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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written September 26, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Who is pushing the false flag terror now? Obama has the power of the government now so martial law does no good for the NWO crowd. It seems like on matters financial and political Obama and the Puppet Master are cooperating. One assumes that this is to the good of all in general at least?

Obama is not cooperating with the crowd that wanted the rich to get richer, the poor to be exterminated, and martial law to be called to ensure the comfort of the elite. This is why they attempted to assassinate him during his Wall Street visit. The Puppet Master likewise is not interested in the comfort of what he would call mid-level managers, such as the Rockefellers. The immensely rich Puppet Master knows he will come out on top, and is not concerned about the insecurities of politicians or of Israel or of the wealthy upper classes or royalty. He likes what Obama is doing, as the Puppet Master knows that strong survival communities will ensure that something will be there after the pole shift, something he can negotiate with, whereas the crowd that put Bush into power will ruin assets in order to ensure their security. A skilled worker base is an asset, in the Puppet Master's opinion, and Obama looks out for the common man.

Is the US Military going to get involved in restoring the American Banking system to independent American Banking control? Or will Ron Paul and the Congress do this?

We are assuming by "independent American Banking control" you are referring to the stock the government now owns in exchange for bailout funds. The preferred option is for the banks to return the funds to the government, yes, but this will be a factor of the health of the banks, not due to actions of a single representative or Congress. How would Ron Paul magically fix this? And it is the laws and rules that Congress set that the banks are now operating under. Please think logically.

What explains the phenomenon of automatic writing and how to use it? How is a person must develop the ability, in particular, the ability to hypnotize people?

Automatic writing is where the individual allows themselves to be put into a trance, most often self induced, so as to allow their subconscious to express itself. There is, even in normal people, a great deal of contention between the subconscious and conscious. This is expressed during amnesia where these two physical brains are disconnected from each other, no chemical transfer of memory supported between them. In people who are comfortable with what their subconscious knows, which in fact is the sum total of their experiences, there is little discord. But in highly politically correct individuals or those living in repressive religious environments, the conscious may wash out many bridges to the subconscious in order to be able to live in the community or family where the individual perforce is required to reside. Where there is great discord, the brain during meditation can disconnect from the conscious and spew forth knowledge the subconscious knows via automatic writing. Hypnosis is another means of creating this dream state, where the subconscious is in control and communicating. Humans can learn to self hypnotize themselves, or seek professional help to do this.

I noticed that when the Bush administration 1st wanted to go to war with Iran, in the beginning before it was big news, a lot of dehumanizing stories about the Iranian people suddenly begin appearing in the news. And whenever a story is written about the Iranian President, it never has that typical objective tone that news articles normally have. It's always, "the evil Ahmadinejad who wants to kill Jews and American babies, etc." That type of tone. And when I read the opinions of the reader on the comment section of these stories, it's just filled with pure venom towards Iran. It seems like a really effective tactic in filling people up with hate. So my questions is, is Gaddafi really as bad as he's made out to be? In a similar manner it's hard to trust what I read about that terror suspect Najibullah Zazi. Is he being set up?

The war on terror was an excuse so as to be able to invade the Middle East and posture to take over the oil rich countries there. Iraq was to be just the start. Iran was next, then Saudi Arabia, which has no defenses. Israel was to be the ally of the US, of the Bush family, to act as a type of manager there, a local friend. Even though this has not worked out as the cabal that put Bush into the White House had hoped, Arabs, Muslims, and those in control of Middle East countries are still demonized. They are still holding out hope, and old habits die hard.

What was the red dust in Sydney, Australia? [and from another] According to CNN news report, the sand storm that hit Eastern Australia has iron oxide content, originating from Western Australia. Does Zeta has any explanation on that?

The red outback in Australia, as with the states of Georgia and Alabama in the US, have red clay soil due to having been dusted in the past with iron oxide dust from the tail of Planet X. Originally, this dust came from the tail of Planet X. But the onslaught hitting Sydney is merely from the desert in the outback, which has suffered under severe drought and lately, high winds. However, these pictures can give an example of what the Earth will experience during the last weeks.

Since there are only 13 weeks or so left in the remaining 2009 trimester, is it safe to say the poleshift will not happen before the end of this calendar year?

Count backwards from the hour of the pole shift. There will be 5.9 days of rotation stoppage, and before that perhaps a few weeks of rotation slowing to a stop. Then there is the 3 days of darkness and the righting of the Earth during 6 days of sunrise west. Then prior to that, a severe wobble and a lean to the left. Assuming an expedited timeframe, this would entail at least a 6 week period. So it is theoretically possible for the pole shift to happen at the end of this December, but unlikely. We have stated that when the last weeks begin, that emergency management teams will be exhausted. Is this currently the case?

If the Zetas got into a fight with Scientologists, who do you think would win?

They only win when they can sue in court, using the funds they have extracted from their victims. Just how do you suppose they would sue us? Silly question, not meant to be serious.

If food and shelter are secured, are there going to be opportunities to teach children in a school-like environment in the aftertime?

Of course! Children are eager to participate in real work, real world activities, and bored by school. What better environment than to work at their parent's knee, helping with tasks that MATTER. If one is parsing out grain to the herd or flock, one can teach the child to count, for instance. No desk and board necessary.

Could the Zetas comment on whether Iran ever intended to use nukes as a first strike. Is it in their hearts to do so?

Iran knows that Israel was in cahoots with the Bush family and the crowd that installed Bush into the White House, to invade their lands as they had invaded Iraq. Only a fool sits still and waits to be overcome! Their moves are defensive in nature. Look at Israel's history to see who the aggressor has been.

What does one say to those who keep pointing fearfully to the reports of FEMA "concentration camps", the "containment areas", etc? Were these once planned by the cabal to become work camps, for the survivors who were healthy enough to become slaves to the elite after the shift? Do the STO that are in-the-know now view them as "refugee camps", where survivors who have not formed into their own communities come together, randomly STS or STO depending on which military units are still coherent enough to exercise control? Or are they detainee camps, for detaining rabid citizens in the run-up to the shift?

Many scenarios will play out in the days leading into the pole shift and the months following. There are many levels of control, from people within the federal government who might like to utilize former plans to enslave a worker base, to people in the states or local governments who would have their own plans. Even individual rogue forces could take control. Depending upon the nature of these groups, the camps might be used for good, to house refugees, or for evil intent such as slave labor. No general statements can be made!

Nancy-is the Puppet master still pumping money into the US and delaying a melt down?


Do time and space existence has any relationship with energy?

Space is a meaningless word, as what mankind understands to be space is not empty or a void but very full of particles at all times. Energy also has many meanings to mankind, from motion to electrical particle flow. Time encompasses all, as we have explained in the Science section of ZetaTalk. Time is a factor, and the physical world can be woven forward into the future or backward into the past by adjusting the time factor.

Not sure if it's my own health but nausea is experienced near equator, far east. Satelite TV disruption is getting severe. But is the weather being simulated in this region?

People have been reporting nausea during electro-magnetic storms caused by the presence of Planet X. These storms have been noted several times during this past year, appearing on the simulated magnetosphere during times when the Sun was absolutely quiescent. This has been featured on Nancy's newsletter. Such flux can indeed also affect satellite transmission.

Greetings from Amursk! I have noticed recently, that clouds over a city have very accurate line under them - that is their bottom edge very equal and clouds are occupied with the big space, that is this line very long. I suspected that such alignment is connected with external gravitation as at rings of Saturn. Whether so it?

What appears to be a flat bottom to clouds is a division of layers of air in the atmosphere - one cool and without moisture and another warmer with condenstation.

Tell please, there was recently a case in Russia, in village Tunguska ostensibly the elderly woman having heard call, has gone to wood and has found casually small grey alien, and named it Aleshenka. She fed him and looked after it in the village. Many (local) it saw as speak but did not pay to it attention. Soon the woman has been sent in psyhology hospital and as this cub remained without guardianship, he has died. When this woman has learnt this that has run out from hospital and was lost on a highway. About this case even a film have removed Russian. And ostensibly the body of a cub has been found and then coded and given to the governmental hands. I personally suspected that it there could be its hybrid child, but unless the hybrid child remains without supervision? Therefore I consider it as forged lie. And what will tell Zetas in this case?

There are endless stories about presumed alien bodies, alien creatures, complete often with video or elaborate stories. People are hungry for alien contact. Recently there was the instance of a sloth body, bloated and tossed about by the water, which went viral on the Internet. This is clearly a case of a woman and child, who both required care from the government. Nothing more.

You have not answered completely my question on last chat. I spoke about CERN. Tell, whether it is allowed to us, mankind on the Earth, to find out or open that gravitational particle about which you speak on the site much?

CERN will not teach man anything he does not already know.

I am from that part of Georgia that got 18+ inches of rain. Any theories about that?

We stated in 1995 that the world would experience more drought and deluge, switching about for seemingly no reason. We knew that the Earth wobble would ensue when Planet X arrived in the vicinity, which it did. Georgia was suffering recently from drought so intractable that the it was feared that Atlanta might run out of drinking water. Now they are drowning. Just what we predicted, and not the last of such incidences to beset mankind.

In the chat from August 29, the Zetas said about the level 6. "We are close to a 6 on the scale of 1-10 at present. This is not likely to recede." Is this related to all the weather changes that have occurred? The weather in the Mediterenean, the dust storm in Australia, the floods in Atlanta. The rain and 'floods' in southern France and parts of Spain, etc. Or is there something else? And did something change as for what I read September - December the outburst is diminishing. And now it seems the outburst has started. It's one change after the other?

There is more to the Earth changes than the influence of the magnetic trimesters. We stated that the pole shift would occur at the end of a trimester - either December, April, or August - regardless of which trimester is the strongest. Planet X is steadily coming closer, steadily turning its N Pole toward Earth, so the wobble is steadily becoming stronger, more violent, with consequent jerking about on the Earth plates.

Obama has been talking about Iran's nuclear ambition and in such a way that it seems that he believes that Iran intends to create nuclear weapons. Does he believe that Iran is trying to create nuclear weapons? What's really going on?

Obama understands the dynamics of Iran's quest for nuclear weapons to defend itself and Israel's grim determination to take over the Middle East (with the assist of nuclear weapons which Israel has). This is a political tightrope, as Obama is trying to force Israel into a reasonable stance vis a vis its neighbors while placating Iran with reassurance that they will not suffer a bombing run. Give the man some slack! He did not make this mess, but is expected to resolve it overnight.

I know that the Zetas communicate telepathically with humans. Do the Zetas also read the minds of nonhuman animals on Earth, not only dogs and cats but cows and chickens and pigs? If so, what do dogs and cats have to say about their human guardians? What do cows and chickens and pigs say about being raised for slaughter, especially those confined on factory farms? Thank you.

We, the Service-to-Other Zetas, do not have the time to engage domestic animals. We are overwhelmingly busy with our current tasks, which include tending to our contactees and furthering our missions. Should we want to chat with pets and domestic animals, we could do so, however. You do not need our input to understand how animals feel. They relay this quite clearly by their actions.

When Planet X becomes visible to the naked eye, will it be then that no planes will be able to fly and no cell phones be able to work or does that stuff happen at the time of the pole shift?

We have stated that satellites will be essentially useless when the last weeks have commenced, and that Planet X will be seen in the sky by all during the last weeks. Just what week brings this visibility of Planet X, or what percentage of satellites will be working at that time, we have not specified, nor will we. Don't plan to fly at that time. Don't plan to travel at that time. Be in your safe location, as you will be beset with problems if you are not. This is our advice. When the Earth begins a severe wobble, a lean to the left, you should not delay.

In the field of nutrition that I work in, it seems that so many illnesses and health problems are caused by vitamin D deficiency, difficult to get from the diet other than from eggs and oily fish. Conditions such as arthritis, immunity against flu/colds, prevention of cancer, fibromyalgia, heart health, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, depression, the list goes on! With probably over half of the populations already deficient due to poor diet, too much time indoors/lack of sunlight and overuse of suncream and living too far north many scientists are calling for the recommended daily allowance (RDA) to be raised from 200iu to 2000iu with a max level being set at 10,000iu. My question is in relation to the aftertime, obviously we will be spending more time outdoors, but to what extent will the volcanic gloom prevent vitamin D production in the skin? If it does then surely chickens laying eggs will be deficient also? Would be wise to ensure that you are at the top of the reference range (just below toxicity) just before going into the shift, or take a massive dose just before the shift, as if supplements are stored they won't last forever. All vitamins will be hard to get in the aftertime but I am wondering if vitamin D will be particularly more difficult than any other, yet so beneficial to keep the immune system strong in the times ahead.

Even on cloudy days, sunburn occurs. Those that can stock up on vitamins should do so, as this surely does not hurt, but being outdoors should solve the problem, even with cloud cover. Fish have Vitamin D, and fish ponds or ocean fishing has always been a recommendation of ours. Earthworms, which have 82% protein, also have Omega 3 oil, similar to fish oil. Look for alternate sources!

Was there any under the table dealings during the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh? Beyond the normal bullshit?

Anytime heads of state gather, there are back-room discussions. The greatest concern is over the health of the dollar, which is plunging and unstable. What currency will replace the dollar, or what combination of currencies, is the main concern. Of course, the rising Earth changes, and the concern that many have been lied to about the extent of damage the pending passage will cause, is also discussed. Other than hand-wringing, nothing much occurred.

I am starting to see tiny like balls of light passing through walls or rock, can these be orbs or just particle flows of rock under stress or both?

You are seeing spirits in light form, which have come to visit you.

I was wondering if the Zeta's can tell me about the extreme heat that plagued British Columbia. The record breaking temperatures continued until the last few weeks. I found it strange that the rest of North America was so cold while we were hot and dry. Also, there has been strange bangs reported in the area.

The wobble, which Nancy just completed documenting for the year 2009 has taken the form of vertical pushes, like a pump. Some of these thrusts push the Earth up into the polar air, while the bounce back drops the Earth back into tropical air. In the N American continent, it is the interior which tends to hold the cold air, as air over land is less mobile than air over oceans. BC is close enough to the Pacific to get air which has traveled farther, thus the heat.

Do the ETs give a ten year warning to people before a huge event like the red rain in India in 2001 and the 911 in 2001 etc. to give a clue to the common man or is this just a natural way of events?

There is no relationship between events and year of occurrence. The red rain in India was the result of a comet, a happenstance. 2001, the year of 911, was human induced and had nothing to do with ETs.

The news of a fireball in Canada did not go international have any comments?

Most Earth changes will only be reported in the media when they first hit, as thereafter they go on the list of items not to be discussed. When the Second Sun was first seen in 2003, the talking heads on the weather channels would sometimes comment upon the phenomena. Now, they are careful not to include video or photos or discuss these incidences, no matter how common they might become. This is also true of fireballs, an increase in earthquakes and various phenomena like rumbling and trembling, and dropping bridges and breaking water and gas mains. Fireballs are now on the list!

Can you tell us about why the identity of the Puppet Master remains a secret?

To avoid being pestered by those who run after the wealthy and powerful. To avoid all those assassination or kidnapping attempts. Obviously! We have stated that the Puppet Master is not on the books, and thus could not be found even if you had a name. He has more protection than the President of the United States. Why your interest? Do you think you can change the world in this manner? Address matters you can control and where you can make a difference, and stop dreaming.

Are the zetas working with God? Why are there mixed messages when it comes to the greys? Some stating abductions and doing things the humans as we do to rats and mice. Are they trying to hurt us? Why have we heard stories of the zetas working with the illuminate? Who do we believe?

We explained from the start of ZetaTalk that much of the bad press we get is due to the controlling nature of those in the human establishment, who do not want to be displaced. Those in authority want humanity to cling to them, to look up to them, and want to avoid the questions that would be raised if mankind got cozy with aliens. They fear being moved from top dog to underdog, which would occur if the common man gets snug with aliens and bypasses their former human bosses entirely. So they try to make the common man fearful of contact, and spreading stories is so very easy to do!

I'm curious; what colour are the Annunaqi? And the when was here with the hominoids, what colour was his skin?

The Annunaki look like well muscled and large boned humans. They average 8 feet in height, where mankind ranges between 5-6 feet in height. Their faces tend to be long rather than round. Other than these differences, you would not be able to distinguish them from humans!

Are the Zetas willing to give advice on Geneva, Zurich and Vienna during the pole shift? This would be for the Safe Locs document on ZT.

Nancy periodically gets request for this or that city or country, and responds to these emails by pointing out that these areas have already been covered. For instance, Geneva, Zurich, and Vienna are encapsulated in the discussion for Germany and surrounding countries, and cities in Germany and these neighboring countries. If a description states that rivers will rise above flood stage, or that lowland will be inundated by sloshing from the North Sea, then apply that to those cities not mentioned already! Munich is mentioned as an example of high and relatively safe land. Budapest is a city that will be affected by a raging river, as will Belgrade and Bonn. Read much of what has been written for your general area, and extrapolate! We cannot, with our and Nancy's busy schedules, address every burg on the face of the Earth, though this is being asked of us.