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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written September 29, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Workers Die in Vietnam Bridge Collapse [Sep 27] Scaffolding at some sections of the bridge over the Hau river collapsed as workers were starting their shift. About 250 engineers and workers from three Japanese contractors were on the construction site at the time of the accident. [and from another] Vietnam Bridge Collapse Kills 52 [Sep 26] The bridge was being built across the Hau River, a branch of the Mekong River, in the southern city of Can Tho. It is part of a heavily used route linking the Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh City. The collapsed section was more than 98 feet tall and was situated above land on the river bank in Vinh Long province. The four-lane bridge was not yet open to traffic. 200 people were working on the 328-foot-long section when it buckled. Officials were still investigating the cause of the accident. Cement had been poured into the collapsed section just one day earlier. The bracing supporting it had apparently weakened.

Do the Japanese not know how to build bridges? The Japanese had more money invested in this bridge than the Vietnamese, and had their engineering firms on site! Japan's cities have highrises, their countryside sports high speed trains, and none of these fall apart due to bad engineering. Vietnam may be behind Japan in this regard, but there can be no assertion that incompetence caused the collapse. Then what happened? Long span bridges are always rooted on solid rock, by many pilings. The suitability of the rock strata planned as a base is always examined closely for structural defects or fault lines. It was neither poor planning nor errors in the construction schedule nor incompetence in the crew that caused this bridge to collapse. Vietnam is on a tongue of the great Eurasian plate that reaches down to abut the plate border at Sumatra, which is highly active these days. We mentioned when Guangxi Province in China had dramatic sinkholes that this tongue of the great Eurasian plate was snapping, would not break off to become a separate plate, but that the tip of the tongue was being dragged down. We have mentioned that the action along the Sumatra border includes a slip-slide as well as rising and falling, as India is plunging under the Himalayas while eastern Australia is rising. Put all this together and Vietnam is being subjected to a twisting or wrenching action. It is as though the Earth changes were trying to grab this tongue and twist it back and forth and up and down. In this situation, rock fractures!

The History Channel has a show called Mega Disasters. It seems obvious that this particular show was made with educating the public about cataclysms in mind. Can the Zetas be specific and tell us what shows the Puppet Master has influenced in their productions?

The entire series was under his influence. The History Channel has had a number of TV shows pointedly awakening the public awareness of the coming times. This series is just the latest. Discovery Channel, which should by its name be leading this charge is not doing so. Why? Because the editors and staff are either not amenable to awakening the public or firmly under the thumb of the White House cover-up. Thus, one goes with the flow, which in this case it is the History Channel which allows its producers the latitude to create such shows.

This is not meant as a date question as I know those are not allowed. The Zetas have said that all economies will move to barter, disasters will be everyday occurrences, Planet X will be visible in the skies, banks will restrict withdrawals, governments will seem to be impotent, etc. All of this and much more occurring before the shift. Given that it is almost 2008 and the shift will happen prior to 2012, per the Zetas, my question is: Will things just cook along as they have been with a linear increase in Planet X precursors and public awareness, or will we have a very brief period where everything seems to go to hell almost simultaneously?

We have mentioned that earthquakes will not proceed at a lineal increase, as they have for years, but move along at an exponential pace, and some months back we indicated this exponential increase had already begun. You will not find this in the quake databases, as their data keepers are being told to lie. But when quakes are bringing down cities considered safe and away from fault lines, then such lies will no longer be believed. There is at present a desperate struggle to maintain the appearance of normalcy. The establishment knows they cannot keep this up. Bank failures are averted by pumping funds into the system, but eventually restricted hours will be imposed when panic in the public cannot be contained. This is likely to happen when depositors find their banks cannot deliver cash, the demand outstripping even the ability of the government to print money.

Crop shortages will occur that would affect food prices monstrously if vendors were allowed to price accordingly, but price controls are already in place. This will result in panic in the public when food is simply not on the shelves or available at any price. When the wobble becomes so extreme that there is no question, even to those not normally noting the location of the Sun, or a Second Sun appears undeniably in view, then panic in the public will surely emerge. Thus, there are a number of triggers that will accelerate the process.

The Zetas have stated that the wobble and lurch (with accompanying Earth changes and stretch zone disasters) would return as the end of the previous Magnetic Trimester. That "the Earth stands at the threshold of these times" (July 21 GLP Live Chat) and that there will be "high drama" during the passage of Planet X. Are we still at the threshold of these times?


It seems as if UFO sightings, at least acknowledged ones, are ramping up. In addition, there are many UFO shows on like the recent History Channel expose. It seems as if we have a mini war going on with some cable channels showing "Independence Day" over and over again, non stop, while other channels such as the History Channel are presenting a more reasoned, balanced program. Are we about to get to the point where UFOs will be officially acknowledged?

Not in the US. Not as long as Bush and Cheney are in the White House. Mass sightings could occur in dozens of US cities, with local news covering this live, and the White House would still deny all. What this means is that some sources, such as those playing "Independence Day" repeatedly, will be discounted and considered a disinformation outlet, while others will gain in viewership. Like O'Reily and Oberman, one loses while the other gains!

My question is about vaccines. Is it possible to change DNA via using a vaccine?


Two new Planet-X books have been published this year - one released just weeks ago. " target="_top">The Return of Planet X" by Rand, and " target="_top">Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival". I have just received a copy of both and have noted some very peculiar things. Both books are conspicuous for no mention of you and the Zetas whatsoever. One of them even references Hazelwood's books. The "Forecast" book talks about Cayce, Mary Summer Rain, and Sun Bear - so there is no bias against channeled material. The "Forecast" book predicts we will see Planet X in 2009 - but the earth changes will occur in 2012-14. Most of material looks to be lifted straight from Zetatalk - with no credit of course whatsoever. What is up with all this?

Nancy is considered a threat by the White House, which greatly influences what popular radio stations such as C2C feature. We addressed "Dr." Jaysen Rand a couple weeks ago, stating as much. 2012 is the approved date, as time-wise it is so far out and everyone mentions the Mayan calendar without going into detail as to how the date was derived, which was a guess. The "Forecast" book co-authored by Marshall Masters of YOWUSA does not mention Nancy because of a jealousy factor. Nancy would not mention this, but she received an email dripping with jealousy, using the words "first blood" being drawn, due to the attention Nancy was receiving over our validated prediction on the Mississippi bridges going down. Nancy's comments to us were that she was unaware it was a battle! She is winning, as soon will be apparent in the media.

Why did the Zetas not tell us about the Bush clone until now?

As Nancy has explained, she was aware of this situation at least a couple years ago, due to out-of-body trips she was allowed to take with us. These were extensive, and involved becoming aware of devil worship practices, meetings inside the White House, and struggles between factions within the DOD. She was taken for discussions with the Puppet Master and his sons, who confirmed the situation with the clones (who are actually brothers), informing Nancy that there were 14 brothers altogether who were born. Thus, Nancy speaks of this not simply because we informed her via our telepathic communication. One of the brothers, who developed a health problem so does not have the physical appearance of the current clone acting as President, records the weekly radio show. There were 3 living clones who could act as President in 2000, but the one acting as the public face during the early years of the presidency was so damaged by cocaine and booze that he was considered out of control, and is secreted away, imprisoned, in case they need a body in which case he would be killed. Another clone was approached by the Puppet Master's agents and agreed to work with him. He is in Europe and could be substituted for the clone acting as the US President at any time. We came forth with this information at the present time as such an occurrence might happen, in our opinion, due to the collapse of the current clone acting as President in the public view. The clone working with the Puppet Master is, strictly speaking, not Service-to-Self, and would take orders from other than the crowd that took the White House by fraud in 2000 and 2004. Don't be shocked if a sudden change occurs!

Were Jeb and the other Bush kids cloned as well. Why didn't the more competent son become president?

Dubya was the first born son, assumed by birth order to be the strongest and most dominant, as most first born are. There was also the consideration that one could not assume multiple sons being conceived later, so the planners went with what they had at hand. There have been regrets, yes, but one cannot turn back the hands of the clock.

Frustration - is that an emotion that the Zetas could experience? After 12 years of spreading the message, the cover-up has not broken and knowledge of Planet X is still limited to a small minority - mostly Internet people. Is this the plan that the Zetas foresaw happening or are they also experiencing frustration?

We, the Service-to-Other Zetas, are quite familiar with 3rd Density worlds, the Earth in particular as we have been here for hundreds of thousands of years! We were pleased that the changes we hoped for in the composition of the governing boards of MJ12 took place as we had hoped. The results are a group working with us currently, using their old contacts within the DOD, FBI and CIA to counter the Bush White House. The results also were a sudden dismantling of the MJ12 group just ahead of Bush and Cheney taking office, to prevent their planned use of the MJ12 travel service via our ships. We have likewise been pleased that our emissary Nancy has been as successful as she has, reaching an audience worldwide and a scope of influence barely imagined by her detractors. Do we have frustrations? This is part of life, when free will prevails!

It seems that many governments know about the imminent passage of the 10th Planet of our Solar System (at least they have heard of it) but only a few of them seem to know that the event will be catastrophic for humanity, many probably think that Nibiru is going to pass without interfering with the Earth's magnetism and geology. Can the Zetas tell us if only the US government is aware of the true nature of the Passage or are there other governors (I'm thinking of the G8 countries) that know about that?

Other than the Bible, the Book of Exodus which describes what happened during the last pole shift, and the Kolbrin which is scarcely read by anyone, there is no written record of past pole shifts known to the western world. The geology of the Earth has recorded the devastation but when this was brought forward by Velikovsky in his books such as "Earth in Upheaval", these books were taken off the shelves and forced out of print. The thought of such devastation is, for most people, too devastating to dwell on. This is precisely why denial is so prevalent. A very typical response is for someone to consider the evidence, become concerned and explore the evidence, and then suddenly shut the door and become very loud and insistent about how it could not be possible. Heads of state and their staff are no different! They are hoping for a light passage of Planet X because the alternative is unthinkable!

Was pig DNA used in the genetic engineering of humans. Some of our tissues and cells have more in common with pigs than apes. It would make sense because pigs can live anywhere and eat anything.

Mice are also used extensively in labs for testing products to be used on humans. We have stated that DNA is more similar between species than not. There are very few divergences that allow for what humans term their superior intellect and upright stance. Were the pig not handy, some other animal would be used in the labs, and your question posed then regarding them.

My second question refers to the stated practices the zetas must take in dealing with Earth. From my reading of various Zeta talk news posts I got the impression that the Zetas are not allowed to warn us of upcoming events that would effect us, but it seemed odd to me that Zeta Talk exists at all. What is the purpose of Zeta Talk? If you only reaching a small portion of Earth's population why even make this effort? Won't everyone that doesn't know about pole shift find out when the Zeta's contact the communities in the after time?

We have explained that the rules aliens are under, while visiting Earth, are to wait for The Call and respond. At this point they can only counsel their contactees. All contact is controlled by the human involved. Some contact is done via pre-birth agreements, especially in those families which were involved in the hybrid program as DNA needs to be braided forward through generations. Nancy was one of many contactees with pre-birth agreements for a communications role. This was her request as a young soul about to be incarnated. She has been astonishingly successful in this role, a surprise to us to the extent we had to re-allocate resources to attend to ZetaTalk. Clearly, as we have stated, it is our desire to have the people of Earth informed about the coming cataclysms so they can either prepare to survive or prepare to die with those they love, having said their goodbyes. In this, we work through the humans involved, as we must do so by the rules.

Reported this week, Tom Cruise is building a $10 million dollar underground bunker at his home to protect his family from an alien attack initiated by Xenu, who was supposedly the dictator of the "Galactic Confederacy". The Church of Scientology describes a myth about Xenu having been involved with the earth for 75 million years. Do the Zeta's have anything to say about these myths? Are they based on any reality?

Cruise is not, as many suspect, building a bunker for this reason. His Scientology connections are well known, world wide, so this is a safe excuse. He has heard the rumors about a coming cataclysm, has extensive connections, and is taking the possibility seriously. You won't hear this from his lips of course, as he doesn't want to meet with an accidental assassination.

The zetas have repeatedly mentioned the human race and our current genetic makeup will die out after the next poleshift. However, they also mention that some humans will be allowed assitance from hybrids and other Service-to-Other aliens. Why would humans die out in such a situation? Would the Service-to-Other beings in service not be interested in preserving the humans and their natural reproduction if the humans so desired it? Please clarify.

This question arose early in the ZetaTalk saga, and was answered as we will answer today. Reincarnation in the future will only be for those souls firmly in the Service-to-Other. While those living at the time of the pole shift will be allowed to live out their lives, eventually only those in the Service-to-Other will be incarnated. Human babies born after the pole shift do not survive in great numbers. Thus, most Service-to-Other souls will be incarnated into the hybrids. Those human babies who survive and grow into adulthood, such that they might conceive and deliver babies of their own, will eventually be contacted by ourselves and our hybrids, be aware of our high tech cities, and will likely be already living among us. Thus, they will be aware of the advantages for hybrid children, and request their own offspring be enhanced. Little by little, it moves toward a hybrid race. No pure blood humans around. Advantages are a higher IQ, a longer life, and less disease. Why wouldn't a Service-to-Other parent want this for their child?

Can you give us advice for commenting on internet blogs? Should we watch what we say? Are we risking getting killed or prison for things we say about the government or the president as whistleblowers? Would they know who we are?

We have been asked this question periodically, and our answer has been that the government is overwhelmed in trying to keep up with all those the White House would like to have under surveillance. They certainly don't have time to chase everyone anti-Bush or against the Iraq War. High priority targets are those with inside knowledge, that has not yet been spilled. Even there, not every potential whistleblower is watched. It is simply too overwhelming. Unless you work at the White House or inside a black op, you have no worry, frankly. You must personally have real information with proof, to be a threat.

Will the Hybrids continue our present 365 day a year calender or have their own system starting from day 1?

You presume the year will have 365 days. We have our own calendar methods that are superior to the Gregorian calendar. No need for leap years and the like. Since this will not be your concern until after the pole shift, and even then, there is no point in explaining. Coming out of a pole shift, rotation and the orbit are very erratic for many decades. In addition, climate does not stabilize for most of the globe for several decades or even hundreds of years. The skies will be cloudy, so it will be difficult to see the stars at all. Man will not be concerning himself with calendars! He will be concerned with survival.