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Issue 74, Sunday April 20, 2008
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Airline Inspections

Suddenly, American Airlines flights were being grounded, by the hundreds. What was the emergency? Failure to comply with an FAA directive to check the wiring in wheel wells.

American Cuts More Flights; Fliers Fume
April 11, 2008
The FAA noted that airlines had 18 months to check electrical wiring on MD-80 jets since an initial order was issued in September 2006. American, a unit of Fort Worth, Texas-based AMR Corp., canceled another 570 flights Friday, bringing to more than 3,000 the number it has scrapped this week due to safety inspections of its MD-80s. The carrier said disruptions will continue through Saturday as it works to comply with the federal safety order.

At one time upwards of 250,000 people were camped out in airports because of canceled flights. Was this radical grounding really necessary? This seems to be something other than a maintenance order, but the real agenda was not being revealed in the media. Just a month earlier, Southwest airlines was forced by the FAA to do a sudden maintenance procedure. The overdue Southwest maintenance was more serious, as it involved an inspection for cracks in the fuselage. Such cracks can and have caused catastrophic airline disasters.

Southwest Grounds 44 Planes
March 12, 2008
Earlier this week, Southwest placed three employees on administrative leave and began conducting an internal investigation into the allegations that it flew planes without proper inspections. The FAA has said Southwest operated 46 Boeing 737s on nearly 60,000 flights between June 2006 and March 2007 while failing to comply with an FAA directive requiring repeated inspections of fuselage areas to detect fatigue cracking. Whistle-blowers say FAA managers knew about the lapse in safety at Southwest, but decided to allow the airline to conduct the safety checks on a slower schedule because taking "aircraft out of service would have disrupted Southwest Airlines' flight schedule." The mandatory checks for fuselage cracks were required after the cabin of an Aloha Airlines 737 tore apart in midair in 1988, killing a flight attendant. The incident was blamed on cracks in the fuselage that grew wider as the plane underwent pressure changes during flight.

The Zetas hint that something other than enforcement due to lax maintenance was afoot.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/12/2008: Why the sudden crackdown on airlines remiss in their safety checks? The problems being addressed were not new. The problems with Southwest, which included cracks in the plane's fuselage, were over a year old and had incited a House investigation. American Airlines had been given a directive over 18 months ago to check the wiring on their MD-80 jets. Why the sudden crackdown when the FAA had been so lax for so long? Coddling industries at the expense of the public was nothing new for the Bush administration, but lack of maintenance on safety issues has a cumulative effect. Eventually this would result in an embarrassing exposure such as a plane crash caused by lax oversight. Thus, the FAA knew they were flirting with danger, but the recent dramatic crackdown did not come about because of a change of heart within the FAA. Nor did this come about because of pressure from the Executive branch to correct what could become an embarrassing episode in the Bush administration's history.

Recently, as we noted here in the ZetaTalk Newletter, there was a Bush clone switch, Bush 2 being replaced by Bush 3. This was first noticed on March 8, 2008. The crackdown on Southwest Airlines occurred March 12, 2008, followed by the crackdown on American Airlines lax procedures in early April, 2008. Is there a relationship?

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/12/2008: Note the timing on the crackdown in relationship to the switch of the Bush 2 clone for the Bush 3 clone. The clone switch was noted on March 7, 2008 during a Bush speech on the economy. The Southwest grounding for inspections occurred on March 12, 2008 followed by American Airlines groundings in early April, 2008. Other crackdowns with potential groundings are pending. If these crackdowns are not a result of a change of heart in the FAA or an Executive branch order, then why the dramatic change? The grounding of American Airline flights has not only proved costly to the airline, it disrupted business and seriously damaged the reputation of US based airlines. Who or what caused this aboutface and what were the reasons for the crackdown? We mentioned that one reason for the Bush clone switch was the pending resignation of Admiral Fallon and the likely increase in a press for war with Iran from those within the Bush administration such as Cheney advocating this. But there were other reasons for the timing of the clone switch.

The Zetas point out the string of false terrorism emergencies that had been attempted under clones Bush 1 and Bush 2 (photos below).

Under Bush 2 on September 5, 2007 there was an attempt to steal a nuclear warhead missile from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota. Normal checkpoints were omitted at both Minot Air force Base and Barksdate Air Force Base in Louisiana. This was a coordinated plot to remove warheads from the US arsenal in order to trigger war with Iran. War with Iran would allow Bush 2 to not only invade another oil rich country in the Middle East, but also would be used as an excuse to declare martial law and force a draft in the US.

Sources: B-52 Mistakenly Carried Nukes
September 5, 2007
A B-52 bomber was mistakenly loaded with five nuclear warheads during a flight from North Dakota to Louisiana. The bomber carried advanced cruise missiles as part of a Defense Department program to retire 400 of the missiles, the Military Times said. The nuclear warheads should have been removed before the missiles were mounted onto pylons under the bomber's wings for the Aug. 30 flight from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. He said an investigation was launched and the crews involved in loading the missiles were decertified pending corrective action or training.

Under Bush 2 an attempt to invoke martial law by using the Emergency Action Network occurred on June 26, 2007. The Emergency Action Network essentially commandeers public radio stations, providing the president a direct route to the public during emergencies.

FEMA Hijacks Midwest Broadcast Signals with Mistaken Presidential Alert
June 26, 2007
The federal government hijacked radio and TV transmissions in the Midwest with test signals that triggered the sort of high-level emergency alert that is reserved for use by the president. The Quincy Herald says alerts were sent at 7:33 a.m., 7:49 a.m., 7:55 a.m. and 8:07 a.m. Radio listeners heard nothing but dead air. TV viewers saw a scrolling message that said: "The Emergency Action Notification Network has issued an emergency action notification for the United States, beginning at ..." FEMA tells the Associated Press that the mistake affected Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin and Michigan. "While the interrupted morning drive-time broadcasts proved the Illinois system worked, the fact that what's known as an Emergency Action Notification, or EAN -- the highest level of EAS alert, indicating an emergency message is coming from the White House -- could be relayed mistakenly to override stations was a bit of a jolt, sending engineers scrambling at the affected outlets throughout Illinois and in adjacent media markets such as St. Louis," the Chicago Tribune reports. "Compounding the error, an actual presidential code, minus any audio explanation, was sent rather than a lesser alert or a notification of a systems test of some kind."

Under Bush 1 and Blair the dramatic shootout at the Rayburn Building on May 25, 2006 occurred, after commuter trains between New York City and Washington DC were halted, supposedly because of a power outage. Contrary to media excuses given for both these episodes, the train stoppage did not jibe with power outage patterns, and the shootout was denied completely by the official media despite eyewitness reports.

What we have here is a time frame like this: We have commuter trains shutting down between New York and Washington on the 25th of May because of a power outage. We have a very distraught Tony Blair appearing on a press conference with the ever bumbling Bush later that day. Then we have a shoot out in the Rayburn building on the 26th of May over some evidence that there was a plot to derail trains in the area on the 25th. The power outage was to prevent the derailments. AMTRAC has multiple electrical feeds into it's system. A single point failure should not do anything to shut the AMTRAC trains, even coming at a key point such as where the failure allegedly occurred. The power grid shutdown coming out of the French-Canadian province was said to have prevented American trains from crashing into one another or into major rail stations. The altercation turned into an exchange of automatic weapons fire over a pouch containing evidence files documenting an operation to bomb the rail system along the Northeast corridor.

Under Bush 1 and Blair an attempt to start a bird flu pandemic in Scotland on April 8, 2006 using the virulent 1957 virus occurred. The H5N1 bird flu strain had proved non-virulent, failing to spread readily from bird to human or from human to human. Frustrated, Bush 1 and company infected a flock of swans in Scotland, but the plot was foiled. The 1957 virus was removed from hundreds of dead birds that had been infected by the joint US/Britain team to incite a bird flu pandemic so that martial law could be called in their countries. The public thus puzzled over what had caused the death of hundreds of swans.

Revealed: the Secret No 10 Plan to Tackle Bird Flu Food Shortages
April 18, 2006
A dead swan in a village in Fife was found to have the deadly H5N1 strain of the disease. The swan, which was washed ashore in the village of Cellardyke, had a strain similar to that contracted by 100 birds in Germany. Tests are continuing on hundreds of other dead birds, but none - apart from the swan - has tested positive for H5N1.

Under Bush 1 a year previous on April 16, 2005 a clear attempt to cause a pandemic via a release of the 1957 virus strain had occurred. Live virus from a US lab had been sent out to over 4,000 locations worldwide, ostensibly to allow labs to test for the H5N1 strain more effectively.

Feds at Loss on How Flu Strain Got to Labs
April 14, 2005
Federal officials are still at a loss to explain how a potentially deadly strain of influenza could be sent to more than 4,000 labs around the world. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is operating under the presumption that the H2N2 strain was purposefully included in the panels designed to test the labs´ proficiency in identifying viruses.

Under Bush 1 there was also an attempt in February, 2006 to create chaos in US ports by selling their security contracts to a Dubai company, despite Dubai's track record of being cozy with terrorist elements! Per the Zetas, Bush 1 was hoping to overwhelm the forces countering his plot to create false terrorism within the continental US.

White House Scrambles to Save Port Deal
February 22, 2006
The White House scrambled to rescue a deal giving a state-run Arab firm control of operations at six major US ports and to limit the political fallout from the controversial arrangement. Bush has vowed to veto any legislation stalling the deal, which congressional critics charge would hand sensitive seaport activities to a country with a spotty record on battling terrorism. Unless US lawmakers prevent it, Dubai Ports World's acquisition of the British firm which currently manages the ports is to be finalized on March 2. Ports affected by the deal are in New York; Miami; New Jersey; Baltimore, Maryland; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Now we find the airliners with lax maintenance, for years, under the Bush 1 and Bush 2 leadership. Coincidence? Per the Zetas, this was an accident waiting to happen, or so they hoped. In a similar manner to the Dubai port deal, there would be so much opportunity for disaster that something would occur that would allow the Bush administration to declare a national disaster and thus invoke martial law and announce himself to be president for life.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/12/2008: The Bush 1 and Bush 2 agenda included creating false terrorism within the US, in the hopes that any such episode could be used to incite war with oil rich Iran and potentially be used as an excuse to declare martial law within the US. All manner of attempts were made, hundreds in fact, though most attempts have been under the radar so the US public has been unaware - an attempt to use the Emergency Action Network to declare martial law, the Rayburn Building shootout, and attempting to incite a birdflu pandemic among others. Such direct attempts were blocked by ourselves and a contingent of humans working to block the Bush administration. When such direct attempts were blocked the Bush administration attempted to create situations that would overwhelm the blocking mechanisms, hoping to succeed by sheer volume of effort. Selling port security to Dubai was one such attempt, and destabilizing the airplane industry was another.

What would be the conclusion if several commercial US airplanes were to crash within the same time period? After a crash, the wreckage is searched for the black box and any clues as to cause, but this takes months to resolve, if the matter is ever resolved. After the first crash, there would be murmurs of suspected terrorism, but after the second and third crash this would reach a crescendo. It would be 9.11 all over again, or so the conspirators hoped, this time with Iran the suspected villain, so off to war with Iran post haste and martial law to contain the horrors afflicting the airline industry. The sleeper cell Bush 3 clone was put into place to prevent any new executive orders or pronouncements that would propel the US into the path. But the Bush 3 clone is not working alone, of course. Now that any corrective action within the FAA would not be stopped by orders from the Oval Office, those within the contingent blocking the Bush administration from success in their plans essentially put a gun to the heads of those within the FAA responsible for lax oversight. Thus, the sudden crackdown following the clone switch!

N American Awakens

Quake swarms off the coast of Oregon and a 5.2 (downgraded from 5.4) on the Illinois/Indiana border are signs that the N American continent may be awakening.

Mysterious "Swarm" of Quakes Strikes Oregon Waters
April 16, 2008
This weekend scientists will take to the water to try to puzzle out the cause of a "swarm" of mysterious earthquakes that has shaken the seafloor near Oregon in recent weeks. About 600 earthquakes have been recorded in a small region about 190 nautical miles (350 kilometers) offshore from Yachats. Most of the temblors were small, about magnitude 2 or 3, although a few were magnitude 4 or 5.

Earthquake Measuring 5.4 Rattles St. Louis Region
April 18, 2008
A predawn earthquake rattled Southern Illinois and eastern Missouri awake early today, lighting up neighborhoods across the area and flooding police departments with calls from people. The quake measured 5.4 and occurred at 4:37 a.m. CDT. It was centered in southeastern Illinois, 7 miles from West Salem. The quake was not a part of the New Madrid fault, well-known to St. Louis area residents.

Because of the tug back on the Earth's S Pole that occurs during the daily rotation of the Earth, the N American continent has seemed to be exempt from the quakes ravaging the rest of the world. This was clearly shown on IRIS charts shortly after the December 26, 2004 Sumatra quake. Due to the exponential increase in quakes, predicted by the Zetas, and the increased violence of the Earth wobble, this exemption now seems to have ended.

ZetaTalk Prediction 5/1/2004: The overall effect of this drift, which will increase in speed and force as the whiplash proceeds, will be a torque. Hold the globe with the left hand on the N Pole, the right hand on the S Pole, and turn in opposite directions first this way, then back. The N Pole going in the direction of rotation with the S Pole held back, the torque forces the N American Plate down and into the Caribbean, East moving in the direction of SE. The S Pole pulled back by a grab on the Atlantic Rift in the southern hemisphere with the N Pole held rigid has the Indio-Australian Plate plunging under the Himalayas and Africa likewise plunging into the void, again East turning to SE.

Quake Precursors

It has long been known that certain signs are indicative of a pending quake. Domestic animals get restless and the newspaper postings seeking missing pets increases. The Chinese watch their Peking ducks, who get frantic in the days before an earthquake. I can attest to this as one of my Peking ducks, Mildred, was inconsolable here in central Wisconsin two days before a 4.5 quake in Chicago. Static on the radio is another indication, due to electromagnetic particle flows coming from compressed and stressed rock. Posted on the GodlikeProduction message board on April 9, just a week before the 5.2 quake on the Illinois/Indiana border was this discussion, below. The comments are somewhat prophetic, as many of the postings are from the Midwest.

I live in the Midwest and for about a week very low rumbling sound lasting for a couple seconds to about a minute has been happening. It is not air traffic. No trains nearby either.

I live in the east central part of Ohio and I too have noticed this. At first I thought it was a car stereo but my animals act weird too when this happens. They don't act weird when a loud car stereo goes by. I have lived in this same house for almost 10 yrs. and never heard this before the last month.

I used to live in California and this sound always came with a quake.

My left ear was ringing and I felt nauseous every morning - for about two months - then we had an earthquake here at Newport Beach, Ca about two weeks ago. I was literally right under the epicentre. Next morning my ear ache was gone and so was my nausea.

I'm in the UK. The rumbles are real. Sounds like heavy lorries, but there aren't any!

Been going on here for several weeks here in Arizona. I notice it mostly in the early morning while laying in bed. Sounds like a low-pitched diggerie-doo that pulses every couple of seconds. Weird. Never heard anything like it before.

Another quake precursor is fracturing in the landscape - buckling roadways, derailing trains, dropping bridges, and breaking water and gas mains. As the N American continent is pulled in the diagonal described by the Zetas, with the New England area pulled to the east and Mexico pulled to the west, small adjustments are made often well before major quakes occur. Note in the article below from California that several water mains broke all at once, yet these water mains were not connected to one another. The connection? The fracturing landscape.

Water Main Breaks in Central Contra Costa Spill Thousands of Gallons
April 4, 2008
Several underground water line breaks caused flooding at businesses, parking lots and one residential street in Central Contra Costa County on Thursday, according to fire officials. The breaks were not believed to be related to each other. It's all coincidental. We don't know why they all went at once. The causes of the breaks have not been determined.

Yet another stressor on the N American continent is the Earth wobble, where the magnetic N Pole of Earth is violently pushed away as it comes up over the horizon each dawn to face the Sun and the magnetic N Pole of Planet X which rides between the Earth and Sun at present. It should be noted that the 5.2 quake on the Illinois/Indiana border occurred at 5:40 am CDT, which would be 4:40 am without the daylight savings time spring forward by an hour. Was the magnetic push a factor in this earthquake? Apparently so!

Question: Is there a particular reason why many of us are getting up at the exact same time every night (morning)? The people I've been talking with all think it's weird if nothing else and none suffer from insomnia.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/12/2008: Threads on this message board, GLP, have discussed the timing of the insomnia many seem to be suffering from, specifically that it seems to strike at about 3-4 in the morning. Beyond worry there is an answer for this seeming synchronized behavior. We have talked about the violent push the Earth receives when the magnetic N Pole of the Earth rises over the horizon to confront the N Pole of Planet X. This causes the wobble which pushes the magnetic N Pole away, and has caused the severe winter experienced by the entire northern hemisphere, affecting both North America and Siberia. This, the flow of magnetic particles coming from the N Pole of Planet X is considerable, and man is an animal sensitive to magnetic influences. Consider that 3-4 in the morning is when your portion of the Earth is about to rise up over the horizon and face the Sun. Planet X is in the direction of the Sun. You are being awakened by a sudden rise in magnetic particles.

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