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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written June 24, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

What about the timing of the North Korea missile tests? Is this part of the Puppet Master's plan to stop Iran being invaded? I recall the Zetas said Alaska may be threatened to stop Bush from proceeding with his plans, for instance against Iran. Did the Puppet Master ask Korea to do their missile test at this time? They claim their missile can hit Alaska no problem and even reach the West Coast of the US. Bush has backed down from Iran, and is now willing to talk to Iran.

One should not negate the Puppet Master's influence. To counter a Bush move to preemptively call Martial Law and assume kingship of the US and its military, or make a play for this position, he would be unlikely to utilize assets within the US for this. He would use foreign powers, against US assets abroad, placing the US Military in the uncomfortable position of having to make choices. What if Russia were to make moves toward the vast Alaska lands, oil rich, and closer to Russian territory than to the central states? What if Hawaii, Guam, and in particular the Middle East oil fields were being threatened? The Military is already stretched too thin, and could hardly keep peace at home and fight other fronts as well as keep a foothold in Iraq. The oil grab would be the first to go, with the oil fields in Alaska on the lines.
ZetaTalk: Bush Power Grab, written Jan 15, 2006

Nancy has put her finger on it. There's no question that Korea did not choose this timing by accident. Step back a month or two and see where Bush and Cheney and Condi and Bolton in the UN were with Iran. Iran has to submit or else there will be consequences, we will not negotiate, we will not talk to them, they must back down and now where are we two months later? All of a sudden, the US is making concessions. They're going to talk to Iran, they're going to make offers. We'll give you this if you give us that, a concession, and at the same time that Korea is openly stating that it's going to run a test and demonstrate its missile which it has been bragging about. The missile could fly and not be intercepted, which is a likelihood because of the inability of the US to position their ships in the right position. They could fly it to the south while all the ships are there between Korea and Alaska, and they might not be in the right position. The Pacific is broad and therefore they are likely to have a failure in which case everyone in the US will panic and say What good is the Defence Department? Why hasn't Bush gone in and done something about Korea? Instead he went into Iraq.

Therefore this would be an embarrassment to Bush and he hopes to placate North Korea somehow. What is the placating? It's placating Iran, backing away because he knows, the White House knows, who is behind this timing of North Korea doing their missile test at this time. The Puppet Master is behind this. It's in the hands of man whether the test pulls off and the fact that the US fails to intercept it is kept from the media or whether North Korea backs down at the last minute, we cannot say because this is in the hands of man but there's no question that the threat to Alaska, the implied threat to Alaska, is the reason for the Whitehouse backing away from their pressure on Iran. The US military cannot stand a second front and they now have the worry of protecting Alaska and going to battle with Korea which they do not want to do. This will expedite withdrawal from Iraq which is another Puppet Master desire so look behind this to the Puppet Master's hand. He is very powerful, wealthy even beyond the speculation that people have put forth, and knows what every country is looking for and how to bargain. This is his forte.

Why the large scope of victims of all the laptops thefts?

What kind of terrorism incident could be generated with college student records, hospital records? Of course financial records are understandable where everyone says Well we can see why that might be for theft. You must remember that many people blackmail readily. If you have their information and you are threatening a disaster with an identity theft, they cave readily - they cooperate. If you are trying to create almost any kind of a terrorist scenario, to muster forth young people to run around or look the other way, people to look the other way for instance in a college you could have terrorist cells supposedly developing with college students ratting on one another. What would cause someone to point at their fellow student and say I heard them say this, they were planning that and I found this or I saw this or that in their room and called the Feds? Because their identity is known and a catastrophe worse than ratting on an acquaintance is pending for them.

So you get assistance from a wide range of people who would not be questioned by the media or the authorities as in Why are you doing this to your fellow students? Why are you doing this to your neighbour or your co-worker? No-one says Has anyone leaned on you or threatened to blackmail you? It's not something that pops up when you have Joe Bloke average or Joe Student average or some middle-aged person living in a neighbourhood or working in a department store cooperating as 'witnesses' which is often all that's required to alarm people. So, making a terrorist alert look legitimate. Compare this to the one that happened in Miami where nobody believes that these handful of young people without guns, without means or funds, were a threat, or even that it was their agenda. It was put in their heads by some federal official who was trying to not only ensnare them but initiate their activity and nobody's buying this. They need more credible witnesses. They need something other than the authorities to come forward and say This is what we heard them say. They need witnesses that look so normal and so incorruptible that noone would question and that's the reason for the broad range of identity theft that is ongoing.