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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written May 5, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

Can the Zetas comment on how in the world Bush and Co and other governments expect to be able to explain an extreme lean to the left and the Sun being even more out of place than it is becoming even now along with actual Planet X sightings? The "comet swarm" may work for a while for Planet X but it will not explain a Sunrise North. Will Martial Law be out of the question when this obviously manifests, hopefully?

At the start of ZetaTalk, the establishment braced for increased earthquakes, red dust, the sighting of an orb next to the Sun, and a time of heat. Some of this was gleaned from folklore, some from ZetaTalk, some from conferences with ourselves, the Zetas, who spoke to MJ12 behind the scenes. To cover the heat, the drought, they adopted Global Warming. The increased quakes were covered by instructions to the USGS to reduce the Richter and drop quakes from the databases to the extent that any statistics drawn from these tables would look like no increase was occurring. Any red dust incidences was to be covered by the Sahara, which has been blamed for red dust in the US and Europe whenever it appears. Somehow, the dust goes in great swirls, landing in the US, so is the story promoted. Chemtrails, a plot hatched years ago, are being used to fog the view of the Second Sun, which in any case is hard to see when the Sun is fully up and glaring. ZetaTalk, in 1995 and until 2003 or so did not talk about the wobble. It had not explained the 270° roll. The Earth wobble that developed in early 2004 was at first mild, and was ignored as no excuse had been arranged. Now that the wobble has gotten more extreme, the establishment is at a loss as to how to explain this. It's erratic, so changing the sunrise/set location would be self defeating. They hope to ignore it until the last weeks. They plan to call any orbs noted near the Sun as either an atmospheric effect, like a sundog, or an asteroid swarm reflecting sunlight. A strong lean to the left or a strong wobble that lasts more than weeks is a horror they fear, assuring themselves always that this would happen quickly, and be bunker time. If the wobble into a lean is for an extensive period, great drama will play out in the halls of power! Watch for this!

Given that the Zetas have said that Earth is a schoolhouse to determine spiritual orientation at the present time, can the Zetas comment on the "balance of power" between Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self? It seems to me that this balance is being maintained to highlight the differences in spiritual orientation and there effects upon peoples lives to give more of a sharp contrast between Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self now. In other 3rd density settings, is there ever outright warfare between Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self, or it this prevented in part due to the large numbers of undecided souls and the difficultly of determining true orientation?

The balance of power, or balance of influence, is such that a new soul is not forced into a perpetual fearful life, at least not in every culture and every circumstance such that escape is not possible, else Service-to-Self prevails and the balance is undone. We have mentioned that the Annunaki were forced from Earth as their enslavement of emerging mankind, in every culture and continent, was so disruptive of the balance. If a slave can escape and run to another environment, it is deemed an opportunity, but if no such environment exists, then there is no balance. In these cases, there is little worry about an undue balance of Service-to-Other, as this philosophy is seldom forced on others. If a soul is leaning toward Service-to-Self, they can establish a family environment which allows this, being a bully father or husband. They can start a school and bully the students. They can take to mugging people in alleys. Avenues for the Service-to-Self exist, so Service-to-Other in the area does not prevent this. Outright warfare between Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self does thus not take place on 3rd Density worlds, unless to face an obvious invasion, considered evil, by a cabal of those wanting true democracy. But here the orientation of the soldiers and generals is not consistently Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self. These types of wars might be possible in higher densities, where the orientations separate, but here wars are almost invariably among the Service-to-Self, the pecking order being established.

Bush seems to be able to at least fend the Democrats off for the present on the issue of the Iraq war timeline for withdrawal and other areas that they want to change. On the other hand it seems he can no longer pass legislation that he wants to be enacted and his Republican base in Congress seems to be eroding a little. This points to a stalemate, as was mentioned by the Zetas in the description of the decapitation process. Does it now seem likely that any ongoing corruption investigations will ramp up enough to engender complete public disgust with Bush so that he will be Impeached, or do the other scenarios that the Zetas have mentioned seem more likely? Is the expected departure of Gonzales going to play a part in Bush being less likely to turn his attack dogs on those who would expose him? Is that why he is hanging on to his job so tightly even in the face of Republican criticism?

A standoff was expected, between Congress and Bush. All talk of compromise by Bush is whistling in the dark, as he will continue to demand a blank check from Congress, and they will find a way not to present this to him. Impeachment is increasingly being mentioned, as the solution, where previously an unmentionable subject. We have stated that the Earth changes will be the deciding factor, as the increase will be fairly sudden into the realm where there is no thought of being able to continue a disastrous war, and the US military will start coming home with little fanfare and no ear given to Bush or Cheney demands. They will simply do this, and refuse to comment on any differences with what the White House is demanding. Two scenarios exist, as we have mentioned. One is where Bush is ignored, and emergency management proceeds to address the obvious needs in the US. Homeland Security will be ignored, as we have mentioned, being politicized. The other option is for Bush and company to take the stage and make public announcements, forcing the hands of those who are prepared to arrest the whole criminal bunch. Which way the monkeys will jump is in the hands of man, and we cannot predict!

ZetaTalk claims that Planet-X is 4 times the diameter of Earth. This would make it 64 times the volume of Earth, with a gravity field that no land animal from Earth could adapt to. Yet ZetaTalk claims that the inhabitants of Planet-X send their people to the various planets and moons of our solar system (with weaker gravity than the Earth) to collect gold, on missions that span for thousands of years. ZetaTalk claims that their descendants eventually return to Planet-X with the gold that was mined, and live as a lower class, forbidden from having children due to being genetically impure. Given this scenario, how could any land animal (such as the supposed inhabitants of Planet-X) adapt to the gravity field of Planet-X that is more than 64 times as strong as that which their bodies are adapted to? Would they not be crushed by their own bulk, suffocate from an inability to breathe, or have a heart attack due to being able to pump blood up and down their tall bodies? Here's the math:

if Diameter of Earth = 1
Diameter of "Planet-X" = 4 according to ZetaTalk
thus Volume of Earth = 0.524
thus Volume of "Planet-X" = 33.51
33.51/ 0.5224 = 64.15 (the volume of the Earth thus devides into the volume of Planet-X 64.15 times)

Therefore Planet-X would have 64.15 times the volume of Earth, and since massive objects compress under their own weight, Planet-X would have more than 64.15 times the mass of the Earth.
Check the numbers at
[and from another human poster, posting later in the chat after the Zeta response]
The Force ratio can be calculated as:
F2/F1 = m2/(r2)²
F2/F1 = 25/4² = 25/16
F2/F1 = 1.5625

Early in the life of ZetaTalk, Nancy was challenged as to our statement that the gravity of Planet X is approximately 1.5 times that of Earth. As we were stating a mass 23 times that of Earth, this seemed not to compute. However, a mathematician came forward during these discussions and stated that the computations allow for a 1.6 pull of gravity on such a surface, in accordance with our statement. Thus, your math is wrong, and designed to discombobulate Nancy during her chat.

The new earth-like planet discovered last week (or at least finaly admitted to) apparently has life sustaining properties. Is this true? And if so, what is the level of evolution at there? Is there intelligent life there yet? Are there any souls in these creatures yet. Are they mammalian, reptilian, insectiziod based? Will the planet have any cataclysms to help it along?[and from another] MoD opens its files on UFO sightings to public [May 3] The Ministry of Defence plans to open its "X-Files" on UFO sightings to the public for the first time. Officials have not yet decided on a date for the release of the reports, which date back to 1967, but it is hoped to be within weeks. The move follows the decision by the French national space agency to release its UFO files in March, the first official body in the world to do so. The documents due for release are witness reports of apparent UFO sightings, many by civil pilots and military personnel. Most were simply collected and filed by a small, secret unit within defence intelligence called DI55. A few are thought to have been investigated further by the military, but the details have never been made public. There are 24 files due for release, each containing 200-300 reports of sightings, plus internal MoD briefings and correspondence.

One must assume that NASA et all are indeed judging these planets correctly. They are not. Their goal here is to announce possible Earth like planets, to be part of the increased awareness of alien life from elsewhere, the UFO mass sightings on the increase. As with France and Chili and now the UK releasing their files, trying not to be left in the dust! There is no life on either of these planets, and NASA is making it up, in the main.

I heard a lot last week in the news about 'does the public think our gov't is corrupt? In the same week that ZetaTalk mentions that a public statement might be coming out in that manner we start hearing it in the news. Are they using this terminology now to get people used to hearing it so it doesn't come as much of a shock?

We have stated that if Bush and Cheney tried to use the bully pulpit to make announcement to force a confrontation with Iran or throw the US into Martial Law, that arrests of those in the White House might be forced. Bush is steadily being decapitated, and this is a concerted effort by the Puppet Master who uses many prongs in his attacks, including the media. Corruption trials by the House and Senate are some of that, so indeed terms like criminal and corrupt are floating about, but not more than formerly, not by much in any case.

The Earth's pollution is bad now and made by Man. It is a Service-to-Self problem and probably made by Service-to-Self Aliens infecting Man with promises of cheap easy energy and resources. If we had chosen the Service-to-Other path from starting a thousand years ago, would we be in a better cleaner invironment today with the kinds of technology the Zetas have discribed they posses. If Man a thousand years ago became a true Service-to-Other society, would Man still face the rath of Planet X?

We have stated that if mankind, the souls on Earth reincarnating, were 89% Service-to-Other, then the leap to 4th density would occur, missing Planet X which will stay in 3rd Density.

How long can the Feds deny inflation is under control? Look at gas prices which will be approaching $ 4/gallon in the Summer, food prices dramatically increasing due to bee pollination problems and corn used for ethanol making feed very expensive for livestock/chickens, milk is even forecasted to go over $ 4/gallon! Electricity, water, etc are all higher. But no inflation? DOW at record level - why? With huge deficit spending, job layoffs, only service-type jobs being created, the bubble must burst soon.

We have mentioned that the increased irritability of the populace, and distractibility, is due to the sense that they are fed lies by the media, and the facts are not addressed. This will increase, but the lies will continue as long as the establishment feels they can deny the presence of Planet X. Even should the White House be taken over, Pelosi in charge, there are the arguments that panic will create more death than silence! Paralysis sets in. We have mentioned that the Stock Market will remain high, but stocks will not be able to be sold! Banks may shut their doors, allowing only certain withdrawals, but all will be well, on the media, which chirps on as though there were no problems! They have no alternative plans! This is the reason the current status quo continues!

The scientist doing the mid-atlantic drilling in response to a discovery of a large hole in the ocean plate have not updated any of their results. Was there anything they saw that surprised beyond details given out in the media?

This issue was suppressed almost as soon as it was printed. Things slip out that the cover-up would not allow, as they are not recognized by the media to be on the 'no talk' list. Often, the first time a phenomena appears, it gets press, then subsequent incidences are not mentioned at all. Fireballs roaring into the atmosphere got press at first, but now are hardly mentioned except locally, in press. As one would guess, the hole in the Atlantic Rift, indicating a recent and rapid spread, was confirmed, but this will not be announced.

Since the Solomon Island quakes, earth changes seem to be in a lull - many are waiting for the "next shoe to drop". Will this type of trend continue with one episode followed by a long time between the next one? Will the bang-bang-bangs only increase exponentially during the last couple of months before the shift or will the "quckening" really quicken soon?

There are several factors playing regarding the stress the Earth is under. One is how tightly Planet X grips the Earth, holding it at a lean, which is the case at present. The N Pole of Earth is pointing toward Planet X a bit, to align with its current position in its 270° roll. This presented as a lurch in late February and early March, but now it is more a steady grip. Thus, the Sun appearing too far North, consistently, is reported. In such a grip, there is little jerking around. This puts Earth at odds with the Sun, which it tries to align with. As Planet X continues in its roll, the Earth's N Pole will want to push away from the N Pole of Planet X, creating contention in its posture. Its posture will vary, jerking around returning, and the lean to the left we have predicted preceding the 3 days of darkness showing itself at times. Jerking around is what is creating plate movement. So we may have a period of quiet, but not for long!

There seems (subjectively anyways) that there is less reports of red dust or fireball activity. Has the Planet X dust cloud moved away from the earth or is it still is as it was?

The tail of Planet X hoses away from it's N Pole, being a charged dust cloud, and wraps around back to the S Pole of Planet X. While traveling, the tail drags behind Planet X. During the 270° roll, the tail loops back along the magnetic field lines of Planet X, encompassing Earth in this regard increasingly. Thus, as the N Pole of Planet X was starting to point toward Earth, being 140° along where at 195° is would be pointing directly at Earth, Siberia had Orange Snow and debris such as fireballs were on the increase. But as Earth has been tilting toward Planet X, tilting its N Pole in that direction in an attempt to align side by side with Planet X, the tail has encountered the N Pole of Earth, consistently, and has begun to flow around the Earth to avoid this. All this is temporary, as the side by side tilt is temporary, and is only occurring because the tilt is fairly steady state, not switching about. When Earth returns to a lurching wobble, this will change!

Did the train derailment of rocket fuel for NASA lat week cause the space agency (or personnel) any concerns about the ongoing earth changes? Bridge collapses; NASA-bound train derailed [and from another] Bridge collapses; NASA-bound train derailed [May 2] It was the second time in less than a week that the train jumped the tracks while carrying the booster segments across the country from the manufacturer, ATK Launch Systems Group of Promontory, Utah, to Cape Canaveral, Fla. Last Friday, two axles on one car came off the tracks for unknown reasons about 60 miles west of Salina, Kan., while the train was traveling at less than 20 mph. The train was back on the tracks after several hours.The train was taking the same route to the Kennedy Space Center that has been used for 30 years or more.

There has been speculation that these types of accidents are not accidents but deliberate sabotage of the NASA programs. The latter is correct. Some instances are clearly bad weather and an increased caution by NASA wanting to avoid disasters. There is a counter culture afoot, within the government, which is aware that Bush and the elite plan to escape to Mars or the dark side of the Moon, have planned this all along, and plan no contingency for those left behind. That such an escape is not possible, was a dream of the past, is no comfort as those who work for NASA are highly intelligent but have tunnel vision. They are chosen for this personality, so they do not put the big picture together. Many, in fact most, are clearly aware that Planet X is in the inner solar system, and due for a passage. This is nothing new! Reports were coming out prior to 2003 that NASA communities were being arranged, contracting to build Monolithic domes and the like, this reported by their contractors. We have reported that NASA going postal lately is no accident, as these individuals often are aware of Planet X but told not to talk to anyone about this, just among themselves. What kind of feelings are expressed during such coffee room chats? Warm feelings toward their employers, who warn them not to make living arrangment changes that will alert the public? NASA is closely watched, and a number of employees quitting or moving inland to high ground would be a flag, thus is discouraged, discouraged harshly. Meanwhile in the halls of power, talk goes on about preparations for an escape to Mars! Fuming, and unable to act out their anger, employees arrange sabotage among acquaintances, old school chums and the like. Much can be purchased if one has the funds, and these employees do not see their 401K funds coming to fruition. They know what is pending!

Can the Zetas talk a little bit about the Essassani? They are a 4th density grey/human hybrid race also assisting us through the transformation. I was wondering if your Service-to-Other Zetas are in close contacts with them?

These are our hybrids, and we live with them! They are indeed helping with the Transformation, side by side as team mates.

I was curious about the recent admissions of the military making up stories to enhance or cover up regarding Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman. Does this have anything to do with perhaps, causing mistrust with the military and the war in Iraq to further decapitate Bush and his agenda?

As with the Viet Nam war, the military tries to put itself in a better light, at least while the war is progressing. They fear lack of funding, protests at home, and loss of face. They fear their commanders yelling at them, telling them they are not conducting the campaigns effectively. This war in Iraq was anticipated to be unpopular by those in control of the Pentagon, and thus embedded resporters were to be the norm. Many many reporters have been shot, in the back and the like, because they were inclined to report the truth. The soldiers are blocked from direct email now, or blogging. In addition to blocking the truth, the truth is invented. Statistics on accomplishments, polls that claim the Iraqi are happy with their occupation, and heros are invented. A wounded female soldier was anticipated to gain sympathy, and a dead football hero killed by his own troops a nightmare to be avoided. As wars drag on, such matters get revealed, and this is counter productive. This will of course not enhance the war effort being clung to by Bush and company. Downhill on many fronts!

If the earth is lurching and wobbling as you claim, why do links to the geosynch constellation not fail during these lurches? The geosynch constellation is, as you know, well outside the atmosphere of earth. They are at an altitude of about 22,300 miles. Why do we not lose lock with these spacecraft during a lurch?

Man assume his atmosphere extends for only a few miles, but air drifts off for a much longer way. Why would it not? Air moves in part because atoms are bumping each other, and this bumping is certainly present at the top layer. Space lies beyond, where a bumped atom can float about, uninhibited, eventually returning toward Earth as the gravity center. Momentum plays a part in this bumping also. So there is an atmosphere, of sorts, far out. Now take a satellite, which is claimed in the charts to be 'above the atmosphere'. It's in a thin soup, but it's in a soup, and this soup is clinging to Earth! It move with the soup it came from, as matter attracts and clings as well as repels, thus the constant dance. Satelites move with the Earth when it wobbles as the air is dragged along, as it clings to itself too, as well as clinging to the Earth. What is the competition for this? Outer space? There is no pull or clinging coming from that direction. It's a one-way hug! Earth and the soup of the heavier atmosphere wins! The sateliites go along!

Can the Zeta's tell me what has eaten all or most all of the leaves off of four of my oak trees. I just noticed one day as I was mowing all the leaves were gone and had thought the trees had died over night. Is it some sort of web catepiller? I've never seen them be so destructive, or any other evidence of what may be doing this.

At the start of ZetaTalk we mentioned that increased illness could be anticipated, in humans and wildlife, crop shortages, and weather swings. The explanation for increased illness was a depressed immune system AND migrating organisms which are moving with the changing climate. Crops have experienced their illness too, virus and fungal infections, as have the bees of late. It was also noted during the 90's that animals, wildlife, seemed 'crazed', attacking seemingly unprevoked, or migrating in an atypical manner. Sometimes it is hunger that does this, sometimes clued by nature in an odd way and just reacting. Huge webs of spiders massing, for instance, beyond what nature intended. This will only increase as the Earth changes increased, so don't be surprised! How to react? Learn to eat caterpillers!

Is Nancy Pelosi aware of Planet X?

Pelosi heard the rumors but was not officially told until the Democrats won the House. She is third in line, at that point. The fact that the election ran without election fraud allowed to happen, this being countered by the Puppet Master's efforts, was a shock to all. Pelosi has not changed her stance on how to proceed, but is doing a lot of serious thinking about what may come. At present, she is marching to the stated agenda, her first 100 hours and commitment to end the war in Iraq. But if put into the Oval Office, which is a distinct possibility, she will closely coordinate with the mililtary in regard to how to inform the public and what steps to take. She sees a form of Martial Law emerging, not to retain control but to dampen panic. Beyond this, any plan seems grim as what to do with those in the cities? What to do with those who will no longer get social services, but need them? She has no answers for these questions, nor do any of her advisers or those in the military. Letting everyone fend for themselves, even letting the military return to their homes, to be with their families, seems the best and likely bet. But what about migrations? Do you stop them or allow them? And if you allow them, what are you doing to those in the path of the migration? Many questions, and few answers, for a woman with compassion.

I have noticed big behavour things happening in my home with my son it feels unusual. The bible talks about the demons and the dark energies increasing so the human eye can see. I would like your ideas on this. I can see the speed of these energies increasing. It doesn't feel friendly at all. Also everyone is saying put in a garden this would be a waste at this time don't you think after the flip the plants will be unclean from ash and stuff. I can't help feeling like the time soon may be any day now. What is it with these soon explanations it feels like we are already dying very intense today. Why is everything so dam vague.

We have advised that people have an action list, to divert the natural anger that will be felt during times of danger into action. Fight or flight are the natural reactions, and neither is appropriate during the pole shift. Make these lists up! And in the meantime, have tasks to do that can only be helpful! If a garden is in the ground, what harm? It may bear, seeds may be collected, or it may be trashed for many reasons, but it can only be helpful! Vague feelings that something dreadful is around the corner is intuitive, and why many animals are migrating, seeking to escape the feelings they have no explanation for. It is no mistake that the Sumatra quake, the tsunami quake, found the animals up in the hills. They have instincts! Your domesticated animals will be a terror during the hour of the pole shift, and we have advised they be freed to run, not trapped, so they wear themselves out this way and do not attack their human masters in their path. Treat yourself with some compassion, likewise. Make lists, plant a garden, learn skills like wood working with hand tools, get acquainted with the edibility of weeds or insects in your locale, but get busy. You'll find yourself exhausted and sleeping better, less worried as you are taking steps, and those dark forces you sense will be an enemy you are fighting, at last!

You claim that neigher Obama or Clinton will be in the White House in 2008, are both those candidates aware of your statement stating that no matter what happens they will not become President?

Where the White House has staff assigned to follow ZetaTalk, and harrass ZetaTalk as paid debunkers, Obama or Clinton are not so aware of ZetaTalk as neither were members of MJ12. Both Bush and Cheney were members, and Cheney has talked to Nancy and is acutely aware of ZetaTalk.

Why can't astronomers, either amateur or professional, confirm even one astronomical claim made by ZetaTalk?

How can you make this statement? That no such people are aware? Have you personally talked to them all? Nancy has talked to astronomers, and to their close associates, and has had her statements as the ZetaTalk Emissary confirmed! Many of the photos in the Photo section are provided by amateurs, who have no place to go with their observations. We have explained, endlessly, that astronomers are employed at observatories and universities, both of which get funds from grants and the government. Do you think that astronomers, using expensive equipment paid for in part by the government, don't have to sign National Security agreements not to talk about the UFO's they encounter? Of course these agreements are signed! Planet X is an even greater threat to those in power than the alien presence! It's treated as a National Security issue. Amateurs have their clubs, and early on discovered that when reporting irregularities they are treated with distain by the senior management. Posting are removed. Key people are pulled aside and given instructions. Often they are told the reason for a hush is that panic in the people is the great threat. On occasion some story emerges, but remains as a rumor. If you think this cannot happen, lets ask why the truth about JFK has never emerged? What's to stop it? Threats, an occasional death, rumor of what will happen if you talk, and the public is supposed to be dumb and blind!

The Zeta answer regarding Pelosi was very interesting but also begs the question - if Pelosi does assume the Presidency, why can't the Zetas assist her in making correct decisions? Why not help out Pelosi? Or are there really no correct decisions that can be made?

This presumes the Rule of Non-Interference does not exist. The rules are that the human seeks counsel, gives the Call, and receives a visit in return. This is all in the subconscious, and Pelosi is indeed giving the Call, as did Moses when faced with what seemed a horrific situation. But this is within the framework of the human making decisions, as aliens do not direct humans. Some call this the Prime Directive, and it does indeed exist as a rule we must follow.

What was the Queen would be talking about to Cheney and Bush? What was the purpose of her visit given Blair's resignation pending? [and from another] For Queen and First Lady, Bush Will Try White Tie [May 5] The White House is atwitter over the visit on Monday by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. This is the first visit by the queen since 1991, when Mr. Bush's father was president. Even Vice President Dick Cheney got into the act as the official White House representative at the welcoming on Friday in Jamestown, Va. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the California Democrat known for her elegance, will attend the dinner. The Senate Democratic leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, decidedly less elegant, declined. This is the queen's fourth state visit to the United States. Aside from the 1991 and 1976 visits, she was here in 1957 when Dwight D. Eisenhower was president.

Such state visits are not suspect, as they have occurred in the past and the Queen is not considered to be political. However, she is the perfect envoy and is seeking her own arrangement for her family, in light of Blair's fortunes. Blair is clinging, but he and Brown, his favorite to replace him, are not faring well in approval. If Parliament leans against the Iraq War, as is highly likely, then will the US abandon them? The Queen Mother had planned to take her family to Australia, which is likewise suffering some reversals in the ultra-right aliegance. Bush himself is seeking a spot in S America, as has become obvious. Where will they run? What country will accept them, when it has become obvious they knew about the coming cataclysms but said nothing to their people! Rats, on sinking ships, seeking solace with each other!