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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written December 26, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Holland - Biggest Snow Circle Formation Ever [Dec 21] The extreme cold of the previous night (during which the rings appeared), the lack of footprints, and the fact that the "missing" snow is not piled up anywhere in, or anywhere near, the formation - all of which seem to rule out mechanical creation of the rings.

This is a genuine snow circle, not done by humans. Snow was chosen as the medium due to hoaxes done in Europe recently. Humans would not fail to leave traces, and would compress or melt, rather than remove, the snow. Likewise, covering foot prints with artificial or manufactured snow would be obvious, by appearance if not by other means. What is the message here? That the alien presence is real, not hoaxed. That there is an intruder in the solar system, to the right of the Earth and between the Earth and Sun. That the Earth is in a squeeze, and cannot escape.

Why any people assert that Service to Self is a human nature? They think that acts of Service to Other is a display of weak-mindedness or hypocrisy.

Service-to-Self displays itself in the bully, who is actually a coward trying to intimidate others. However, then the bully has large size or a vicious temperament, many will avoid taking him on, rather giving in to demands. Thus, for those who are young and inexperienced, these seems like strengths.

What zetas know about social structure on Nibiru? I have understood that it is similar to caste system, and the royal family corrects the others.

We have stated that the culture on Nibiru, aka Planet X, has been more strongly influenced by Service-to-Self aliens than has the Earth, and are still under this influence. Sitchin, in translating the Summerian writings on this matter, relays that they have royalty, without an evidence of a democracy at work beneath the royalty. From this you can infer much. A system of elites which does not allow the commoner to have a voice is no different from a caste system.

Any comments on the movie "Avatar" and its affect?

This movie had no particular goal other than entertainment. Yes, it presents alien worlds, but then so did the Star Trek and Star Wars series. Beyond entertainment, no goal of influence.

Do property, criminal, labor, environmental, and other laws exist in a 4th-density world? Or, are laws not needed because 4th-density beings live entirely by the Golden Rule?

There are rules in the extreme on 4th density Service-to-Self worlds, which are filled with criminals who are controlled by the strong ruling over the weak. The rulers, thus, are criminals, who have all the attributes that highly Service-to-Self humans have. They can be sadists, pollute with impunity, and neglect those under their charge without penalty. On 4th density Service-to-Other worlds, all live by the Golden Rule and such rules are not necessary.

Planet X moves on half of way from the Sun to the Earth. According to triangle ZT the pass point settles down nearer to the Earth. On the basis of the available data I have made some calculations for definition of the remained distance to a pass point. I have received result in an interval of 10-15 million miles. The Zetas, can confirm the given interval of this distance? Or it is more?

We have stated that Planet X is about half way between the Earth and Sun, and given mankind the triangle that will be formed just prior to the point of passage. At present, per the SOHO and Stereo Ahead images that are having regular appearances of Planet X, is it not pulled to the side, to the right, enough to form this triangle. Planet X will pull to the side, to the right, as Earth pulls to the left to evade the retrograde orbit of Planet X. At first, the triangle will not be formed, until after the 3 days of darkness. When the slowing rotation begins the Earth is pulled toward Planet X to be within 14 million miles of Planet X rather than the approximate 45 millions miles that is the halfway point. It is then that the triangle will be formed. It would seem your computation, thus, is not correct.

Does Council of Worlds protect earth from imminent meteors not spotted from man specially before high tech electronics? And if yes for how long this protection exist?

The Council or Worlds has ruled that Earth should not be destroyed by an asteroid or any large debris, and these are to be deflected. Just when the ruling was issued is irrelevant.

There is proven large UFO activity the last weeks and increasing, I was really wondering what they are really doing. They just try to be visible, to awake the peoples minds? Or they are doing something that can be useful, now or for after PS?

All of the above. The Awakening proceeds apace, and includes mass sightings of UFO displays. In addition, as we have frequently detailed, telepathic messages are relayed to those below, regarding the coming pole shift.

In a previous chat someone asked whether there were other websites like ZetaTalk that are hosted by other aliens aiding in the coming changes. The Zetas relayed that there are no other websites. I wanted to ask about a YouTube channel by Rysa5, which professes a Pleiadian connection. I've watched a number of the videos. There are hundreds of videos posted there. Recent ones speak to/of Pleiadian Wayshowers Another is titled simply: Pleiadian Understanding that there are a great many alien races/species here, known and those that remain unknown to us, I am questioning the validity of the above-mentioned YouTube channel, videos, and information.

Not all braggards have anything to brag about. We have mentioned a number of valid contactees or channels, such as Lyssa Royal, who channels the Zetas, and Scallion, who is a contactee in close touch with his visitors. In anticipation of a spate of braggards and claimants that would take up our time, we established in 2002 the rule that unless another could predict with the accuracy that ZetaTalk does, we will have no comment. You decide if they have validity or not.

What can the Zetas tell us about the new rash of cattle mutilations/abductions going on in the American west and Argentina? From March until just days ago, it appears that the weird mutilations are just like the ones from the '70s and '80s that caused such a stir. ZT from 1995 states, regarding the purpose, "The aliens involved wished to instill intense fear and a sense of hopelessness in the human society, so that they would be inclined to be self-focused from their fearful state and lean toward the Service-to-Self orientation. Thus they targeted the genitals and other sensitive and protected organs such as eyes and mouth and the anal opening." What has caused the resurgence, then? I know of several people who upon learning of the new cases appear to have been frightened even further into fearing aliens (including, by definition, the Zetas), thus making it even harder to persuade them that not all aliens are "evil".

This campaign is run by the same individuals, both alien and their human teammates, as prior. The goal of both is to frighten. For the aliens, they want a stronger harvest of Service-to-Self recruits, and fear drives one toward the Service-to-Self. For the humans involved, they want the populace to continue to look to them as leaders, and not consider their human leaders as weak when comparied to the strength displayed by aliens. They do not want humans to reach out for contact, to learn the truth about the alien presence. These humans want mankind to continue to cling to their human leaders, without competition. While this many seem that the aliens and humans are working at counter purposes to each other, such is the Service-to-Self mindset. They go for themselves.

I understand that the soul drives the person, and a great example of that is Obama's soul walking in to a regular human, and that regular person ending up to be President of the United States. And I guess we all have our personal drive. But my question is about how a person can motivate themselves if they don't have the drive for certain things or if they have the desire to do something but they don't simply because they're exhausted from their environment. How can a person push through an unfavorable environment or situations?

This is the challenge of your incarnation, for you to figure out and to rise to. Earth is a self study environment. This is your lesson, your challenge. Not to be spoon fed a solution.

Although I have my own survival location arranged and researched and arranged being 100 miles inland and 800 feet above sea level I am trying to produce a rough map for the UK that other people could use a rough guide to show which places are going to be safe in terms of flood tides. You say be 100 miles inland and 200 feet above sea level - With the UK it is tricky as there are some places which although are not 100 miles in land, they are say for e.g. only 50 miles inland but over 400 - 800 feet above sea level. Is there are any way to try and work out how safe a place or should all these areas be marked as definitely unsafe as well using the 100 mile inland rule?

Our rule is 100 miles inland and 200 feet above sea level. We have also made the statement that tidal waves will be 500-600 feet high along the coastlines. There are river basins that will be overflowing with rainwater, and thus a backwash there will create higher tides upriver, [as in the Stratford upon Avon UFO warning]. There are places where tidal bore will happen in hills along the coastline, so extra height is required. We cannot address every spec of land. Go on the safe side, in any such advice you give to people.

The Zetas have said that more than 1,000 life forms are visiting Earth now, and they are organized into more than 40 working groups. What types of projects are these working groups involved in?

Primarily they are advising their human contacts. Secondarily, they are arranging group meetings among contactees interested in survival groups and in breaking down the cover-ups of the alien presence and Planet X. Then they are conducting protection of those individuals deemed important for the Transformation, and working with human teammates to effect the rulings of the Council of Worlds.

Recently the Zetas have claimed that the Coverup, under Obama, is "alive and well", and not to expect any disclosure to come from the elite even though the current power structure is supposedly "STO" (Gore, Obama, Biden, etc.). Previously the zetas had insinuated they might be more forthcoming about the timeline once the STO crowd was allowed to come to power, but nothing changed. Are the Zetas as disappointed in Obama and Gore as many humans previously supportive are? Can they still allay (with some degree of certainty) any concerns we might have about martial law being declared once PX becomes visible to the naked eye of the common man? Perhaps this is why you have hinted the Puppet Master is planning something?

You can infer from our lack of information about a timeline that we are not happy with the way the cover-up has been continued. We do not, however, expect that martial law will be instituted under Obama.

There is a man, a true UFO-hunter I am speaking with on-line, who says he often observes pseudo-airplanes and pseudo-helicopters. According to him, aliens camouflage their UFOs as our planes or helicopters. The difference is that they have another locations of lights, fly noiselessly, can vanish immediately, sometimes look like translucent. On this guy's videos there are planes, that have strange lights and really become a bit translucent sometimes. But I can not dismiss rather bad quality of them too, so nothing strange may be.
So the Q is whether aliens use such pseudo-flying machines ?

Sure, and other objects too.

Is the photo the region of overlap from CORs on each S/C an accurate description of where the Planet X complex is?


What is the cause of the blackberry outages as in many weeks. As this is the second one. Is this cause of satellite malfunction or because of the twisting of the magnetic field causing interference on the communication of these type of phones?

As in our description during the February 12, 2008 outage this is a result of electromagnetic pulse affecting their towers and scrambling the data. We warned at that time that wireless communications will be vulnerable in the days to come, and that has become the case!

Will 2010 see a secure PS3 backup hack?

This is in the hands of man, so cannot be predicted. Man has free will in these matters.

The tyrants has a STS souls. Do their souls go at once on a prison planets or can be embodied in the world of the third density after death?

Tyrants have many, many lifetimes on 3rd density worlds before becoming hardened Service-to-Self. Many of them are so undecided as to later become Service-to-Other. We have stated that it takes a young soul approximately 1,000 lifetimes to sort out their spiritual orientation.

The Moscow UFO pyramid videos are absolutely amazing and this phenomena, which ZT has described as a ET created hologram, is said to have have hovered for hours above Moscow. Many people commenting on the videos seem to think it is a fake and say there would be more videos of it or more reports. Exactly how many people did see this pyramid or make reports, how much is the Russian government trying to cover it up? It seems like something right out of the movies ie. Independence day or District 9. [and from another] Giant Pyramid UFO 'Hovers Over Moscow' [Dec 18] A mysterious 'UFO' seen in the sky over Moscow has sparked speculation that the city has been visited by an alien spacecraft. The pyramid-shaped object was said to have remained for hours over the Red Square in the Russian capital. The fuzzy grey shape was apparently captured on film in at least two separate videos - one filmed during the daytime and another at night - which became an online sensation. But sceptics suggested there would be thousands of videos, rather than just two, if the object really had remained in the skies for hours. Russian police have not commented on the alleged sightings.

There was no comment for a long while, and then a report of this in the Russian press to the extent that the police, etc. had "no comment". This is how they are handling it.

The Zetas say they are keeping human sexuality in the hybrids. What causes weird human fetishes (eg. foot fetish) and will they still occur in the hybrids?

A fetish is merely an association with a body part or an object with one's sexual response. One can have an apple fetish or a rain fetish, though the most common human fetish is for the woman's breast. Often the fetish develops early in life, in childhood, when the child first has sexual feelings. That environment leaves a mark. Of course the hybrids will have fetishes, as why would they not?

Can the Zetas comment on Gordon Michael Scallion's Earth Changes predictions for 2010? Are GMS's predictions for "wind driven flooding in [California] coastal areas" his interpretation of wobble-induced tidal surge flooding? Any comments on his prediction for a devastating quake near Tokyo, and of the 7.0-7.5+ quakes for Alaska, South America and Canadian NW Territories? GMS Quotes from Winter 2010 Intuitive Flash Journal:
- In the West, I see more droughts, and water rationing. In California, I see multiple swarms of quakes, most under 4.0. This could be a prelude to tectonic energies building, and larger quakes on the horizon. At this time I do not see any quakes in the West Cost over 7.0. Fire are in my visions again, as are wind driver flooding in coastal areas.
- In the Midwest I see wind and more wind. Drier weather.
- In the Northwest I see rain, and more rain with wind.
- In Alaska, I see volcanic activity, and quakes greater than magnitude 7.5.
- In Hawaii, I see higher than normal volcanic activity.
- In South America I see record volcanic activity and numerous earthquakes greater than 7.0.
- In Europe, I see rain and more rain. Flooding in UK exceeds 2009 levels. Italy experiences earthquakes and severe coastal storms.
- In Japan, I see a devastating earthquake near Tokyo.
- In Australia, I see continued record heat and drought. Water rationing in many areas.
- In Canada, I see record heavy winter storms, followed by higher than normal temperatures causing early melting and flooding. Quakes in the North Western Territories reach magnitudes in excess of 7.5.

We have repeatedly mentioned that we cannot give specific warnings about pending quakes or volcanic eruptions or weather. We have explained that Scallion is a contactee and is giving his interpretation of what he senses, not reporting what his visitors relay, which would be against the rules those visitors are required to obey.

No doubt the recent increase in the extreme and freakish winter weather is due to the wobble. Per the online magnetosphere simulator, we've been under a relentless magnetic blast assault for a couple of weeks now. Will this be the norm, rather than the exception, from this point forward until the shift? The evidence suggests that PX is almost perpetually hosing us, due to its roll progress and also because the Earth has little eddy cup wiggle room to evade PX's magnetic assault.

It will not get better, thus can be considered to be poised to get worse, yes.

Was the incident involving the terrorist on the airplane yesterday part of a false flag event? Is this part of TPTB's drive for total global control or is something else going on?

This was not a false flag operation, but a genuine attempt by those resentful of the US to cause it distress and embarrassment. Frankly, a false flag operation would have done more than burn the man's loins, where he had strapped his explosive.

Why do phantoms exist much in few places, but they almost are absent in other places?

Ghosts are fixed to a place or a person, as they are souls lingering after their last incarnation because of unresolved issues. Since the person's involved have most often already moved onto their next incarnation, the ghost lingers around the place where the offense or issue took place.

Is there any significance to the united nations minting their own gold coins?

As the article states, they hope to raise money for the UN by minting coins which will increase in value as gold rises, as it has been. There is no underlying agenda here.

Can the zetas address the widespread claims that Ft. Knox has no more gold and the gold bars being exchanged in world markets are for the most part hollowed-out and filled with tungsten (even the mainstream media is discussing it: ? If true, this could affect the already-fragile stability of the world's economy and cause it to go into a tailspin.

This story is true and will lead to chaos among those marketing gold, especially among those dealers who state they will house the gold that the public buys. No doubt a new business to certify gold holdings will develop and flourish. The issue of gold stolen from Fort Knox or fake gold bars minted during the past couple decades will never be officially admitted by any government involved. Rather, those who are passed false gold will quietly be paid off, and compensated. This issue is also rift with blackmail possibilities.

Were shows like Survivorman, and Man vs Wild designed specifically as a response to the knowledge of the impending pole shift in order to show us how to survive? They really do appear to be very helpful in showing one what to expect and how to deal with certain situations. They do appear to be somewhat short lived however. Neither of these shows has gone for more than three seasons from what I understand. Is there a reason for this?

Yes, there is a relationship to the coming pole shift and the survival situations many will find themselves forced to deal with. However, since the populace has not been informed of what is coming, they don't see the relevance of the theme, and quickly become bored. Thus, the shows lose market share, and are dropped.

Is this video a fake? [and from another] The author explains that his video is a fake, is man-made, and says he made it to wake people up to Project Bluebeam which he says is responsible for the real spirals in Norway and elsewhere.

Of course man can make spirals, but the spiral over Norway was not manmade. Certainly the neon blue corkscrew coming from the center of the Norway spiral has not been duplicated.

Why is the US so keen to extradite Gary McKinnon from the UK for hacking NASA - did he come across info on Planet X as well as UFO pictures as he claims?

Yes, on all counts.

I another previous chat the Zetas commented on Barabra Hand Clow being the most accurate and true in her channeling. in the following interview videos Parts I & II
Barabra Hand Clow speaks to Earth being Quarantined, but is not clear as to why. Understanding that the Annunaki are currently quarantined, how so is Earth?

Our statement has been that the Annunaki are quarantined from visiting Earth, and thus both are affected by the quarantine. Just another way of making this statement.

No reason why there is a formation of ghosts of living people?

Ghosts are restless spirits who do not want to move on from the site of their last incarnation, as they have lingering issues. If such a spirit attempts to incarnate in a human already incarnated with a soul, this is not allowed. If you are referring to why spirits of living people do not become ghosts while the human is still alive, this is a terminology issue. Such an instance is called going astral, or an Out-of-Body instance, the spirit leaving the body temporarily. This seldom occurs due in part to the fact that the Spirit Guilds repress this type of activity. It is considered skipping out of school.

Movies such as the Green Mile and the Christmas Story are both about the military and how "right" it is to glorify these individuals. This holiday season, movies that encourage good will and charity are almost non existent. If Bush were still in office I'd wonder if his cronies were just beating their war drum again. Can the Zetas offer any reason for pushing the military agenda during the holidays?

We explained early in ZetaTalk that polarization between the Service-to-Self and Service-to-Others will increase, as the time of the pole shift approaches. To the extent that those establishing what will appear on their schedules are uneasy, they themselves will select those shows that make them feel more "secure", well guarded. It is a well known fact that charity is reduced as poverty increases, rather than moving in the other direction. People hoard what they have, turn away from need in others, fearing they themselves may have to do without.

Why are the Zetas manipulation the Earth's rotation to fool us?

So that portion of humanity that would become insane if the knowledge of what is coming were upon them do not become insane so early that governments inclined to declare martial law and mow their own people down in the streets would do so. Those among the populace who can deal with the knowledge are gradually becoming aware and making plans. Meanwhile the elite, those politically powerful or very rich, are shrinking into their bunkers, losing control. As we have repeatedly stated, by the time the last weeks arrive, the elite will not be in control, but will be absent, so insanity among those destined to become insane will not be the problem it potentially is today.

At present, aliens and humans only interact in the subconscious. Will this change this after the ps so that both species will interact? If I understand correctly, some humans and aliens will live in communities together. If this is correct, why must we wait until the ps to interact?

Yes, depending upon these factors. One, the group contacted in their conscious must be sufficiently comfortable with the idea of contact, many already contactees, so that fear and anxiety will not be raised. Second, the Service-to-Other quality in the group must be the prevailing orientation, as we are Service-to-Other aliens and cannot intrude on existing Service-to-Self alien to Service-to-Self human contact in process. Thus, this issue is very individual to the local, and the group.