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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written June 6, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

I find this very interesting also. I am a aviation meteorologist. We have been observing clouds for decades now and I or any other meteorologist have no clue on what to classify these clouds. Are these clouds formed by the earth wobble or turbulent winds in the atmosphere? [and from another] The Cloud with No Name [Jun 2] Whipped into fantastical shapes, these clouds hang over the darkening landscape like the harbingers of a mighty storm. But despite their stunning and frequent appearances, the formations have yet to be officially recognised with a name. They have been seen all over Britain in different forms - from Snowdonia to the Scottish Highlands - and in other parts of the world such as New Zealand, but usually break up without producing a storm.

We have mentioned several effects of the Earth wobble, such as jet stream loops and extreme temperature changes. Where in general the atmosphere drags along with the Earth's surface, there is a lag, which is what causes the prevailing westerlies. When the Earth is pulled under an air mass of a different temperature, the air can rise or plunge, the typical scenario of a summer thunderstorm. But what occurs when such an air mass is pulled under another, and they returned to its former position? Instead of a thunderhead forming, the process is aborted, leaving a layer of moisture heavy clouds instead. That this cloud formation has only been seen recently links it to the Earth wobble, which has only been present since 2004.

A dragonfly on June 3. What is this cropcircle about and why so many cropcircles lately. One after the other. Like they are in a hurry to tell a message?

The symbolism of a buzzing dragonfly has been depicted before, in a crop circle. Our explanation was at that time that the dragonfly represented the struggle Planet X has in punching through the crowded Ecliptic, and this still applies for this more recent crop circle. What has changed? This time the gyrations that occur during the pole shift are depicted on the tail of the dragonfly. Reversals, from one side to the other. Times when the Earth will have a long night or a short night. This is what accompanies a severe wobble, which is one of the first scenarios going into the last weeks.

On the element of doubt concerning simulating the seasons. Zetas state "But at the same time, there will be an appearance of normalcy for those who would be gripped by fear and driven into hardened denial." Would the Council of Worlds allow an easing of the simulation of "normalcy" if the cover-up starts to crack? Isn't also important that people sort this reality out of the element of doubt scenario, to allow them time to make changes in their lives and/or say their goodbye's as Zetas purport the establishment is denying the populace? Is this a dynamic situation that can change or Zetas are going to let the earth's real tilt and other abnormalities be concealed basically until the 3 days of darkness are one day away? Wouldn't this achieve the exact opposite result on a lot of people, namely, drive them insane without time to react? And about the humans that are trying to warn their families, friends and acquaintances; wouldn't it be better for them and their survival chances to have something tangible to put on the table to inform people without only having to say "just trust me" or explain that the Zetas are simulating the seasons?

Comparing the government cover-up with what the Council of Worlds is doing shows they are not the same. The government cover-up allows no information to be presented to the public, and denies all. What mankind has before them as warnings of the coming passage is the following: folklore and prophecy; geological changes in the past; crop circles; the Moon's orbit being radically off and available for all to see; the Earth wobble evident to anyone bothering to notice; increasing Earth changes that parallel those in history going into the Jewish Exodus, which was the last pole shift; current day prophecy such as ZetaTalk with high accuracy; evidence that Planet X tracked into the inner solar system in 2003; evidence including SOHO and LASCO that Planet X is riding next to the Sun at present. There is no control over the number of individuals who go insane in the last weeks or at the pole shift. But there is control over the number of individuals who will be informed by the above list, and yet forthcoming proofs. For absolute certainty to be presented to mankind years ahead of the actual shift would not be an improvement over the what exists today. As much help as such proof would be, it would also be a hindrance for those wanting their independence and ability to provide a safe haven for their loved ones. Brutal control of mankind would replace the independence they have today. Such brutal control will not be possible when mankind learns only in the last weeks just when the pole shift is to strike. Thus, what the Council is doing is a proper path.

Any truth to the rumor that rogue elements of the CIA tried to assassinate Chavez and Evo Morales on a trip to Central America? If so why? The Bush crew is no longer in power? What would the CIA hope to gain?

This was not an Obama order, but the CIA has always been a rogue organization, splintered into cells that withhold information from their superiors and other cells, and doing what they think is best. During any administration change, it takes time to drill down to reverse the former administration's orders and appointments, but often even this does not change policy if covert or black ops continue and are hidden from view of those at the helm. Such maneuvers that go counter to the new administration's orders help uncover rogue units, however, so they have just shot themselves in the foot, so to speak.

Another rumor floated this past week was of certain countries moving to withdraw their gold reserves from the US and UK based custodial accounts? Comments?

The US and UK are both countries known to be infected with the housing bubble problem, thus flirting with bankruptcy. These types of maneuvers are not uncommon. A struggling bank often finds itself losing customers, people emptying their savings accounts and moving their business elsewhere. Same practice at a different level.

Can Zetas give more data about Planet X? The atmosphere and geological composition? The same about Dark Twin and its size and mass.

We have stated that it is a water planet, with less land mass than the Earth has. Since the Annunaki were able to live on Earth, you can make the assumption that the air, soil, and water composition are similar to Earth. We have also stated that the Dark Twin is similar in size to Earth, but has no atmosphere or water.

Are the calculations of Planet X made by T. van Flandern and R. Harrington right ? The same Q is about "Trouble Times" team.
T. Van Flandern
R. Harrington

Nancy does not have time, in the midst of a chat, to become familiar with several technical websites, and she needs to be on the same page as the questioner in order to correctly translate our answers, else her preconceptions will interfere. We have stated that Planet X is 4 times the diameter of Earth, where Van Fandern assumed it 5 times the diameter. We have stated that the mass of Planet X is 23 times that of Earth. You determine the differences in our statements versus their assumptions.

We have this smell for a couple of days now like sulfuric/eggs/weird I can't pin-point it, when I think I got it it seems to come from somewhere else. Our location is roughly 42° 16' 1? N, 88° 8' 34? W. I read about the stretch zones but I don't think we are in one, is something up?

This smell is classic for rock layers being pulled apart. Chicago is in the stretch zone as is Wisconsin, which is ripping apart from Green Bay toward Madison.

Hello to all of the Kursk! I have a question: How people can help the aliens? Can I use an algorithm seance to contact the Land Information System?

To assist in the Transformation, you give the Call and become a contactee. During discussions with your visitors, you can suggest the ways you forsee to help others, and they will counsel you in this matter. Regarding using séance to contact anyone, this depends upon the skill of the séance moderator. Some can talk to the dead, and some are frauds. Such efforts will not connect you to a computer system.

Can the Zeta's comment on the Air France flight 477 crash in which it is now indicated the initial debris found did not belong to the crashed plane. It is said a pallot was found along with other debris and an oil slick. Could that have been from another plane and if so what was the plane why has that crash not been reported?

Since our initial statement on Air France 447, an oil or fuel slick has been discovered in the area the plane presumably went down, and debris. The oil slick confirms the assumption made by the investigators that an explosion, or terrorism, was not the cause of the planes problems. The ocean currents move debris around, many hundreds of miles at times, so no assumptions can be made about what was found. We repeat our statement that the plane lost control of its electrical systems due to an electromagnetic pulse or assault. This matter is difficult for a plane to recover from in normal weather, but combined with the stormy weather and the intensifying effect of the Atlantic Rift, such a pulse delivered a tripple whammy to the plane. Were the plane not over the magnetic Atlantic Rift, the pulse would not have been as strong. Were the plane not in story weather, it might have been able to recover and stabilize.

Some impressive new crop circles. Can the Zeta's comment on the new Mark Hill crop circle:
and the Little London crop circle:

Retrograd orbit of Planet X is shown in the first, and the dragonfly was addressed earlier in the chat.

I was hoping Zetas could elaborate on the situation with the triangle shaped crafts and fill in some blanks regarding their procedures and intentions. You have asserted that they are human operated hovercraft flown about in an assumedly random fashion with the intention of being sighted by the populace such that this can later be unveiled as military craft and not alien. Back around 1997 I and two of my best friends in high school had a close encounter with a triangle craft, but our experience seems to go a bit beyond what has been addressed by Zetatalk. The three of us were in the middle of the woods in the middle of the night in the middle of sparsely populated farm country when we saw the light distant on the horizon. It then proceeded to slowly make its way in a straight line from across the horizon straight to us where it then hovered directly over our heads just above the tree line. We hid behind a tree and watched it hover over us for a short time, and then the next moment in time we were aware of we were standing on the other side of the hill coming out of some kind of unconscious stupor. So, my questions are these: The only way they could have known exactly where we were is if they saw our flashlights from all the way across the horizon. Could/would they have really been scanning the area for people in the woods with flashlights? The other big question of course: What about the missing time? Do they really go around abducting people and doping them up to simulate popular concepts of alien abduction like missing time, etc? If this is the case, they would have to have some kind of drugs or mechanism to retroactively erase peoples memory, as we do not remember gas clouds descending on us, men coming at us with needles, etc. And what kind of drugs could induce an unconscious stupor that would allow for people to be standing upright while unconscious, and continue standing upright as consciousness returns? If you could please shed some more light on all of this that would be fantastic.

Had this been an alien craft, you would not remember its approach recorded in your conscious. This alone proves it to be a human craft. The US government, the old MJ12, were staffed by many with evil intent to produce fear in the populace about contact with aliens and determined to foist disinformation on the public. These individuals were rampant in the old MJ12. They did indeed kidnap and attempt to use mind control on members of the public, whom they then hoped would go forth, claiming contactee status, to pollute the public perception of interaction with aliens. The triangular craft approached to hover because it was directed to do so by men on the ground, and yes, their drugs induced amnesia.

Why is George W. Bush 3.0 so silent regarding Obama's presidency? Plus that he is missing from public view.

The current George W. Bush is the third clone, which as we have explained is not of the same Service-to-Self mettle as his two other brothers. He is trying to do the right thing, all the while pretending to be his evil brother(s). Not an easy task.

The Zetas have claimed they want the common man to know as much as the elite know. What do the elite know that we don't know right now, such as how far is PX away from us at the moment? Also, what was told to them before 1946 that caused them to believe the poleshift was inevitable, so much so that Poppy Bush made sure he had a plentiful supply of zygotes implanted that year? And finally, if the Zetas were in the elite's shoes at this moment, how would they tell the rest of us about what's coming, without causing that "messy panic" (i.e. the bottom falling out of the real-estate market, the 4-year auto loans, etc) they said the elite fears?

The elite know with certainty that Planet X is riding next to the Sun, whereas the common man is being told at best now that it might arrive for a passage in 2060. This per Bob Dean on his interview with Project Camelot, quoting Sitchin. MJ12 was told by both the Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self aliens during the Roswell era that the passage would occur, and its approximate timeframe. George Herbert Bush obviously thought the pole shift would occur prior to this time or he would not have had his son installed as early as the year 2000. He took our 2003 estimate seriously, obviously, due to the accuracy of our predictions even before ZetaTalk began. What would we tell mankind if we were the elite at this moment, with all the power of the media and film industry at our disposal? We would tell them that a presence was in the inner solar system, with an unknown outcome. We would point to prior history and prophecy. We would most certainly relentlessly educate the common man on what they can do to help themselves in the case of catastrophe, going beyond Michelle Obama's victory gardens to seed saving and keeping flocks and herds of goats. We would encourage and ensure the development of communities in rural areas, self sufficient with wind power, to show that the collapse of civilization is not a death threat. We would provide hope hand in hand with bad news, thus. We have stated that the common man will not in the main desert their jobs and run screaming in the streets, as they need their jobs and have few alternatives. But plans can be laid, by the common man, so that when the last weeks arrive they are not taken by surprise but can implement plans.

Could the Zeta comment on the situation down in Mexico City? A couple of weeks ago a huge sink hole opened up and consumed several city blocks of buildings. Now in the last 24 hours it is being reported by the Spanish news stations that large cracks are opening up all over the city. France and US sending Geo experts to the area to try to figure out what is going on with the new fissures opening up everywhere. What can you tell us a bout this? Where can we expect to see the pulling effects as like a zipper opening up from Mexico city?

Before the New Madrid area rips, releasing the stress the N American continent is enduring with Mexico being pulled to the west while the New England area continues to be pulled toward the east during rotation, there will be a bowing stress in the west. We have explained this tension when explaining why N America is unique in this distress. The N American continent has a flat top, all the way from Japan to Iceland, and cannot roll. Thus, while pulled at a diagonal, the West Coast is put into a bow, all the way from the Aleutian Islands to the tip of Mexico. This was the cause of the Utah mining acident. This is likewise the cause of the Mexico City crevasses. Until the New Madrid rips, causing the land to the west of the Mississippi to sink and move south while the land to the east of the Mississippi remains in place, there will be no relief for this bow.

Is there a way direct family members of missing loved ones on Air France's doomed aircraft that don't know how to make "The Call" can know the percentage of physically unharmed humans that were plucked off Air France's doomed aircraft prior to its destruction? Zetas have given hope regarding the possibility that consenual Service-to-Others caught in similar disasters might be allowed to finish their current incarnation in a hybrid community, spared from death of their current "container," even though their family may not be immediately apprised of their loved ones whereabouts after calamaties. Affected Service-to-Other readers of Zetatalk might appreciate the hope their Service-to-Others family members may be among recognizeable pole-shift surviving human/hybrid communities shortly.

We, the Zetas working with Nancy on ZetaTalk, do not do such a service. We do not communicate with the dead for personal counseling of the living. Such counseling may be given during a visitation, should a family member be a contactee, but the ZetaTalk venue is overwhelmed as is and Nancy in a state of exhaustion all the time. Nor would we be allowed to state that any humans were rescued and taken to live in Service-to-Other cities, though the status of a human is often known by loving relative who are in communication with the souls of their loved ones.

What did the Zetas think about Obama's speech in Egypt? I thought his message was somewhat genius, and it frustrates me when some people just don't understand the message. Basically, did his message click in at least in the subconscious of people? Did it help at least a little bit in improving relations between Palestinians and Jews, Islam and Americans? I kind of think it did with many, and in theory it shows how one person, can change a lot, if they have the drive, even if that change is only as long as a person's short term memory.

We agree with your assessment.

How much does the soul affect a person's intelligence? I assume the stronger the soul, the wiser the person. But do areas of the brain get stronger, due to the interest of the soul? From the human naturally using the areas of the brain that deal with the things the soul is currently interested in, thus like a muscle, it becomes stronger.

The soul cannot overcome the DNA. Within the limits of the body, the soul can reach in this or that direction. IQ is not maleable, as assumed. Change in IQ is credited when in fact rote drilling of facts or a large amount of caffeine should be credited. The ability to use logic, or creative talent, is fixed at birth.

Considering that the December prediction was a miscalculation, is the New Madrid Adjustment still scheduled to occur?

We never predicted that the New Madrid would adjust by the end of December, 2008. It's still pending.

What do the Dutch election results mean for the European parliament and Dutch politics? Will Geert Wilders become a loved person amongst the people? Will Geert Wilder's remarks about the Islam spark actions across Europe?

We have often explained, as has Nancy, that she needs to be familiar with a topic or person in order to correctly translate our responses. If she has preconceptions, this interferes with her ability to receive our message and the resulting ZetaTalk can be garbled. ZetaTalk started out as a N American prophecy, and quickly spread worldwide due to the sense by those who read it that it was the ring of truth and also due to the obvious accuracy of its predictions. Nancy at present is asked by those across Russia to comment upon their prophets and public figures and events. She is being asked by people worldwide to take the place of their prophets, who know the country and culture and happenings. There is no way a single human, weary and exhausted, can become a prophet for the world, learning the nuances of each culture, becoming familiar with its history and personalities. You may be disappointed in not having someone of the caliber of Nancy, but this does not change the situation. She is not familiar with the Dutch culture, nor will she be for this chat. Your question is declined.

Most of all us recognize that the Sun is North of where it was a few years ago. At about latitude 33 degrees, how many degrees further North is the Sun now, compared with a couple years ago?

The Earth is in a wobble so such an answer must be qualified by location and time! Sometimes north, sometimes perhaps south. This is also something you can do for yourself. The Orbits section of ZetaTalk gives some instruction on how to read the Sun's position against what is expected. A simple program like Skymap, which you can secure for free or inexpensively on the Internet, will tell you what is expected. This is your comparison to what is was years ago, prior to the arrival of Planet X. Now take your own measure, after determining absolute N/S/E/W via a survey or street layout. Avoid the compass as it is erratic. Then you determine how far off the Sun is from what is expected. Please do your own work!

Within my lifetime, I've seen a change in how young criminals have been viewed in society. There was a time when many adults rationalized the criminal behavior as being due to immaturity, to a lack of nurturing, or to peer pressure. Defense attorneys would routinely convince jurors that the criminal behavior was a once-in-a-lifetime mistake, that the youthful offender had just used poor judgment. The young person often served a minimum of time, if any at all. Over the decades, I've seen a change in the way society and the criminal justice system deals with youthful criminals, especially the violent ones. It appears as if society is no longer willing to accept that somehow young people are not responsible for their behavior. What has changed? Would the Zetas care to comment?

We have referred often to the polarization of the spiritual orientation that is occurring prior to the pole shift. Those in the Service-to-Self are seeing their last chance to demonstrate to their new masters how ruthless they can be, in hopes of gaining a privileged slot in their new society. The Service-to-Self are practicing their interactions with each other, trying to learn how to be on the top in the pecking order. Prisons, or correction facilities, are seen as good places for this type of practice. So the Service-to-Self do not hesitate to turn to crime. Those with incarnating souls can often read the souls of others during discussions, during interviews and the like. Recommendations are made based on such readings. The system is waking up to the true nature of many juveniles. They are hardened Service-to-Self souls, even if within young bodies.

Nancy-is it true that man, does not have a soul? The Soul haves us, the present personality,adding to the permenent personality.Each incarnation is just a chapter.

Please actually read ZetaTalk, which talks about reincarnation. The Density section, for starters. Due to the population explosion, many humans do not have reincarnating souls, but are in the position of being capable of sparking a soul during this, their first lifetime. Most of these young lives do not spark a soul, so the stuff of souls dissipates. But once sparked, the soul does not die.

With the temp below 60° accross the upper US it seems to me that crops may not have time to grow this year by harvest time. Is that the case or will things warm up soon? I also expect that PX will bring debri that will strike the earth. Is a strike from astroids and comet material that is draged along with PX likely to hit the earth?

Fireballs have been inbound, increasingly, so of course debris will continue to arrive. All countries in the northern hemisphere have in the past experienced cool summers, so this summer is no exception. Crops planted in this climate are selected for their ability to grow in cool weather. We have stated that the northern hemisphere can expect cooler than average weather up until the last weeks due to the magnetic N Pole being pushed away from the Sun and the approaching Planet X, and this prediction has proved true.

Zetas predict Earth rotation will stop for a few days during the PX passage. Classic physics says the rotational impulse must go somewhere. Zetas, where does it go? What's their explanation for this contradiction?

The only contradiction is in your mind. Man's "Conservation of Energy" rule is just another human rule that is nonsensical. Nature is not under man's rules. During rotation stoppage, the crust is frozen in the grip of Planet X. As the rotations slowing was slow, gradual over several days, there was no violent tearing away of the crust from the core. But the crust complains, vibrates as the core tries to turn and is prohibited from turning. The core stops turning during this time, even though the Universe is tugging at it at before. The vibrating crust is heard as a moaning sound by the terrified humans on the Earth's surface. This does not stop until the hour of the pole shift when the crust rips from the core, moving the surface of the Earth to a new position when rotation resumes.

I have designed a portable electric wind generator and have discovered that many people are doing the same thing as shown on utube. After seeing a crop circle that shows what looks like a wind generator I am now wondering, did that idea to build a wind generater come from the Zetas? Are they helping people prepare, or is man finaly becoming aware on his own?

Absolutely. Contact provides an wonderful venue for such advice.