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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written April 19, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Last week we talked about how your alleged Zetas plan to instantly teleport parts (but not all) of the Earth into another dimension, approximately 100 years after the alleged pole-shift. You stated that this would create two smaller planets, each only having some of the rock, magma and water of the original Earth. Since this can only result in gaping voids in both planets, with rock, magma and ocean water suddenly in free-fall, tumbling, rushing and crashing about, how will this not be the destruction of life on both planets? Remember, very slight movements of large tectonic plates cause catastrophes, and you're describing very large movements of tectonic plates, molten magma and global oceans, in the blink of an eye.

Since you do not know how to move physical objects from one dimension, or density as we call it, into another, you cannot say what will happen! Are you the expert? You have no clue as to what is involved!

How can we survive the lashing of the tail of Planet X? How can we survive the firestorms when we cannot take shelter in bunkers, cellars etc. shortly before the pole shift?

Other than an increase in meteors and fine red dust there will not be much tail lashing prior to the last weeks. It is in fact after the 3 days of darkness and slowing rotation that such activity occurs. Surely you have time to locate high ground and a ravine or trench therein out of the winds before the very last days are upon you. Bunkers are not necessary and in fact dangerous because they can collapse and trap you. The walls of cellars can likewise collapse during the violent lurching of earthquakes. A shallow trench, with some kind of fireproof cover pulled over you, allows the greatest safety. It should not be so deep as to have walls that will collapse. Your cover should not be so firm that you cannot lift it to escape, should that be necessary. Allow escape at both ends and along the trench, for extra safety. The trench puts you out of the wind, and the cover prevents any firestorm from reaching you before it burns out. This is what we have suggested for years, and our suggestion has not changed.

Can the zetas comment on what Obama knows of election fraud in the past elections and it's being countered going forward? What his knowledge /perspective of the Puppet Master? Is it likely that at least some of the exploding foreclosed housing stock in the USA will be made available to homeless/poor families under Obama?

Obama has heard the rumors about election fraud and has followed the drama of Diebold tests with many states moving to insert a paper trail and extra safeguards. He has not been introduced to the Puppet Master formally or informally and in truth is aware of the influence of great wealth to the extent that it exists. That day will come, and when it does it will answer many questions he has had about the money markets and the media. This is not an issue that will overwhelm him, nor one he cannot turn to the advantage of the common man. The Puppet Master is aware of this, and is also not troubled by the potential relationship. The types of challenges a new President Obama will face will be many and varied, with solutions you are not even touching on here with your question. He will not favor the wealthy or corporations as the Bush administration has done. His solutions will be astonishing in their clarity and simplicity. With a Democratic majority in Congress and he in the White House, there will be few blocks as to what they can accomplish.

What will the Earth do during the interim phase between the last day of sunrise west and the first day of rotation stoppage? Could the Zetas more precise, please?

We have stated that this time period will be weeks, not days, but decline to state the exact number of weeks. The reasons are obvious. After a severe wobble with the N Pole tipping away into 3 days of darkness, and after the Earth seems to tip almost upside down for 6 days before righting itself, those who have not gone insane will be gripped with the necessity of figuring out what has just happened and what they are to do about it. It is during this time period that many will be trying to move to safety, as the coastlines will be unstable with sloshing tides during such tipping about, and this will be a clue as to the relative danger of living on the coastlines in general.

This is not a time when travel is likely to be blocked, but if the government, either at the state or federal level, knew the exact number of weeks and days, they would be able to manipulate travel restrictions to their liking rather than giving the common man latitude. Even with an Obama in the White House, fairness cannot be mandated. During Hurricane Katrina many bridges exiting out of New Orleans were blocked because local law enforcement wanted to protect rich neighborhoods. Such blocks will not be put into place if anticipated to be needed for a long period, as this is untenable. But if anticipated to be needed for a short period they would be put into place. Thus, we leave this time period uncertain.

What is up with the massive earthquake on the New Madrid (Real Foot Fault) line? Are we heading for a bigger one shortly now? Things must be speeding up along that fault where the St Lawrence will rip and Lake Erie and such will flow their ancient paths. [and from another] What about the Illinois quake, is Madrid quake coming soon?

We are not allowed to predict the timing of earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, by the rules. Were we to attempt to do this, we would be removed instantly from the vicinity and not allowed to return. You would not receive your answer before our removal had occurred, such is the reach and awareness of the Council of Worlds. We have explained this matter before, as there are frequent requests similar to yours.

In recent ZetaTalk it was stated that Hillary knew about ZetaTalk but liked to get the info second hand. Is she aware of the plan to let her have Pennsylvania and then 'sudden death' to occur?

Hillary is aware of the number of super delegates who are waiting to endorse Obama, and has been begging them to hold off for months now. Her reasoning is that there is no rush, as many states have yet to vote, and also that the remaining states should not be unduly influenced. That her early super delegate endorsements were intended to influence voters is not mentioned during these discussions. What she hopes is that Obama will make some gigantic gaffe or that something negative from his past will emerge. She also hopes to delay the point where Obama has 2025 delegates, which will surely occur by early June unless she can stop super delegates from endorsing Obama. Her plan is to make a fuss at the convention over Florida and Michigan, for this to be pushed onto the floor where she hopes for a favorable ruling. None of this will be possible if Obama reaches 2025 ahead of the convention, which is certain to occur. While trying to delay "sudden candidate death", she is also trying to delay "death" by a thousands cuts, where endorsements occur bit by bit. She is like a little girl with a finger in the dam, not wanting to give up her dreams.

Living in the middle of North Carolina with lots of clay just under the topsoil of my neighborhood I am concerned about the recent earthquakes associated with the New Madrid fault. I know the Zeta's have said it will start slowly and am wondering if yesterday was the start? Am hoping the mountains between the New Madrid fault and where I live in the middle of North Carolina will offer some protection from the initial mega-quake but I think the problems afterward with the distribution of goods is of equal concern.

We have stated that the earthquakes that will occur before the last weeks will not simply be a few big ones, but a steady increase. Certainly the recent quake along the Indiana/Illinois border is a start. As is well known the New Madrid Fault line has many associated fault lines, among them one that leads to the Gulf and thence back up from the Gulf along the eastern side of the Appalachian Mountains. This is why the cities in middle Tennessee did not get damaged as much during the last big New Madrid quake as those up along the eastern seaboard. All this is quake history and can be researched.

I know you said we would not attack Iran, but there has been lots of talk about it again. Is this still the case, that an attack will not happen?

Certainly Cheney and certain elements within the Department of Defense would like to see an engagement, but the blocks against this are greater and more diverse. Our prediction has not changed.

Last week a swarm of over 600 earthquakes hit the Oregon coast. I recall a larger swarm in 2005 and scientists stated the fault line running up the coast from California to Vancouver Island was similar to the Sumatran fault that ruptured in 2004. Are earthquake swarms definite precursors to major adjustments or are they only indications of magma movement, akin to pre-volcanic eruptions? Did they happen in the Sumatra region prior to the 2004 quake? If this fault adjusts, are the Zetas allowed to tell if it will adjust before or after the New Madrid releases? [and from another] Mysterious "Swarm" of Quakes Strikes Oregon Waters [Apr 16] This weekend scientists will take to the water to try to puzzle out the cause of a "swarm" of mysterious earthquakes that has shaken the seafloor near Oregon in recent weeks. About 600 earthquakes have been recorded in a small region about 190 nautical miles (350 kilometers) offshore from Yachats. Most of the temblors were small, about magnitude 2 or 3, although a few were magnitude 4 or 5.

We have predicted New Madrid Fault type adjustments before major West Coast adjustments. This of course does not mean that no activity will happen along the West Coast. The small plate off the coast of Oregon is not similar to the Sumatra region. In Sumatra, the Indo-Australian plate is moving as a whole, ripping the entire northern edge of the plate as it does so. One end of the Indo-Australian plate is lifting, while the other is plunging. Off the coast of Oregon, the Juan de Fuca plate is being compressed, on both sides. Pressure, before movement, expresses as a tremble, which is registered as a quake swarm. When subduction on one side or the other occurs, this tremble stops until the pressure builds again.

Is this really from manure or is London experiencing Stretch Stench? A foul smell permeating London and parts of England over the past two days is due to farmers on the European continent spreading manure in their fields, forecasters and British farmers said Saturday.

Stretch stench is usually not a stand-alone episode, but happens in various locations simultaneously. As this only affected London, the answer given is probably correct. Which way was the wind blowing? And has such a stench occurred before during similar seasonal periods? Therein lies your answer, now and in the future.

Viewed from San Diego, I've been noticing the sun rising in the northeast, then it transitions from north to south of due east so that it is in the southern (hemispherical) plane. Next it seems to linger and appears too low in its arc when it should be overhead at high noon. Then it swoops back to north of due east and sets in the northwest. Q: Is this the wobble? My understanding is that the sun (and moon for that matter) should rise and set only in the southern hemisphere when viewed from this latitude, and should not swoop from north-to south (of due east) after sunrise and then back south-to-north before sunset. And what about the low sun at noon?

We would suggest, as Nancy has, getting a planetarium program such as Skymap and typing in your location, the date and time, in order to check where your Sun should be at any given point in time. The figure 8 wobble that Nancy has documented with the help of many around the world in general gives California a sunrise too far north followed by a day with a sun arc too far to the south and then a sunset too far north. We suggest checking the Orbits section on the website Nancy maintains.

Was mental distraction the cause of this? Freedom Tower Plans In New York Trash Can By Homeless Man [Apr 18] The New York Post has an exclusive report on a homeless man who found the "confidential" blueprints for the Freedom Tower in a New York dumpster!

This is a classic accident-by-distraction. The discarded plans were considered disposed of by whomever dumped them. These copies were additional copies made for a meeting, and thus not file copies. The towers have not yet been constructed, so suspicion that an assist to potential terrorists was the agenda does not compute.

If Obama does get in will he really be able to change the world that much in 4 yrs by trying to right the wrong done by many past administrations of gov?

Obviously we cannot answer this without addressing the timing of the pole shift. Thus, the question is declined.

Does Illinois quake this have anything to do with the New Madrid stretch?

Various adjustments have occurred in the stretch zone affecting the eastern half of the N American continent - the Minneapolis bridge collapse, a sinking piling on the Memphis bridge, and now this Illinois quake. Add to this all the sinkholes in Florida and Pennsylvania, and the derailing trains that have occurred in 2004 and 2005. Then there are the broken roads along the Gulf in Texas, and yawing crevasses opening in Mexico and Arizona in the past few years. The New Madrid is just another fault line, subject to the diagonal pull that is tearing much of the N American continent apart. All these Earth changes are related, thus.

Can the Zetas please speak to the many people who took them at their word in May 2003 and as a result are now having to move back into the cities, who have lost much that they would be better off having now than then? (Including credibility, like the boy who cried wolf lost his.) I understand the reason for the White Lie, and suppose we should be grateful that by psy-opping the elites with the White Lie we've now avoided martial law and worse, but many of the common folk who also listened to the White Lie are now struggling just to avoid having to go back into the cities just to make do. It would sure help to know that we aren't considered only as "collateral damage" in the ongoing war of wills between the Service-to-Other zetas and the Service-to-Self human authorities. What can the zetas say to assuage our anguish?

We have made the statement that those who prepared for the coming times back in 2003 will not regret it, but of course this is a general statement and cannot blanket all. We have likewise made the statement that had the Bush administration not been mislead into Iraq early, as it was, but been able to play their hand more carefully rather then preemptively, the world would be so much worse off than it is today. The Bush administration has been brought down by their preemptive move, with the US military exhausted and a coalition within the US blocking their every move. Had they either been given a valid date to work with, or not been led into an early invasion of Iraq, they would likely have arranged martial law within the US, forced a draft or work force within the US, and be intimidating the rest of the world by occupation of the oil fields in the Middle East. We understand that you had to step back from some of your plans, but you at least experienced living your plans and your next move will be facilitated by your knowledge, skill set, and connections.

Can you then say anything as to why this Illinois quake suddenly occured out of nowhere? All of a sudden I thought I heard a thud, but thought maybe it was my sister-in-law downstairs about the time I was on GLP about 4:30 to 6:00 in the early mourning hours when the earthquake hit. And then many many threads coming in and they were confirmed that other people thought they were imagining things but when others confirmed this then they were more calm about the matter I believe. So anyways how much damage was done? The authorities/governments/news are stating minor damage/no reports of major injuries that I'm aware of.

For those unused to earthquakes, the sudden occurrence may be a shock. For those who are familiar with quake aspects, this is not unexpected. Quakes are sudden, and other than various signs that can clue those in the region to be affected that rock is under stress, they give no warning!

What is the purpose of the Pope's visit to the US at this time?

The Pope's visit, as expected, had nothing to do with the public hoopla. What kind of private discussions took place between the Pope and the Bush 3 clone? The Pope was taken by surprise by the clone switch, as it was assisted by our teleporting in concert with the Puppet Master's men, all of which the Pope is not privy to. Alerted to a new Bush persona in the White House, the Pope first issued an invitation to visit him in Rome. This being declined, he announced a visit to the US. The Pope was told the prior arrangements with the Bush 2 clone are no longer going to be honored! These promises entailed, as did the Queen's visit earlier, their personal safety. Europe is relatively small and the US vast. Surely there is a spot for the Pope, a safe spot well stocked with supplies and guarded by militia, when the time comes. This promise, made via Cheney to the Pope in the past, has recently been rescinded.

People who dream with other worldly beings at times and felt comfort thinking it was real: does this mean they can be contactees or can it mean something else like a spiritual message?

Contact has many routes. One is face-to-face between life-forms - the human contactee and the visitor responding to their Call. Another is an out-of-body meeting, which is essentially soul-to-soul but where the soul is taken elsewhere and absorbs the impressions of a space ship and alien bodies. Yet another is soul-to-soul where a spirit visits the human in situ. When only the soul is involved, recall involves the soul updating the human brain as to the substance of the visit or trip. This updating can occur during sleep, in which case a vivid dream might result, in part containing facts about the visit and in part being the imagination of the human.

Yesterday's Russian spaceship missed the landing by over 260 miles. Was this because of incompetency of the Russian scientists or misjudging the winds or wobble due to Planet X?

The wobble is to blame, in part because it instigates winds that are sudden and unpredictable. Scientists are not yet taking the wobble into consideration. To force them to do so would result in embarrassing questions, and require a larger group of people to be informed about the presence of Planet X and the forthcoming Earth changes. The number of people sworn to silence is growing, however, and is one reason that the truth will come out at some point.

2008 has so far been a horrendous year for just about everyone I know -- job loss, unexpected injury, illness, deaths, economic woes, high mental and emotional stress, etc. I understand that many of these experiences are related to pole shift influences. Are they also necessary to the Transformation?

For those horrified at our description of what will happen leading up to the pole shift, and during the shift itself, and then life afterwards we have made the statement that for each human's horror or suffering because of the approaching pole shift that life on Earth presents these situations in any case. Your life on Earth is a learning experience, as Earth is a schoolhouse. Spiritual lessons are not learned in a carefree environment where everyone is beautiful, healthy and life is stress free. Life presents unexpected problems - tornados, floods, debilitating illness, birth defects, divorce, and disappointments galore. All of this is an opportunity for those learning to be Service-to-Other to reach out and comfort others, or for those growing toward the Service-to-Self to close themselves off and desert those others who need them. Life in general is stressful, and this is by design. The coming pole shift and the starvation and deprivation that accompany it are only presenting these opportunities in greater numbers.

There is a definite worsening on the economic picture for the world. Are gas prices a result of just plain corporate greed or demand? Many are starting to pay attention to food prices which have also skyrocketed. Food prices must be due to earth changes affecting crops or is this also corporate greed? Riots are erupting with regards to rice, a main staple of many. Do the Zetas foresee increasing violence due to lack of food? Will it eventually hit the US hard with rioting for food and/or water?

The dollar is dropping, which makes such commodities more expensive for those using the dollar as their base currency. We warned of food shortages due to erratic weather at the start of ZetaTalk, and were ridiculed for this at that time. Of course price gouging occurs, as there are opportunists.

After what you say about the 6 days of the earth tilting and people should be able to travel to higher ground will gas be available at this time or should we plan to have horse and buggy?

This depends entirely on the locale and on the humans in the locale. In some cases the Earth changes will have ruined many routes such as train tracks or highway bridges. In some cases the sloshing oceans will have washed away bridges and land routes. One should have a backup plan, if forced to live on the coastlines until the last weeks or faced with unexpected road blocks at the time when they planned to move to safety. Consider dirt bikes that can travel off road. Consider the lowly bike, which can travel almost anywhere. Consider boats of various kinds if the potential of having a land bridge washed away or blocked is present.