment at the Dawn and Dusk positions.. The Stage is Set for rotation slowing and stoppage.

Sunrise in China
Sunrise in Florida
Sunrise in Italy

Red Dust in the Atmosphere:

June 23 2003: Florida
June 24 2003: New Zealand
June 30 2003: Key West

Dust Cloud Arrival in 2003

Between July 6 and July 7, the massive Dust Cloud of Planet X moved to envelope the entire areas of the Sun as viewed from Earth. The reflecting light bouncing around in this cloud cause a SOHO/EIT burnout. This continues to arrive, a portent of when the Earth will be wipped by the red dust in the tail, as exemplified by July 9. Red dust settling was evident by July 28.

July 17: Italy

July 18: Texas
July 20: Georgia
July 24: Texas

July 28: Florida

Retrograde Movement in 2003

Points where the Atlantic Rift is gripped by Planet X are when it faces Planet X, is escaping from view at the Atlantic Rift dusk, is opposite on the dark side of the globe, or presenting again at dawn. The movement from the right of the Sun toward the left can be seen by the UTC times when significant quake bursts occur.

June 20-30

00-02 Dark
06-08 Dawn
13-14 Face
16-17 MidAft
18-20 Dusk
July 6-13

21-23 Dark
04-06 Dawn
12-13 Face
14-15 MidAft
16-19 Dusk

During this time, the White Persona, which represents the true physical placement of Planet X, has migrated dramatically from right to left in the photos!

June 29 China SunRISE PhotoJuly 6 Italy NOON photoJuly 14 China NOON Photo

Wisconsin Crop Circle Relationships

On July 4 2003 a target="_top">Crop Circle appeared in a barley field near Horicon Marsh, WI. The exact triangle described by the Zetas for Planet X entry into the Ecliptic is present, showing this crop circle was intended to relate to ZetaTalk. The relative size of Planet X, as seen by the human eye, is shown with the rightmost circle shows size prior to July 4, the center by mid-July, and the leftmost circle the size to be anticipated. Planet X placement on the Ecliptic, where supplanting of the Sun's magnetic influence over Earth will cause rotation stoppage and the shift, is shown by the lines, where the rightmost circle shows no blockage, the center partial blockage, and the leftmost total blockage. Dates could potentially be inferred from this crop circle. The USAF Visited this site after this relationship was posted on the web. A second July 4 ZetaTalk Triangle circle also was belately discovered.

Florida, July 7 2003
Wisconsin, July 16

Seattle, July 17
China, Aug 6 2003

July 4 2003

July 4 2003

UK Crop Circle Relationships

Feb 24 Hackpen Hill orbit of Earth Reversed
May 3 Tegdown/Ickneild clues to Magnetic Grip
May 25 Ridgeway depiction of Magnetic Trimester
July 17 Milk Hill and others Time Line Clues
May 14, Newcastle Hill relation to Stoppage Size
June 21 Waden Hill rise to the Ecliptic
July 4 Horicon Marsh and California circles Ecliptic Rise clue
July 4 Horicon Marsh circles for Occultation Size at passage clue
July 21 Hackpen Hill rotation stoppage Dial
July 31 Westoverton Key to the path
August 2 Eastfield/Southfield reference to Solstice with Quake/Pole occurrence and September Days.
August 2 Eastfield as Eclipse Clue
August 3 Morgan Hill/Avebury Stone degree of Occultation
August 4 Walkers Hill reference to Winged Globe
August 8 Everleigh key to Global Quakes
August 8 Southfield Sweeping Arms of the Sun
August 10 North Down Converging 3
August 24 Ohio soybean field Persona Merge

Government Cover-Up Steps

June 22 2003
SOHO Views of the Sun and its Environs
The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft expects to experience a blackout in the transmission of its scientific data during the week of 22 June 2003. This is estimated to last for about two and a half to three weeks. [Note: SOHO EIT as of July 14 from archives, poorly doctored for sequencing.]
June 30 2003
NEIC Earthquake Data
To prevent hackers from reaching $1 billion in American Indian money, which is managed by the department. ... judge Royce Lamberth ordered an Interior Department web shut down, the first being in December 2001. Back in December, nearly all of the Interior Department's PCs were disconnected, and all of it's sites forced to be shut down. One of these sites was the National Earthquake Information Center, which couldn't issue its regular seismic activities report, due to the shut down. [Note: quakes are being Dropped, and Richter grossly Under Reported.]
July 3 2003
US Naval Observatory Sun and Moon Data
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