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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Oct 7, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

We received today [Oct 4] a notice from our insurance agent, Allstate, that they are dropping our earthquake insurance here in Ohio.

Periodically, during the N American plate rip taking place steadily, there is evidence that rock fingers are being pulled apart, fault lines slip sliding past each other, and land rising or dropping. During 2004 and into 2005 there were seemingly endless reports of water and gas mains breaking, sinkholes developing and bridges and roadways buckling in the stretch zone. Crevasses occurred suddenly in Mexico and the SW. In the Fall of 2005, there was a stretch stench noted across the continent, from moldering soil pockets suddenly exposed to the air and releasing methane gas. During a two week period, mining disasters occurred at the Sago mine in W Virginia, eastern Canada, and Mexico, all trapping miners in well publicized rescue operations. Methane gas was again the prime culprit. Blackouts along the Seaway are blamed on a single failure creating a domino effect, but the station at Niagara, along the Seaway, has been the culprit, repeatedly. Quake swarms occur near Cleveland, Ohio, pointing to the separating Seaway as the source. Now quakes in the Gulf at a previously unknown fault, and in Maine, with result that the water level is either falling or the land rising.

Why do these events seem to come and then go, if the stretch is continuous? The answer lies in what holds the fabric together. That part of the rock strata preventing the stretch or torque from occurring is put under stress until it snaps, then movement occurs. What might be termed soft structures snap when movement is first allowed. Thus, gas and water mains long considered structurally sound snapped when the first movement occurred, and soft soil adjustments such as crevasses or sinkholes likewise occurred. Once these soft area have adjusted, this type of activity seems to stop, but the fault lines are still sliding and rock fingers are still separating. Maine, and the New England area, will rise significantly when the Seaway rips, as we have stated. As all precursor quakes during the time going into the shift proceed along the scripted drama that will occur during the shift itself, the New England area can expect to rise as adjustments occur in the N American continent. Thus, the water level falls.

I have a question that perhaps the Zetas can address regarding prophecy. Can the Zetas comment on Tom Brown Jr.'s prophecy of the red sky and the 10 year drought that kills mankind and how this relates to the pole shift? Tom Brown seems to be the real thing to me.

Tom Brown's grandfather, who received visions, was indeed given these visions from extra-terrestrials in response to his genuine Call to help others. What the public should bear in mind during ANY prophecy is that both the receiver, the source for information, and the culture affect the result. We have stated that Jesus spoke to the common man in a manner they would understand, describing the current Transformation of the Earth into a home for those in the Service-to-Other as a time when the meek would inherit the Earth, a time when he as one in the Service-to-Other would return and live among them, and that this time would last 1,000 years. This is not in conflict with what others have stated, as in our ZetaTalk description where reincarnation on Erth would not be allowed for those in the Service-to-Self, and the characteristics for those in the Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self. Jesus stated the 1,000 year span as this was something the common folk could grasp, as a description of the densities and their evolution would be too complicated and not carry forward well.

So what was Tom Brown relaying? Red dust, social unrest with the polarization so evident today. Wars, sabre ratting, attempts to take over the world, disregard by the elite for the suffering of the common. The claws are out, evident for anyone to see, in what has happened in the US during the past couple decades. Drought, certainly, which has been ongoing in the US, the home of Tom Brown's tribe, increasingly during the past decade. A valid vision, taken seriously by many as it ought.

What's the significance of the backward spirling sunspots, if any? The first one was reported happening July 31, 2006. What is the significance of Solar Cycle 24 starting, if any?

We have stated that the activity of the Sun is not generated from within the Sun, but is a ruffled surface due to the disturbed particle flows caused by the presence of Planet X. Planet X has a retrograde orbit, a retrograde rotation, where all other planets in the solar system are nicely counterclockwise in their orbits and rotations, as is the Sun. Thus, Planet X is not only disturbing the surface of the Sun, it could be considered rubbing it the wrong way!