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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written May 12, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

The volcano in Yellowstone seems to be gaining activity. Can the Zetas explain what is causing this? Can we expect it to blow anytime soon? What would be the consequences?

The entire N American continent is under stress, long overdue to join the rest of the Ring Of Fire as usual in having quakes and volcanic eruptions. Look at the IRIS charts, which used to show the West Coast of the US with a clutter of circles like the rest of the Ring of Fire. Since the start of 2005, shortly after the Sumatra tsunami quake, the West Coast has been almost silent, without quakes. We predicted this 9 months earlier, in May of 2004, the Earth torque that would relieve stress on the West Coast. But now the plate movements and spreading Atlantic have positioned the N American continent for what we have long described. A diagonal tear in the New Madrid, a bowing of the continent around San Diego so that Mexico is too far West, an adjustment up the West Coast to relieve the bow. Meanwhile, the entire continent has stress of some kind as this process has already begun but has not manifested in large adjustments, quakes, as yet. It soon will!

Can the Zetas comment on the supposed web hoax of Australia considering evacuating 11 million people due to drought? Was this a test to see how people/nations react to proposed mass migrations in the face of Planet X related catastrophes?

Australia has a problem more serious than they are letting on to the public. They are out of drinking water where this never has occurred before. They are recycling sewage water for this purpose, or contemplating it. In those areas used to being deserts, such as Arabia, the public is accustomed to the steps necessary. They do not wash, they do not have flush toilets, etc. But where this is not the case, the adjustment is painful and thus such a solution as moving the populace enmass elsewhere on the continent is considered! Not for publication, but leaked, and thus this rumor is true in part. It is on the table!

The media is starting to get on board a bit regarding recent weather catastrophes it seems, especially this past week. Will additional increases in extreme weather, coupled with earthquakes be enough to cause inadvertent slips as to the cause? There have been some recent sightings of Planet X behind a smoky sky next to the sun in the Southeast, at dawn and dusk as well as the Sun too far North for this time of year as has been discussed in previous ZetaTalk. Is there any chance that governments in power will realize that the truth will come out and that they need to get ahead of it to maintain any credibility as anomalies increase in severity and frequency? If Pelosi assumes power will the government be less harsh and more forthcoming with Planet X disclosures? I understand that there is no easy way to announce anything and even a Service-to-Other based government would have an extreme dilemma on their hands, but for the best outcome, at some point people need to be told so that they can base their own personal responses on the truth it seems.

This issue of when the coverup will snap, and when deliberate notification of the populace occurs, is so much in the hands of man that it cannot be predicted with any accuracy. People snap, when under the pressure that a coverup ensures, especially when the coverup requires they turn their backs on the common man, whom they may have great compassion for. Someone can snap in a moment, grab the mic and blurt something out! On the other hand, this kind of pressure may make people simply commit suicide, feeling boxed in and certain they could not succeed in informing the public. It can go so many ways. We cannot say more on the subject than has already been stated. Pelosi has great compassion but considers what an announcement will do for general panic and the mass migration of millions, who will then be parked in corn fields demanding to be fed and housed! What if there is then a delay of months or years! There is agony, but whether this will result in a breaking cover-up is uncertain!

Can the Zetas comment on Ron Paul? He seems to be a truth warrior and Service-to-Other individual. Is there any chance he might assume a role of power or influence?

When Ron Paul won the first Republican debate, it was assumed he was being snubbed when not included in the post debate polls. This was not a snub, it was shock, as no one in the media expected this result, and thus the polls established ahead of time had what was considered the front runners included, only. He lists as a Republican and thus can be the candidate, and the public reaction is being watched quite closely. He indeed is a deliberative and thoughful man, his own man, seeking straightforward solutions rather than political solutions. Thus, he would be an excellent leader! In November of 2005, Wayne Madsen reported Nicolas Sarkozy was a confirmed neo-con with "strong links to the Likud Party in Israel and the neo-cons in the Bush administration and the Blair government in London". Sarkozy was the government official who helped fan the flames of the French riots in 2005 with his remarks. On Sunday, Nicolas Sarkozy won the French elections and is now the French president-elect, a result, according to Madsen, of voter fraud. I did not expect Sarkozy to win the election as I assumed the Puppet Master would prevent it. Was Sarkozy's election legitimate and if not, where was the Puppet Master?

The election was legitimate and a result in part of the riots of a year or so ago, which crippled France. Put yourself in the place of a citizen of France, who opens her border to immigrants treating them not only fairly but kindly. We mentioned at the time of these riots that it was not that France was targeted, but tolerates such individualism, and thus frustrated people feel free to complain, in France. However, this puts many in France in fear, and it is fear that drove the elections. It is for this very reason that Bush and Cheney try to evoke fear so often in the US, hoping the public will cling to them, again, as saviors.

Also, on Madsen's May 10, 2007 report, he claims Sarkozy is already beginning to purge the French intelligence services, akin to his reports about the United State's FBI, CIA. and NSA. Other whistleblowers have claimed the French intelligence services have been instrumental in assisting U.S. intelligence forces opposed to the Bush/Blair regime. Is Madsen's report accurate?

Madsen has excellent contacts and we would not disagree with his assessment. However, one must put all this into perspective. The Bush Administration is crashing, imploding, and has not much life even as a cripple left. Meanwhile, Blair is crashing also, and other countries around the world are enraged against Bush and rising against the Bush intimidation tactics. France should thus be viewed as noise at the sidelines, which will prove to be the case. A much larger issue is about to dominate the world scene, that of severe Earth changes everywhere! Trust us on this. Retired general, John Batiste, does not hide his scorn for President Bush. "branding his commander in chief, George W. Bush, a liar this week. Batiste appears in a new TV ad produced by as part of an effort to persuade wavering House and Senate Republicans to approve a deadline for pulling out of Iraq." Apparently CNN International Chyron showed 12 seconds of "BUSH RESIGNS", just two seconds before George W appeared on screen. According to Wayne Madsen's May 11, 2007 report, Cheney has been claiming Iraq was all "Bush's idea". "CIUDAD DEL ESTE, Paraguay - The Iranian-backed Hezbollah militia has taken root in South America, fostering a well-financed force of Islamist radicals boiling with hatred for the United States and ready to die to prove it, according to militia members, U.S. officials and police agencies across the continent." Clearly, times are changing for Bush and things appear to be falling apart. It would also seem the boogeyman is everywhere Bush wants to go. My question is, how coincidental is this report, coming out of Paraguay, to Bush's purchase of land in Paraguay? Paraguay, by the way, was allegedly one of the hotbeds of Nazi asylum and activity after WWII.

The noise coming out of the White House these days can only be considered whistling in the dark. The hatred the world feels for Bush and company is more and more allowed direct expression. This does not proceed on a lineal basis, it becomes more exponential, increasing from a whimper to a roar in short order. Calls for impeachment will become a clammor. Members of Congress, seeing the public rage, will jump on the wagon and insist Iraq end, with a deaf ear to the White House. The White House is two things, stubborn and insulated in the case of Bush, and stubborn and without options in the case of Cheney. If he fails, he senses he will be savaged by dogs, so is continuing the agenda like a man with no choice. Those around this pair are trying desperately to slip away.

Was there a link between the Queen's visit with Bush and subsequent visit to NASA space center?

We mentioned last week that the Queen was seeking an escape for her family, by her visit to Bush. One of the fantasies they entertained between them was an escape to Mars! Children, holding their teddy bears and telling each other stories!

The war between Pakistan's President General Musharaff and a former judiciary has begun with bloodshed at hand. Any comment from the Zetas on this situation and how it might turn out?

Pakistan has a rocky road ahead of it. Afghanistan will return to the Taliban, the offical President in name only. India has so many factions that have never reconciled that as the Earth changes put yet more stress on this burdened country, it too will fracture into local governments. Pakistan, holding the bomb, is pressed by the US to be an ally, and wars privately with India over borders. Internal strife will continue, increase, and when the Pole Shift arrives be settled as India will become a new S Pole, freezing all.

A simple question, but with large positive implications. For preparing for the "after-time" do we need to develop alternative energy now and is this with rotating magnets a right track?

We have stated that wind and water power will be the best sources for electrical energy in the Aftertime. Drilling for oil, certainly refining oil and distribution, will cease after the pole shift. Stores will rupture and go up in flames. Such solutions as burning corn or wood for fuel are self limiting as vegetation will be struggling for a couple decades due to reduced sunlight. Thus, wind and water. Any other means known to man should be evaluated accordingly. Bear in mind that replacement of parts is a key issue, so that permanent magnets used in cars and electrical tools can be used to capture electricity from wind and water motion, but any device more complex may falter on lack of parts.

6 Muslims supposedly going to attack an Army Base - Fort Dix! Any truth to this or is it once again, reasons to keep people terrorized? [and from another] Radicals wanted to create carnage at Fort Dix [May 9] The federal government has charged five alleged Islamic radicals with plotting to kill U.S. soldiers at Fort Dix in New Jersey. The case began to take shape in January 2006, when an employee of a store told the FBI someone had brought a "disturbing" video to be duplicated. Two paid informants infiltrated the group, one in March 2006 and the other in July. One of the informants claimed to have connections with an arms dealer who could sell the alleged conspirators AK-47 automatic machine guns and other weapons.

Indeed, this is a false terrorism alarm. In this, as in the Florida case a year or more ago, and the Torondo case near that same time, there were genuine Muslims involved, but they did not have the capacity for any serious threat in and of themselves. In the Florida case, the FBI gave them the weapons, and this group was equivalent to a bunch of teen agers thinking themselves grand and powerful. Take down the Sear Tower? With a few hand guns given to them by the FBI! In Toronto, the matter was revealed to be a case where the Mounties likewise suppied the 'terrorists' with fertilizer with which to manufacture their bombs! Where the falacies have not yet been revealed in the Fort Dix episode, this is the same plan, to strike fear in the populace by a faltering Bush and Co government. They failed, as they have with their other attempts and sudden announcements. No one takes this Bush Administration seriously anymore. No one.

Can the Zeta talk about this Melamine that came from China. Was it done deliberately or just a greed Chinese business man? And can they also talk about the FDA saying that the pigs and chickens are OK to eat even though they have eaten the tainted food now. Is the poison out of the dog and cat food now, or still part of the process that they make the food out of going on?

When honesty about crop shortages was not possible, because of a ban on this admission in the press issued from the White House, with the usual National Security excuse as crop shortages are likely to cause panic in the public, the press and the US agencies were faced with inventing excuses. Rat poison was the first excuse, closer to the truth but not the real cause. Basically, as we mentioned, it was contaminated grain used in pet food as it was worthless for human consumption. When rat poison raised questions, another excuse, Melamine, was invented, but the fact that this is not actually a poison and would not cause what occurred in pets was to be ignored. Most of the public would not compute this. There should be no concern, at present, with human food, but as we stated when this occured, shortages will catch up with the human population, so start your own food production where possible. Do not delay!

The last month the land was in 27 of September, and today what is the position?

There has not been that much change in the position of Planet X, which is perhaps in the Sept 16 position now, turned approximately 147° along in its 270° roll. The Earth is at present trying to lean to the right, to align side by side with this monster, but will at some point begin trying to lean to the left, N Pole away from Planet X, but will dither. It is at this point that the quiet period of quakes and volcanic eruptions will cease. There are of course plateaus in these matters, which is not a lineal process. And as we have stated, there will be surprises not mentioned previously in ZetaTalk, for the establishment to deal with.

What were the 10 Biblical plagues in reality? Can we see similar plagues today in Egypt or in the world? [and from another] 1. Water to Blood, 2 Frogs, 3 Gnats, 4. Flies, 5 Livestock Diseased, 6. Boils, 7. Thunder and Hail, 8. Locusts, 9. Darkness, 10. Death of the Firstborn.

The months and years leading up to the last pole shift during the Jewish Exodus are documented in the Bible in the Book of Exodus, and by the Egyptians in the Kolbrin. The obvious signs are hail storms that destroy crops and red dust that turn rivers and ponds blood red, but these occur dramatically in the last weeks though are in evidence to some degree much before hand as a light red dust and increased meteor and fireball activity. Likewise the days of darkness, which are what occur in the Northern Hemisphere when the N Pole leans away into the 3 days of darkness. Plagues of frogs and locust swarms are mentioned, which of course occur when the Earth is under tension or wildlife given confusing signals or drought is on the increased. Is this not occurring now, around the world? Drought and deluge, increasingly severe and switching about, has been occurring for years, since the start of ZetaTalk when we predicted this increased certainly. This is a factor in locust swarms. And crazed wildlife, crazed behavior in humans too, has been recorded. Animals listen to the Earth, are sensitive to clues that the rock strata under their feet is being stressed, and as evidence of this they often leave the area ahead of a quake or volcanic eruption. During the Dec 26, 2004 Sumatra tsunami quake, it was noted that the animals were in the hills! We likewise mentioned in 1999 that increasing illness would occur as the time of the pole shift approached. We cited depressed immune systems, micros on the move so that humans or wild or domesticated animals would be exposed to microbs they had no immunity for, and this has emerged steadily. Examples of this are Morgellans, dying bee hives, and cruise ship flu epidemics. Plagues reported in the Bible are not dissimilar, sores on the body, or illness afflicting human and animal alike. The death of the first born which we have explained were microbs spread by rats to the pampered first born of the Egyptians who always had food laid out for them, night and day, which attracted the rats. The rats were diverted from the Jews who proffered lambs blood to the rats to keep them out of the huts. If there is any doubt that we are heading into another pole shift, that the end times are clocking, look to the similarities in what is occurring today!

Would the Zetas care to comment on the book of Enoch? Does is indeed describe cataclysms and the end times etc.? [and from another] And all things on the earth shall alter, and shall not appear in their time: and the moon shall alter her order, and not appear at her time. And in those days the sun shall be seen and he shall journey in the evening on the extremity of the great chariot in the west and shall shine more brightly than accords with the order of light. And many chiefs of the stars shall transgress the order (prescribed). And these shall alter their orbits and tasks, and not appear at the seasons prescribed to them. And the whole order of the stars shall be concealed, and the thoughts of those on the earth shall err concerning them. From the Book of Enoch.

Enoch was one of the books dropped during the re-writing of the Bible that took place early in the last millennium. It was too descriptive of the coming pole shift, and what signs to look for, for the comfort of control freaks who were at the helm of the Christian religion at that time. The Kolbrin, written by the Egyptians and likewise highly descriptive, was also targeted, and only survived because it was written in copper, which did not burn during one of the arson attempts to destroy the Kolbrin. Subsequently taken to New Zeland for protection, the Kolbrin survived. Why did the controlling elite want to prevent the common man from knowing the signs, and the cause of the Earth changes that would beset them? Knowledge is power, and when the Church can use their knowledge to terrorize the common man by claiming special relationship with God, thus their foreknowledge, and claiming a special relationship to God can dictate to the common man, increasing their essential slavery by religious edict. Look to the Catholic Church today, which now claims that Hell is a real place where those not following their rules will burn for all eternity. The prior Pope espoused otherwise, saying Hell was simply a place further from God than Heaven. Thus one infallible Pope countered another infallible Pope, giving a clue to the common man how relevant any of the rules the Catholic Church uses to intimidate are. They don't wish to empower man with knowledge, but seek the opposite.

It's been suggested that maybe less people are currently getting married right now. Is this a result of subconsciously knowing about the impending Planet X event?

We have mentioned that the population senses something is not right, that they are being lied to by the media, that the economy is not going well, that job statistics are not indicating a strong economy, that infaltion is skyrocketing. They also see the weather, the storms, and know that the real issues confronting the world are not being reported. As the government is so silent, they sense that they government knows something and is not saying, and this in and of itself causes tension. Why are they not being informed? Is it so terrible? Apparently so! If is so, then how terrible? Not being able to plan, in any sense of the word, everyone is on hold.

In one of your earlier radio shows ("Connection" I think), namely the one called Aftertime, you also mentioned that after the Poleshift there will be something like a constant haze caused by volcanic ash being in the air and that outside farming will not be possible for some time. Do I get it right, is that true? Whatever the case, what would be the best way of providing sustenance after the Poleshift? How hard will Europe be hit during upcoming earth changes soon to happen? What parts of Europe are relatively safe?

Europe will become a series of islands after the shift, due to the polar melt which will complete within 2 years after the shift. High lands such as parts of Germany, the Alps, and Norway and Sweden will fare well but will be inundated by the drowning populace from elsewhere. Fishing, ocean fishing, is very much encouraged, with salvaging the fishing industry in Europe suggested as a pre-pole shift effort bare none. Volcanic ash is most a problem downwind from volcanoes. For Europe this is not West, as in prevailing Westerlies, but South, as the globe will turn 90°. Thus, Africa affected, Arabia affected, but not Europe.

Are there any humans on Earth at present that were raised in other planets in our Galaxy but come and leave this planet for political purposes, as shadowy figures within the Government?

Contactees are certainly taken off the planet and returned, as Nancy can attest, having done so with her family in the past. During the reign of MJ12, which was closed down by the governing boards when Bush and Cheney stole the White House by election fraud, humans were frequently taken elsewhere. This has appeared in fraud in the story of a Serpo Exchange which was untrue and intended to posture humans in a good light. In all cases, they are guests and under very tight contol. We have stated that Alternative 3 was true, humans taken to the Earth's dark twin and the dark side of the Moon, for instance, by aliens in the Service-to-Self. But these programs failed, the humans involved killed to silence them. In all cases, where humans are guests of aliens elsewhere, the agenda is not a human agenda, but an alien agenda, under alien control. Humans within the establishment would like the population to think otherwise, to thing they are in control and can bark orders, command aliens. Thus, stories may abound, but are untrue.

Photos and video purported to be from Apollo 15 and 20 missions that allegedly show a large craft no the moon are currently circulating in the internet (see link and photo below). Do zetas have any knowledge of such a craft on the moon and/or its origins? If the photos and film are accurate what would be the purpose of releasing that information now?

We have stated that the Apollo program ended as a result of Apollo 13 disasters, which were deliberate to halt the problem. We have also stated that remnants of cities on the Moon can be seen, under the dust, and that one of the reasons for ending the Apollo program were the astonished comments made by astronauts discovering this. Those humans hoping to escape the coming pole shift by going to Mars or the Moon are doing so with the expectation that aliens in the Service-to-Self will assist them, and not expecting to do so by human hand alone. These are former members of MJ12, who thus can converse directly with aliens, and have been told by aliens in the Service-to-Self they will be assisted when the time comes. Of course, the Service-to-Self lie, and demands to begin evacuation of Earth received a deaf ear, as the Council of Worlds will not allow such an evacuation of the elite from Earth. All that said, are the rumors about continuing the Apollo program and a leak of a video true? Do you think, after years of suppression on any leak of information about UFO's or the alien presence that such a video or photos would be casually released? NASA accepts into employment only those who are inclined to live with such restraints, those with tunnel vision, a high need for inclusion or membership into a group, a strong tendency to cooperate with silly rules. Any rebels would not make it into their ranks. Beyond that, even if any such a photo or video were released, it would be packaged with disinformation to make it suspect. The Apollo program has not been continued, as blasting off from the surface of Earth is not that easily concealed. The elite were told they would be rescued, from the surface of Earth, so no need for their own transportation. The frantic efforts of late, talk of manned missions to Mars, having the wealthy build their own space shuttles, insistance on having the ISS available as a platform for the start of longer missions to Mars, all this is a symptom of the fear among the former MJ12, the elite on Earth, that they will be left on Earth during the forthcoming catalysms. What purpose then, for a fraud on Apollo 20 and photos supposedly of the surface of the Moon? This is a distraction by those who are attempting to get off the surface of Earth, which is expected to be wracked by Richter 15 quakes and monstrous sloshing of ocean water during the hour of the shift. They wish to try to divert the space programs into a manned mission to Mars, to enlist the wealthy to further efforts in building their own shuttles, and have the spot light of Internet curiosity diverted! Yes, there are cities on the Moon, and space ships landing on the dark side of the Moon all the time, but these photos and rumors are a fraud.