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ZetaTalk: Bush Power Grab
written Jan 15, 2006

We have stated that Martial Law is unlikely to be instigated in countries such as the US where the populace is used to freedoms and would resist. Such maneuvers succeed only for a short time, and in the presence of a real emergency calling for such draconian measures. But what if this were the Bush plan, and Bush proceeded according to plan? What if a frightened Bush reacted like a cornered animal, going for the ultimate stance, declaring Martial Law and himself as a President who does not need to listen to the courts or the Congress? How would this play out?

First, one should not negate the Puppet Master's influence. When he set about to decapitate the Bush administration, he certainly envisioned such a scenario, a frightened Bush not going quietly into the night. To counter a Bush move to preemptively call Martial Law and assume kingship of the US and its military, or make a play for this position, he would be unlikely to utilize assets within the US for this. He would use foreign powers, against US assets abroad, placing the US Military in the uncomfortable position of having to make choices. What if Russia were to make moves toward the vast Alaska lands, oil rich, and closer to Russian territory than to the central states? What if Hawaii, Guam, and in particular the Middle East oil fields were being threatened? The Military is already stretched too thin, and could hardly keep peace at home and fight other fronts as well as keep a foothold in Iraq. The oil grab would be the first to go, with the oil fields in Alaska on the lines. Thus, Martial Law would likely be ended, immediately, by the Bush cabal, a quick about face, with the hope of returning to the previous status quo.

Second, given that there is rebellion in Congress and the US Military, with talk of impeachment on more lips than the media admits to, there would hardly be whole hearted cooperation. Where it is assumed that countering such an Executive Order imposing Martial Law would require patriots standing in the streets with their rifles waved about, a quiet lack of cooperation would be the norm. Orders would be delayed, lost, not understood, or endlessly discussed. It would be a time when the schools would be out, jobs not attended to, transportation at a halt, TV and radio stations broadcasting a stage with few actors and these confused. Civilization, in the United States, would grind to a halt while the public stayed glued to their TV sets, awaiting the next step. Does one order the public to go back to work in a free society? Does the public risk going out on the streets when they have been told that lack of cooperation with the edict will get them shot, or jailed, with no recourse? Without a clear, and real, crisis as the excuse for Martial Law, everyone but the Bush White House would soon see this as unworkable, and a simple refusal to go along with any of the edicts would be the emerging result.

Third, there is a very real likelihood of an open rebellion in Congress and the courts should such a power play be made. Immediate impeachment proceedings might be started, adding to the confusion in the military as to whom they should be following. Even with packing the Supreme Court with what he hopes will be cooperative allies, Bush cannot change the Constitutional right of the Congress to impeach, and impeachable offenses are already laid out before them in the NSA spying scandal. Thus, all within the Beltway in Washington DC would be paralyzed by argument and legal challenges. This places any such move by Bush and company into the role of actually expediting the decapitation process, not preventing it. Nor would such a situation be reversible, as trust would have been lost, polarized positions taken, lukewarm cooperation in the past now revealed to be smoldering rebellion, and heated debate the continuing course of each day, for months. Complete paralysis at the helm of the federal government, no motion in any direction possible, just endless debate and argument. Point and counter point. Thrust and parry. Deadlock and rage.

Fourth, although endlessly anticipated, no fake terrorism attacks will occur within the US, just as none since 911 have been allowed to occur, nor have weapons of mass destruction been allowed to be planted in Iraq. We stated that benign aliens, ourselves and others, have prevented this from happening, although such maneuvers have been tried hundreds of times. Thus, the only emergency likely to emerge would be geological, quakes, horrific flooding, storms assaulting the coastlines, or volcanic explosions. The stage in such an event would be taken from Bush, and given to those involved in rescue and recovery. As with Katrina, Bush would be dragged along behind, like a rag doll tied to the rear bumper of a speeding car, only able to make an appearance when the car finally stops, mission accomplished. Issues Bush would like attended to, like jailing anyone opposing his agendas, would be ignored, as clearly, this is not the reason for calling Martial Law. We would shortly be back to point two, above, with the broad expectation that Martial Law be temporary, and if not withdrawn, then moving to point three, above, to force this.

Fifth, and a very real possibility, is assassination, disguised as poor health or death by heart attack. The Bush administration has not made friends in the CIA, using them as scapegoats, and any mercenaries such as Blackwater Security employed by the military for work in Iraq or the home front as likely to be paid to go against Bush as work for him, such are their ethics. Given the very divided loyalties even of the ethical, all manner of personal agendas might emerge. Bush is a drunk, known to use cocaine, evidence of this abundant for the media to discover to embellish any suicide or mental breakdown. That he has been on anti-depressants is well known and in the public record. Cheney is so close to death from his heart conditions, which can only be ameliorated, not corrected, that the public would hardly be surprised if such excitement tipped him over the edge. Bush knows this, has seen his support in the military eroding, not growing, has seen embarrassing leaks like the NSA spying issue emerging steadily with no signs of slacking. Thus, Bush would almost have to be in a suicidal rage to call Martial Law, given this.

Signs of the Times #1532
Bush could seize absolute control of U.S. government [Jan 13] 'President George W. Bush has signed executive orders giving him sole authority to impose martial law, suspend habeas corpus and ignore the Posse Comitatus Act that prohibits deployment of U.S. troops on American streets. This would give him absolute dictatorial power over the government with no checks and balances. The authority to declare what is or is not a national emergency rests entirely with Bush who does not have to either consult or seek the approval of Congress for permission to assume absolute control over the government of the United States.'