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ZetaTalk: Shared Secrets
written June 7, 2005

A high level manager I know has been invited to join a firm sponsored building project somewhere in the US (didn't tell me where) that would get him a bunker of sorts in their survival project, which is said to be quite luxurious. Seems only top managers were invited until the last six months. Suddenly they've become much more inclusive. Apparently they've revealed to him that they have had inside info on Planet X for several years and have been planning to survive for a year or two now. Poured lots of money into land acquisition and construction. The senior guys have flatly told him he won't have much more time - the end as they call it is that near in their opinion. Their inside info source is reputed to be the Federal Government at some very highly placed persons. This info has been disseminated to selected parties for several years. It's nothing new to them. They are telling my friend that they believe they're all going to be starting over and beyond food and shelter, their material possessions won't be worth a damn. No need for Bentley's and Jaguars. No need for much of anything but a way to seal ones self off from the world for a while - and make sure that they can eat while sealed off.

We explained during the Elite Exodus that occurred in May/June of 2003, that the grapevine of information about Planet X and the impact of its passage is shared between the very wealthy that essentially own and control the world, and the corporate and political puppets they control. What has changed in the last two years? The cover-up is Eroding, not just because it has become increasingly difficult to maintain, but because a controlled implosion is considered better than the chaos and panic that would erupt if the public were kept unaware until it was obvious they had been lied to. Directing the public rage toward a scapegoat is part of the plan, Bush Busting as we have called it. Thus, where those in the know were tense in 2003, and felt they had to keep the information close and the public utterly in the dark, they have lately relaxed. Enclaves for the very wealthy have always been planned in areas where they control the country and the country is considered stable. This stability includes a leadership respected by the people or a dictatorship accepted by the people, and thus political cooperation and control of the military can be assumed. All of these original plans have eroded, during the past two years, as these are times of great change. Where plans for Australia and Kazakhstan and Wyoming remain unchanged, Botswana looks less inviting due to the Marburg outbreaks and Argentina has moved left.

When the pole shift did not happen shortly after May 15, 2003 in accordance with our White Lie there was a collective and audible sigh, not the tense silence that was present leading into this date. As the Earth changes have steadily increased and challenged the cover-up, the cover-up becoming more ridiculous to the point of openly being discussed even by those not in the know, more and more quiet conversations among friends occurred. 'Can this be due to Global Warming? All these volcanoes exploding?' Where in the past the response would be a shrug and no comment, now a murmured admission about Planet X, passing along a rumor, but of course the recipient should keep it close. What happens when those in the know see the Earth rupture as occurred in Sumatra last December? Or the weather become so erratic that snow in Summer is occurring even in the tropics in Somalia? Rumors are more easily passed when the recipient is receptive, and those shocked by these Earth changes and looking for answers are that ready recipient.

But beyond this sharing causing increasing awareness that Planet X is the culprit causing these Earth changes, and that ZetaTalk and ZetaTalk alone has both a comprehensive explanation and an astonishing track record on predicting the stages the Earth will go through as the passage approaches, this sharing opens avenues for future bunkermates to meet one another. They discuss what to do, where to go, and whom to include. Where the common man likewise goes through these steps when realizing what is coming, there are significant differences. The wealthy think of nest eggs, stocking supplies to get them through years of enclave living, and bristling with guns on the periphery. What they fail to compute is the psychological games that will go on when their militia realizes their masters have no power to punish them, and the current king of the hill can be toppled. The common man, used to being jerked around by a boss, told to toe the line and punished severely for every infraction, and accustomed to living with little, barely surviving, will have a different attitude. Here partnerships will be the mode, sharing skillsets and assets so that as a team they form a whole. Defense is less an issue, as what is there to steal? Those wanting to loot will not head for the shanties of the poor, they will head for the wealthy enclaves and plan, like cockroaches and mice, to work their way in to topple the defenses. Enclaves will not find themselves self-sufficient, despite the best of plans. There will be items forgotten, items desired, a desire to import servants, or the desire to travel when contact by phone or radio prove useless. All this provides a breach in the walls of those who would be king.

Signs of the Times #1443
Renowned Funds Manager Predicts Global Economic Collapse [May 30] 'There was an interview on CNBC of the renowned funds manager Julian Robertson. They used to call him, still do call him Never Been Wrong Robertson. He has predicted every economic cycle, every debacle, every bull market, and every bear market. "Where does it end?" And he said, "Utter global collapse." Not simply economic collapse; complete disintegration of all infrastructure and of all public structures of governments. Utter, utter collapse. That the end is collapse of simply epic proportion. In 10 years time, he said, whoever is still alive on the planet will be effectively starting again. And the comments were so negative. That the planet is not simply sinking into a sea of red ink; it is already sunk. He said that it will be necessary to control, in 5 years' time, food and water riots. Huge detention compounds on federal lands, probably in the West where the land is available, to potentially house 50 million or more citizens that will be in financial ruin. Food production will fall. Total collapse of public infrastructure. Total collapse of medical care systems. All public pension plans, Social Security will collapse. All corporate pension plans will collapse. He was moving into one of the new super-secure compounds for wealthy Republicans for when the "barbarians will be at the gate." ' [Note: during the Great Depression, the homeless lived on the street or with relatives, and food production did not stop. Is he talking about economics here, or a pole shift?]
Signs of the Times #1444
Your public profile is increasing lately [Jun 2]. More radio, more comments quoted, etc. While of course you're aware of the increased interview schedule, are you also aware that ZT and you are being quoted in water cooler conversations at some large (Century City / $500 hr plus / kind of) lawfirms in LA? I've some minor connections to a HUGE lawfirm that represents presidents and former kings, dictators, entertainment industry players, major celebs, etc. Even in those rather lofty circles, they do seem to have some passing familiarity with Ztalk and you. Thought you'd be interested (if not exactly flattered) to know that fact! [and from another source] Those blocked and restricted referrals are coming from somewhere, and odd that they spike when the .MIL and .GOV users spike on Those stats are extremely high from the normal traffic from web users that I am used to. So I would say this person is absolutely correct. Some "big wigs" are definitely all over your website. [and from another source] ZetaTalk, and ZetaTalk alone, has been found, in trial focus groups worldwide, to be a known and respected source of information not only on what is happening, but on how to survive. [Note: existing ZetaTalk: Likely Outcome, written Mar 13, 2004 statement. Zetas RIGHT Again!]