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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written December 8, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

CNN: Seymour Hersh 'Vindicated' by New Iran Intel Estimate [Dec 5] A new National Intelligence Estimate released on Monday indicates that 16 US intelligence agencies have concluded with a high level of confidence that Iran has not had an active nuclear weapons program since 2003 and that even if it resumed weapons development, it would be unlikely to obtain a nuclear bomb in less than 5 to 10 years. The NIE apparently came as a surprise to President Bush. However, the NIE was no surprise to veteran investigative reporter Seymour Hersh, who has been writing about it since November 2006. He believes the White House deliberately kept the NIE bottled up for over a year because the vice president was dissatisfied with its conclusions. By November 2006, Hersh's sources had told him of a highly classified draft assessment by the CIA., which concluded that satellite monitoring and sophisticated radiation-detection devices planted near Iranian facilities had turned up absolutely no evidence of a nuclear weapons program. However, Bush and Cheney were expected to try to keep those conclusions out of the forthcoming NIE on Iran's nuclear capabilities. [and from another] Iran Leader Claims Win in Nuke Faceoff [Dec 5] President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday called the dramatic US turnaround in a new intelligence review a victory for Iran's nuclear program, suggesting it shows the success of his hard-line stance rejecting compromise. The political rivalry in Tehran could have important implications for what happens next in the dispute over Iran's nuclear program, now that the report has likely weakened two of the threats Washington held over Iran - more U.N. sanctions and the possibility of military action. The report concluded Iran halted a nuclear weapons design program in late 2003 and said there was no evidence it had resumed. That was a dramatic change from a 2005 assessment saying Iran was actively trying to build a nuclear bomb.

We have repeatedly stated that taking control of the Iranian oil fields was part of the plan from the start of the Bush takeover of the Executive Branch of the US government. The plan was to acquire Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, then push up into the Russian oil fields via Afghanistan, then finally a takeover by coup of Venezuela. This was so that the Bush clan and their cronies could control the majority of known oil resources in the world, becoming kings of the world in the time after the pole shift. The adamant insistence by Bush that Iran was a threat, accompanied by beating the drums of war, was based on this plan. Given the control the Bush White House exerted over the intelligence community, ala putting out false reports in the run-up to the War in Iraq, it was assumed by Bush and Cheney that such false reports against Iran could also be sustained. What went wrong?

We have spoken of a contingent in the federal government that has been concerned since the start of the Bush takeover by voter fraud in 2000 about a loss of democracy in the US. This includes members of Congress, the Judiciary, the FBI, the US military, and members of all the federal agencies. Many quit in disgust, but most remained in place, doing whatever was required to retain their jobs, and biding their time. One might call them "patriot sleeper cells". Admiral William Fallon, for instance, who was nominated by Bush to head CENTCOM, has flatly made the statement that an invasion or bombing of Iran would not happen during his watch. His views were not known by Bush prior to his nomination. It is the increasing Earth changes, the wobble causing high tides and pulling apart oil pipelines, that has this contingent worried that they need to act sooner rather than later to prevent Bush from taking advantage of panic and confusion. One of the sleeper cells within the intelligence community decided to act, to strongly counter the Bush claim that Iran was a danger.

Where in the 270° degree rotation is Planet X now? Once Planet X crosses the ecliptic, won't the magnetic forces of both the Sun and Planet X be additive towards earth? Wouldn't that produce a rapid reaction from earth?

We stated some months back that we would no longer report on the degree of progress, as this would allow the establishment to better determine when to declare martial law and enslave or murder much of the populace. Thus, we decline to speak to the issue. We have stated that when the movement of Planet X reaches the point where it has progressed to 195°, then severe leaning and tilting of the Earth can be expected. The pole shift and dramatic leaning and tilting of the Earth occur because Planet X obstructs the Sun's magnetic field, forcing the Earth to align exclusively with Planet X. But before the moment of the pole shift arrives, the Earth maintains its wobble, trying to honor allegiance with both magnetic fields.

It seems the news has been spotlighting Oprah and Obama's union to elect Obama as president. I really don't think Oprah should have that much influence but the news makes it out to be like Oprah could really boost Obama. This should definitely take away from Hillary Clinton's support. Will this new move by Oprah hurt or help Al Gore's decision to run? I hope it helps.

A rumor by insiders in the Gore camp states that Gore would not jump into the race unless Hillary faltered. There is some truth to this, as the infighting between Hillary and Al would tend to reveal many secrets. Hillary would try to discredit Gore for the fact that he remained silent when he and her husband Bill were aware of matters that were crimes, and Gore trying to defend himself against unfair accusations. This would only hurt the Democratic party. Hillary will not take losing gracefully, and is already becoming shrill and cold, an attitude change not lost on the public. She will turn her anger against the other front-runners, and upon realizing her campaign is hopeless, will not resent Gore. That day has not yet come.

Can the zetas comment on the latest CIA debacle regarding the destroyed videos of acts of torture being committed? Will any justice ever come of this?

This is not the first indication that those of junior rank in the CIA who have been cooperating with the Bush White House are in a panic, fearing they will be prosecuted while those who gave the orders to torture will be spared. As with Abu Ghrabi prison, where those at the low level were charged and imprisoned, the orders came from Rumsfeld and above. There is a reason that Bush and Cheney insist that waterboarding is legal, and have forced legal opinions in writing from the Justice Department to support it. They fear the truth coming out. The next shoe to drop will be secret memos being leaked. Those in the CIA, fearing an investigation into their abrupt acts to destroy the tapes, an act which was not approved by their superiors, have those memos in their possession, and copies are being made and passed around. This story has hardly ended. It is just beginning!
Reports from various sources claim Iran has dropped US Dollar from oil sales, if so will this backfire on us?
[and from another] Iran drops dollar from oil deals: report [Dec 8] Major crude producer Iran has completely stopped carrying out its oil transactions in dollars, Oil Minister Gholam Hossein Nozari said, labeling the greenback an "unreliable" currency. Iran has reduced its assets in dollars held in foreign banks and urged OPEC to take collective action to price oil in other currencies such as the euro, instead of the US currency which is used across the world at present.

Iran has been threatening to do this for years, as have other countries. Most oil producers have already switched to allow other than the dollar in exchange for their crude, but in that the dollar was included in the mix and is historically the medium of exchange for oil, this was not considered devastating to the dollar. It is avoiding the dollar altogether that the US fears, as then those holding dollars will decide they need not do this, and will begin seriously dumping the dropping dollar. This has been a steady trend, with Iran's posture only another notch in the trendline. We have predicted terrific inflation for US citizens, with the price of oil and gas skyrocketing because of the dollar's drop. This will be the trend, but the end result will not impact the public before the Earth changes make paper money worthless altogether.

Who is the most powerful person in the USA, and what cult is he/she in?

What type of power are you referring to? The power that money can buy? It is no secret where wealth lies. The power that can wage wars? Look to the Bush administration and who has unleashed the dogs of war. The power to influence public opinion? Your TV ratings might give you a clue. You are assuming that cults exist, or that if they exist they are powerful and far reaching. This is true only in the movies.

How much information does the press secretary, miss Dana Pareno, know about the administration? Does she believe the things she is told to say or does she knowingly pass on the lies?

As has been revealed by past press spokesmen, they are lied to by this administration so they can lie to the reporters with a straight face. A press secretary of course is ideologically aligned with the administration, and often they are batting back the questions because they feel the administration is trying to do what is good for the nation and is misunderstood. But the opportunities to learn the truth are thrust upon them, forced upon them, and they soon understand they are lying to the public.

Dana certainly knows she is lying, and is doing so willingly. Why? Her family background is such that lies were "served" at dinner, and lying was a game the family members played with each other. It is a secret power game, where she feels smug and powerful when she is able to foist a lie off on the public. This is not the mindset of someone who cares about the nation or feels that scandals will only cause more harm than good. This is the mindset of an immature soul who is leaning strongly to the Service-to-Self.

Last week it was written "Will anything happen this Christmas season? Will there be a disaster of some kind? A disaster that will affect the whole world?" And the Zetas answered: "Yes, but just what it will be, we cannot say. We are not being specific to date or time, nor what such a disaster might be. Be mindful that sloshing tides have inundated Indonesia and the UK simultaneously recently, and this is something we consider a whole world disaster. Earthquakes are increasing in magnitude, and ricochet all over the world, also a global disaster if strong enough." And then North-West was engulfed with floods. Can we expect even larger cataclysms before New Year comes? last week the Zeta's said that "something" would happen around Christma. Was the recent flooding in Washington State the "something" or is there another on the horizon? [and from another] Gregoire declares a state of emergency [Dec 4] Gov. Chris Gregoire declared a state of emergency Monday authorizing state agencies to assist local governments in their response to massive wind and flooding in Western Washington that left at least two dead and caused part of Interstate 5 to be closed.

The storm that engulfed Washington State was not one that affected the whole world. What we are predicting might be just existing trends such as high tides or a stronger wobble or more earthquakes, or it might be something new. As we stated, we will not reveal what we know.

I don't know if you take obscure 'historical' questions but do you have any insight as to what happened in 535-536? "Tree ring analysis by dendrochronologist Mike Baillie, of the Queen's University of Belfast, shows abnormally little growth in Irish oak in 536 and another sharp drop in 542, after a partial recovery. Similar patterns are recorded in tree rings from Sweden and Finland, in California's Sierra Nevada and in rings from Chilean Fitzroya trees."

We have described the earthquakes over the last millennium as being essentially aftershocks from the last pole shift. During a pole shift the plates are thrown violently against each other, rammed into one another, so that settling into a lstable configuration takes millennium. Rock fingers break, one by one, until a section of rock that is not supported in its position is released to move. Such movements invariably involve volcanoes, which increase their activity. Most volcanoes are not in areas where their activity is recorded, being under the sea near Indonesia, for instance, or in distant and sparsely populated lands. Heated oceans or volcanic dust in the atmosphere affect the weather and cloud cover, which was what this cooling trend was all about.

Nancy, in the wake of this NIE on Iran and the evidence that Bush/Cheney and their cabal have been outright lying, why do they insist on acting like nothing has changed? Can they really be that stupid? Or are they fooling themselves into believing lies their STS allies tell them, and do those ET STS allies talk to them in their consciousness or subconsciousness? We heard recently that Bush actually believes that "God talks to [him]", and is telling him to "hang in there" until Armaggedon comes along and he'll be there to save the day for democracy and Christianity (sorry no link; think it was from the Voice of the White House on Does Bush really believe that stuff, or is he knowingly lying to the public when he tries to sell us on war with Iraq and now Iran?

Consider that at this point both Bush and Cheney are trapped animals with their backs to the wall. They have tried to declare war against Iran, ordering the military to bomb and invade repeatedly, to no avail. They have tried to declare martial law within the US, tried creating incidents that would incite panic or to make a public announcement over the radio. All of these attempts were blocked and ignored by the contingent that is keeping them contained. Bush and Cheney know the pole shift is coming, but don't know the date. They know their era in the White House is fast coming to an end. They simply have nothing to lose by continuing the old line. The hope is that during chaos and confusion that they can succeed at martial law or an invasion of the oil fields of Iran. They hope to come from behind, so to speak, as the American public has not been told these two are a decapitated leadership. Until the American public is informed, danger from these two men frankly exists!

Supposidly many of these objects are outside our solar system in deep orbit.
F.A.S.T. - Far Above Space and Time
And according to James Casbolt on in his latest interview on Coast to Coast our govermnent has been using the same technology as John to view these same ships that all seem to be gathered watching this system for some reason.
Project Mannequin : James Casbolt

It has been a consistent theme from a certain group in the government associated with the CIA and some Pentagon personnel to claim that humans have all kinds of technology they do not have at present. Motherships are hovering over Earth all the time, and not sensed or viewed by mankind as we have the technology to block your viewing mechanisms. We read minds. We know what humans are thinking when they try to gain the upper hand over the extent of contact we have with the populace. They plan, we block, simple as that. It's all bragging, as they hope mankind will think them powerful and the visitors about to be demolished. None of this is true.

We have a lot of astronomical events lining up in the general time frame of Dec 21-24. A grand conjunction in which eight of the planets seem to form a galactic cross. A full moon, the winter solstice, all with at least three know comets in the direct vicinity. In addition some have said that Washington, DC was built with a calendar in mind that refers to this same time frame. I wonder if you, or the zetas would further comment on the above.

Comets are infinitesimal compared to planets, and would not affect any Earth changes. Nor would the positions of planets elsewhere in the solar system affect Earth changes. An alignment of planets such that they all seem to line up in a row, such as occurred recently during the millennium on 5/5/2000, has no effect on the Earth, as we explained years earlier. Is there, beyond these factors, some influence that causes stress on the Earth during the winter Solstice?

The fact that the Earth leans as it does, both poles pointing out into space away from the Sun at the winter solstice, is not an accident. We have explained that Planet X leaves the vicinity suddenly, leaving its imprint on the Earth when it does so. This is why the Earth has its tilt, with magnetic and geographic poles not quite lined up with each other. The key is 23°, and indeed there is something out beyond the solar system in the direction the Earth's winter solstice N Poles point to that tugs at the Earth each Christmas season. This is why the most recent massive earthquake, a 9.5 on December 26, 2004 occurred. This is also a factor in the disasters we expect this forthcoming Christmas season.

Any alien involvement in the recent shuttle launch delays and where is NASA's head at these days?

We have mentioned that members of NASA are chosen for their ability to have tunnel vision, to focus only on the task put before them and not to question the mission. This is to avoid leaks, as any leak has such a tiny scope that it cannot paint the big picture. Many in NASA are aware there is an interloper in the vicinity. They of course know that the Earth is stopped in her orbit and that somehow magically the Earth is being tilted to simulate seasons. It is common knowledge at NASA that the alien presence is real, and they see the hand of aliens in all of this. Many stay abreast of ZetaTalk, though they are discouraged from seeking this information so must do so on the sly. Members of NASA listen to the propaganda they are fed, and truly believe they are helping the White House determine what course of action to take. Thus, they plug on with their duties!

Your photo section needs an update! Do you have new Planet X photos? Sorry, I cannot provide a photo because I have no camera.

During early 2001 the Planet X complex was visible from observatories, at our coordinates, and at least 3 teams in 3 different countries (Canada, France, USA) went forth to document this. During early 2002 infrared imaging of Planet X was possible and again, in at least 3 different countries (France, South Africa, USA) this occurred at our coordinates. Then CCD imaging was possible at our coordinates, with a team taking numerous images on dozens of occasions, providing the raw images to the public for their perusal. These teams all tracked a moving object seen in the night sky during the 2002-2003 winter months. In the spring of 2003 Planet X was visible in the evening sky near Orion, and dozens of individuals recorded sighting the complex. Then Planet X moved close to the Sun, creating many Second Sun sightings during 2003. When the Earth and Planet X became crowded on the same side of the Sun, such viewing no longer became possible. Planet X was within the orbit of Earth, thus lost in the glare of the Sun and bouncing any sunlight that hit the immense dust cloud shrouding Planet X back to the Sun. This causes Planet X to appear as a dim or dark fuzzball, not reflecting light toward Earth. This will remain the situation until Planet X seems to pull to the right, Earth to the left from your viewing perspective, preparatory to the 3 days of darkness.

I am currently pregnant and worried about the earth changes. My baby is due this winter. Are there particular dates or places that are safer than others? What should I do/prepare to keep me and my new baby safe?

We advise all who are new to this subject to explore the Safe Locations documentation, as it is vast, detailed and covers the whole globe. Certainly, if you wish not to worry about feeding your infant, then nurse. Even during times of starvation, a nursing infant is well fed as long as the mother has any body fat or muscle to proffer. This is nature's way!

I have a question about the interim phase between the last of the 6 days of sunrise west and the first minute of stopped rotation. In this interim phase the Earth is getting back on her feet again (thus making a 180° turn) and simultanously slowing rotation to a stop. During this interim phase, which will probably last one or two days, which areas of the world experience a long day or a long night? It seems there is a information gap on the Zetatalk website here, or not?

We have stated that slowing to a stop occurs within a day or two, but there are more days between the end of the 6 days of sunrise west and rotation stoppage than these couple days. There are in fact weeks of time between these two stages. For those not already in a safe place, the rather obvious 3 days of darkness and sunrise west is an undeniable clue that the pole shift is around the corner. It is the Atlantic Rift that is grabbed by Planet X, causing rotation stoppage. It is the Atlantic Rift that therefore points toward Planet X during stoppage. This gives Europe and Africa the long day, with the Americas having a long dawn, and China having a long night.

With the White House leadership decapitated why are they allowed to take media time to make speeches?

The contingent within the US government that is blocking Bush and Cheney have a dilemma in that the public is unaware of the White House crimes, and the citizens are therefore unaware of the blocking going on. When voter fraud first occurred in 2000 to the extent that a presidency was stolen, most were in shock. This happened quickly, with the Supreme Court involved so quickly that it could not be countered before it hit the press. Almost everyone involved feared informing the public about what had happened, that a fraud was now in the White House as President. They feared a revolt in the public, the public refusing to pay taxes, the public questioning all elected leaders and their authority, and thus discussions never left the smoke filled rooms. This type of hesitation and shock was of course what Bush, Rove, Cheney and Rumsfeld were counting on, and they pushed ahead with their agenda smug in the realization that they could not be stopped without the public being informed, and that this was unlikely to happen.

Diebold had so effectively been pushed upon the public, via Republican legislation that was supposed to help the handicapped via electronic voting, that the "fraud machine" that Rove had built proved not that easy to stop. The 2004 election was stolen as well. It was only in 2006 that voter fraud was stopped, because the Puppet Master intervened and allowed the will of the people to prevail. At the present time, the contingent that is blocking Bush and Cheney are not ready to arrest those in the White House who committed crimes and treason. They still fear the public's reaction. Thus, historical rights to give speeches to the nation still fall to Bush, and he takes advantage of them.

About when US disasters get intense and the military is forced to come home from Iraq and Afganistan to help out in the main land. You once mentioned that Isreal will have no back-up from the US and others. Will its surrounding angry neighbors attack Isreal? Maybe take land back?

We anticipate that when the Earth changes strike the Middle East, with the Arabian plate turning clockwise such that its northern pointed top area digs through Iraq and sets the oil fields ablaze, that petty fighting will be the least of anyone's worries. They will all be choking on smoke and fearing the worst. To the extent that resentment between neighbors is intense and revenge pending, such anger may be vented. But we have predicted that all will operate as neighbors during such times of crisis, with the good-hearted helping their neighbors regardless of religious differences.

Can the Zeta's comment about the new series "Kidnation"? It has been amazing watching these kids build a community and how certain ones step up to the plate and how others take advantage. There thinking process of what is good for all verses one person.

The series "Survivor" was akin to this, but with adults in action. Adults hold back in their expression of selfishness, and thus do not present a realistic picture of what will occur when the police and courts are not in force. "Kidnation" assumes, realistically, that children have few restraints on their urges, and are acting out their true feelings. We have stated that after the pole shift, when the devastation is so great that most adults are in shock and unable even to spring to action, that children will be innovative and groups will find themselves in essence led by children. The child will look at the situation and a solution will come to mind, and they will suggest these solutions to the adults. Children are always dealing with chaos, as each day in their lives presents new situations, so a post-pole shift scenario is not much different from their daily lives. Natural leaders will emerge also, among the children as well as the adults.

Nancy, perhaps you can help clear up an important point: At the higher densities, do minds operate at higher or lower frequencies when compared to humans ?

The higher densities have their atoms vibrating at a higher frequency. This allows the stuff of souls, the spiritual substance, to prevail more easily. Thus intelligent life in the higher densities find they are more aware of their souls, and less influenced by the physical body they are incarnating.

Which is the condition of the spiritual world around Earth now that we're at most a few years before the pole shift? (I mean, the non-incarnated souls.) Is there any special preparation because many souls are expected not to re-incarnate on Earth? Or is this a matter for the aftertime?

Lives lived at this time are not much different than prior lives. Most humans and most souls are not aware of the coming pole shift, but if they have lived through prior pole shifts the souls will begin to recognize the signs and will begin to prepare the human body they are incarnating. This is one reason so many people sense that something is pending. They have been through this before! If the human is giving the Call and is being counseled by aliens, they are also aware that this life is different in that it may be the last incarnation on Earth. Those who are undecided, which are the majority on Earth, will be saying goodby to others they are unlikely to see again in incarnated form. They are likewise saying goodby to being a hominoid and to planet Earth. In this regard, this lifetime and time between incarnations is different.

I have a question. I read in a youtube comment that the Zetas predicted the Planet X to be here 2003 and the person was using that to say you are wrong about 2012. Could you clarify this please? I personally believe what you are saying.

The 2003 date was an admitted White Lie, and its purpose has been extensively explained by ourselves and Nancy. 2012 is not our date, and thus we do not have to defend it. It is easily attacked, as it is frankly just a guess by humans. The debate is not merely theoretical, it is well supported by facts, which those who espouse 2012 as the pole shift's date are not willing to deal with.

Can the Zetas please comment on the so-called Shag Harbour UFO incident of 1965. This has come to be known as "Canada's Roswell". Is there some kind of 'touching' story to it as many people speculate and was there a joint cover-up by both Canadian and US governments and forces?

There have been several famous cases in the UK and Canada that had as their basis trying to impress the US military. Canada experienced a day when night seemed to descend during the day, temporarily. This occurred during the same time period in conjunction with blackouts in the US. We have explained that the US military was not impressed by blackouts, as they themselves could achieve this by throwing switches, but turning off the sunlight did impress them. Canada was chosen as the populace was more scant than areas of the US, so fewer people were affected. Shag Harbour was a very real incident, allowed to be witnessed by many in the vicinity so that it could not be easily dismissed. The message to the authorities was that such sightings could be provided to mankind in general if the aliens so choose. Dialog with aliens then broke open, as dialog behind the scenes was preferred to furor in the press!

Can the Zeta's also comment on why an E4-B 747 (aka the "Flying Whitehouse") was seen over Washington, DC just minutes before the 9-11 attacks? Who was in the plane and why?

We have explained that where 9.11 was not caused by Washington insiders, it was certainly taken advantage of by those in the know. Bush was ushered out of town, so he could not be considered to be orchestrating events. Cheney did his best to delay mustering the Air Force defenses, a matter which is well known though not discussed in the press. The plane that was to strike the White House was shot down in Pennsylvania, but were that not the case those who had remained behind at the White House, including Cheney, were to escape to the air. The fact that their exit plane was in evidence ahead of the first WTC crash shows they had foreknowledge. Confusion existed over whether an exercise was ongoing or a real attack was underway. When reports came in that planes were not heading in the direction expected, most thought it was the exercise. The insiders in the know, and this includes Cheney, knew the truth and ordered the escape plane to be readied.