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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written July 28, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

Given the very busy week we had with gas lines exploding worldwide, manholes and sewer explosions, earthquakes, power failures and continued flooding, would it be reasonable to assume that the cover-up of Planet X is being seriously stressed? People that I know seem to be more open to "alternative explanations" for the current worldwide disasters and strangeness we are seeing. It does seem that as the Zetas stated, we are right on the cusp of a big ramp up in Earth changes that will lead people to question what is going on.

We have mentioned the unease that people are feeling, as a cause of general irritability and distractibility. The public senses things are not right. The economy is declared wonderful while the public is suffering, no jobs and inflation rampant. They see the severe weather, with the only explanation given as Global Warming which it would seem cannot be stopped given the politics of the day. It does not take a genius to multiply the weather problems gaining yearly to see that in 10 years time, little food could be grown and a fair share of homes likely to be blown away. If the fact that the Moon is not in the right place for half the month has been noticed, or the Sun not rising or setting in the right place and too high in the sky during the day, then they are deeply disturbed. They know they are being lied to. Yet where do they go with this unease? Rioting is the only outlet, and gets one arrested. So the fact that the Earth changes have increased, and will continue to do so, will not change the matter of the cover-up. Yes, people will increasingly talk about End Time prophecies, and try to explain the matter for themselves. What will break the cover-up will be, as we have stated, that those drawn into the cover-up were told that the real danger is panic in the people, that no real disasters will beset the Earth, and will realize that they have been lied to as well. Then you will have conscience struggles, with perhaps sudden admissions being made to inform the public.

Can the Zetas comment on contactee status/issues? If one has always had an obsession with UFOs, end of the world scenarios, spirituality, aliens, etc. can one reasonably assume that they are a contactee or is there a chance that are they just a curious individual about the universe in which they live? I guess my question is can the Zetas give a rough percentage as to how may UFO/alien obsessed individuals are contactees versus just curious individuals. Will there come a point that genuine contactees will have conscious knowledge of their interaction with aliens or is this to always be in the subconscious for the remainder of this lifetime?

If you are intensely curious about UFOs, you have surely given the Call, and the only reason you are not a contactee would be trepidation on your part. Some who wish to become contactees repeatly request this but hestitate on the threshold. Meeting creatures from other worlds, regardless of the positive vibes, can be frightening. Contactees are on the increase to the extent that all who are answering the Call are very busy. The numbers can best be gauged by seeing the increase in mass UFO sightings, only allowed because the public in general is comfortable with the concept. How do they get comfortable? By giving the Call and meeting aliens! Even though the visit may be recorded only in your subconscious, this does not mean it is hidden from you. It is your subconscious! Just tap into it! Meditate, learn self hypnosis, and let the story play out in your head. Once again, the only reason for not doing this, or for not being able to recall, is fear and conflict. If you fear that your contactee status will put you at odds in your normal life, you may not wish to know, consciously. In any case, this is all in your hands.

The Zetas have stated that Gonzales likely would be forced to resign as Attorney General and this outcome seems to have indeed become more likely this past week, with the FBI openly challenging the truthfulness of Gonzales as are many members of Congress. If Gonzales is forced out, will it then become easier to take down the remainder of team Bush as Gonzales can no longer run interference?

Clearly, every time a staunch defender of the Bush team is removed, this makes it more difficult for Bush to function as he is used to doing, as a dictator without fear of discovery. Newcomers must be informed of the dirty dealings that went on in the past, and this takes time and energy, and often requires compromise with the newcomer who may be horrified and refuse to turn their back on such dealings. One can see that Gates is operating a different DOD than Rumsfeld did. More honesty, more willingness to work with Congress, and the Iraq Study Group's solutions pushed, privately. But Bush is likely to insist on a new AG similar to Gonzales, and there are many, many such men in the private sector. Thus, not much may be gained by his resignation, after all. But the process will bring disruption to the Bush White House, and that in and of itself is a benefit.

The Zetas have repeateded stated that after the pole shift Service-to-Other groups will be shielded from Service-to-Self gangs who will simply not be able to see them in their looting, etc. The only thing I can say for sure if I'm lucky enough to survive the shift is that I'll be in a group of very mixed orientations. I want to know whether such groups might also be hidden from Service-to-Self groups nearby in the same way.

Help will be given to Service-to-Other individuals, wherever they live and in whatever situation. Some Service-to-Other individuals have chosen to work amongst mixed groups as there is great need there and a great opportunity to help humans to realize their potential in choosing to operate as Service-to-Other. So the reward is great but the environment will be a challenge. These individuals are given tremendous support, by like minded visitors who have operated in such scenarios. Thus, it is not just a solidly Service-to-Other community that will get help. It is instead that those Service-to-Other communities that will get unqualified help, where there is no threat of a takeover by the Service-to-Self. In essence, these communities have graduated early to a Service-to-Other life, as it will be in 4th density. For those concerned about assistance, the answer is to look less to how you might get it, and more to what you are doing to deserve it. Highly Service-to-Other individuals don't think about rescue - they think about those they themselves are trying to help! Thus focused, they are often surprised to realize they are getting help, such is their mindset.

In February 2003 you explained how spontaneous factory explosions are caused by stretch. After series of mysterious factory explosions, man holes, fires, cable failures ,exploding transformers reported between 18th and 26th of July, Can the Zetas provide us with more descriptive detail about the stretch in respect to fault lines, and are "imploding" buildings and derailing trains the next chain of events to unfold?

We have detailed our predictions on events which will happen in the stretch zone. Derailing trains, breaking gas and water mains, bridges and roadways shifting, land dropping into sinkholes -- all these instances have been on the increase since 2003, and well documented to some degree by Nancy on her website. Other than exploding factories, which are a result of shifting ground and breaks in pipes, there has not been much to declare as an imploding building scenario. But this will increase. Fault lines help man predict where a quake will occur, slip/slide or compression/subduction and the like, but most disasters will not occur from the shaking of quakes. Most will occur because the ground is shifting in stretch zones or around fault lines in land forced to adjust to a compressed plate or lack of support along the edges of a plate. These shifts will be unexpected, not something geologists have contemplated. What are the next events? Similar to what has been occurring, but with a greater degree of earth movement.

The United States is reported to be preparing a major arms deal with Saudi Arabia worth $20bn (£9.8bn) over the next decade. Any comment? Where is the US heading with this type of deal? [and from another] $20 Billion Deal Includes Weapons For Saudi Arabia [Jul 28] The Bush administration will announce next week a series of arms deals worth at least $20 billion to Saudi Arabia and five other oil-rich Persian Gulf states as well as new 10-year military aid packages to Israel and Egypt, a move to shore up allies in the Middle East and counter Iran's rising influence. The arms deals, which include the sales of a variety of sophisticated weaponry, would be the largest negotiated by this administration. The military assistance agreements would provide $30 billion in new U.S. aid to Israel and $13 billion to Egypt over 10 years. Both figures represent significant increases in military support.

This latest move by the Bush administration is a virtual admission that the US will be leaving Iraq. Seeing that they cannot control Congress so as to get unlimited funds for remaining in Iraq, cannot start a draft so as to have the troops remain sitting on the oil fields of the Middle East, cannot attack Iran as Israel refuses to attack without the US leading and the military won't follow Bush's orders to bomb and invade Iran -- they are stuck. How to maintain control of the oil fields while being forced to withdraw? Create an army within the Middle East, goes the logic, to fight for the US and Israel position. The Saudi are supporting the Sunni, and the Sunni are pushing back against the Shia, and Iran is primarily composed of Shia. What will come of this? Bush will not succeed on remaining at the helm, as the Middle East is a hot bed of conflicting clans and religious factions. It will only succeed in making the place a holocaust, even faster.

Being the latest tool in the arsenal of freedom and free speech, YouTube must be discussed among tentacles of the elite, especially after its involvement in democratic elections. For it also contains countless conspiracy fact compilation videos that have the power to change ones belief and break the lies. In its given state will it survive for what it is, or are there talks taking place on how to censor it ?

The elite has long known that it is not possible to control the Internet, certainly not in the short term. It was built to be fluid, to find another route when a route is blocked, and does so very efficiently. If it were only a few troublemakers using the Internet, they could close it down claiming terrorism, or porn use, or the like. But businesses uses the Internet, extensively, as do government services at all levels. Thus, they are stuck with snooping on the use of the Internet, and perhaps trying to post disinformation to counter the truth when it is posted.

Please ask the Zetas for a clear explanation of how many souls on Earth are Service-to-Other, Service-to-Self, undecided as to orientation and brand new souls. What is the approximate percentage of each group?

We have stated that Earth voted to be a Service-to-Other planet in the future, with the majority of souls having determined to be Service-to-Other. This does not mean that the majority of souls on Earth are solidly in the Service-to-Other orientation. This vote was weighted to consider the number of lifetimes a given soul had experienced, so that old souls had more weight or influence during the vote. Of the 6.5 billion humans on the planet, only about a billion are incarnated with reincarnating souls. The remaining 5.5 or so billion are in a virgin incarnation, which may or may not result in a sparked soul. We have explained that in most situations where an intelligent, conscious life form is available to form a soul, sparking, as we call it, it does not result in a formed soul but results in what we call an aborted soul.

In addition, it takes approximately 1,200 lifetimes for a young soul to determine its orientation, so that even after being sparked, a soul does not fall into the category of being Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self. This determination requires that the young soul be thinking of others at least 50% of the time to be considered Service-to-Other, or thinking of self 95% of the time to be considered Service-to-Self. If this decision has not been made by the young soul, then they are considered undecided. So what are the percentages now, among the incarnating souls on Earth? This moves around a bit, as the incidence of Walk-Ins is on the increase due to the distress many humans have with the current Earth changes. An undecided soul may wish to exit, with a solidly Service-to-Other soul incarnating as a Walk-in, boosting the percentage in the general population. Of the billion or so reincarnating souls on Earth, approximately 33% are Service-to-Other, approximately 7% are Service-to-Self, with the remainder being undecided.

The Zetas have stated that tThe Bush administration invaded Iraq with the intentions of holding the oil fields after the pole shift. Given the massive geological evidence of the truly devestating nature of a pass of Planet X how did this group ever believe that the oil would still be viable or even thereafter due to the chaos of a pole shift. It seems very illogical.

The Service-to-Self aliens with whom they were talking to lied. The Service-to-Self are notorious liars, and seek to harvest the greatest number of human souls by laying out a situation where hopelessness and rage will be exacerbated. They encouraged Bush Sr. to build underground bunkers in Houston, of all places, when it will be under water and already shows signs of this. They encouraged those within MJ12 who were wanting bunkers for themselves, so they could be kings in the Aftertime, to go underground, when such places will become tombs, a death trap. Likewise, creating turmoil in the Middle East is considered a way of harvesting more souls due to the despair that citizens in these areas experience, due to the endless war. This is why the Bush family and their associates have made missteps. They had poor consultation!

Stratford-Upon-Avon: There are pleasant gardens along the River Avon and the Avon canal, you take a short river boat trip from here, and the restored buildings near the lock has a restaurant and pub complex. [and from another] UFO Sightings Bring Town to a Standstill [Jul 25] A crowd of 100 stunned stargazers brought a town centre to a standstill when five mysterious UFOs were spotted hovering in the sky. Drinkers spilled out of pubs, motorists stopped to gawp and camera phones were aimed upwards as the five orbs, in a seeming formation, hovered above Stratford-Upon-Avon for half an hour. The unidentified flying objects lit up the otherwise clear night sky above Shakespeare's birthplace in Warwickshire. The strange episode started just after 10.30pm, when the lights were seen hovering slowly over the town before three of them formed a triangular shape with one positioned just to the right. A few minutes later a fifth came into view travelling towards the others at breakneck speed before slowing down and stopping a short distance away. Sceptics dismissed the UFOs as nothing more than hot air balloons, fireworks or even lanterns which had broken loose from a local rugby club. Others, however, claimed the speed and agility of the objects was unlike any known aircraft and said the odd movement, lack of noise and the length of time in the air discounted any man-made explanation. Hillary Potter from The British Earth Aerial Mystery Society (BEAMS) said they were being inundated with similar calls from across the country but said it was rare for such phenomena to be witnessed by so many people. Birmingham Air Space which covers the skies over the town said they had not heard of any unusual activity showing up on the radar.

Check a map of the rivers of England, as we have asked Nancy to do. Facing the Atlantic is a bay between Land's End and Wales where the sea, rushing in, would bore up into central England. This long bay forms a triangle. It also faces another triangle in rivers that drain into this bay - the Severn and the Avon - which also form a triangle where the Avon joins the Severn. The people of England have been dealing with record flooding in the rivers in southern England, a shock to those who have never experienced such flooding. Thus, the timing of our warning to the people of England. We have stated that sloshing of the oceans will occur during the hour of the shift. This sloshing will be a flood tide, rising steadily over hours on one side of the ocean, then sloshing back over hours against the other side of the ocean. We have given the general guideline that being 100 miles from the coast and 200 feet above sea level will be above the slosh, but this depends on many factors. In the case of England, the bay formed by Land's End and Wales will enable a tidal bore to occur, forcing the water higher as it pours over central England. This is intimated by the fifth UFO which rapidly arrived toward the triangle formed by the other UFOs. The warning being given is to expect at first some rising tide as rotation stoppage moves the water gathered around the Equator toward the poles. But the inhabitants of England should not be lulled into thinking this the worst! It will be the sudden rush of water, a tidal bore, into central England that should be their worry.

Any Zeta comment on the recent NASA sabotaged wires and reports of the astronauts flying drunk? [and from another] Three people have been killed in an explosion, during a test of rocket systems to be used in Richard Branson's proposed space tourism ventures. Three other people were severely injured in what was described as a major blast at the Mojave Air and Space Port facility in California. US defence giant Northrop Grumman owns 40% of Scaled and has agreed to buy the rest of it, subject to regulatory approval. I'm curious what the US Defense giant Northrop has in mind buying a 'private' rocket system. I would think if it were to be used by individuals to escape earth changes, an individual would buy it. Is this something they intend to make into a weapon? Was the explosion a warning of some type or just an accident? [and from another] NASA Reports Computer Sabotage [Jul 26] A space program worker deliberately damaged a computer that is supposed to fly aboard the shuttle Endeavour in less than two weeks, an act of sabotage that was caught before the equipment was loaded onto the spaceship. The unidentified employee, who works for a NASA subcontractor, cut wires inside the computer that is supposed to be delivered to the international space station by Endeavour. The damage, which occurred outside Florida, was reported to NASA by the subcontractor. NASA hopes to fix the computer and launch it Aug. 7 as planned aboard Endeavour. [and from another] NASA Responds to Claims of Drinking Problem [Jul 27] A panel has found that astronauts were allowed to fly on at least two occasions despite warnings they were so drunk they posed a flight risk, sources familiar with the panel's report said Thursday. Aviation Week also reported that the independent panel set up by NASA to study astronaut health issues found evidence of "heavy use of alcohol" before launch that was within the standard 12-hour "bottle-to-throttle" rule. Flight surgeons and other astronauts warned that drunken astronauts posed a flight risk when they flew on the two known occasions. [and from another] Explosion at Mojave Airport Kills 2 [Jul 27] An explosion on Thursday killed two workers and critically injured four others at a Mojave Desert airport site used by the pioneering aerospace company that sent the first private manned rocket into space. The blast at a Mojave Air and Space Port facility belonging to Scaled Composites LLC released nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, into the air. Haz-Mat teams were on the scene as a precaution and fire authorities said the scene was safe. All the victims worked for Scaled, the Mojave-based builder of SpaceShipOne, the first private manned rocket to reach space. The blast did not involve a rocket firing but happened during a test of the flow of nitrous oxide through an injector in the course of testing components for a new rocket motor for the upcoming SpaceShipTwo. The nitrous oxide was at room temperature and under pressure. It had been done safely many times during the SpaceShipOne program and had been done once before for the SpaceShipTwo program.

NASA was suddenly back in the news with the announcement that astronauts have at times been drunk on takeoff, and subcontractors can sabotage the equipment NASA relies upon. None of this is new. What is new about these matters is their getting into the news. NASA is a private corporation, set up that way to avoid public scrutiny. Why are you hearing about it now? Because the whole attitude toward NASA, among the elite, has changed. They have deserted NASA, in essence. We have detailed how the establishment expected to escape to Mars or the Dark Side of the Moon during the hour of the pole shift. This escape was to have the appearance of being done via NASA shuttles, but the expectation of the elite was that aliens they had been in contact with, aliens in the Service-to-Self, would give them any necessary assistance. This was promised, but as we have endlessly explained, the Service-to-Self lie, so when the promise was called upon to be fulfilled recently, and nothing happened, the elite realized they had been lied to all along. This, and the seemingly endless problems the shuttles and ISS are having, convinced the establishment that making it to Mars or the Moon, and back again, would never work out. NASA was deserted, funding withdrawn or not provided, and the elite set their sights elsewhere, on private initiatives. NASA was viewed as encumbered with the burden of providing the public a return on their investment, as it is funded by taxpayer money. Private investment, on the other hand, need not report its activities to the public. Thus the sudden explosion of privately funded space flights. Will this work out as hoped? Hardly. If the Columbia can be taken down by aliens to send a message to the elite, the same can be done to private efforts such as SpaceShipTwo. The message? You will not be allowed to escape Earth, to avoid the pole shift, but will be stuck on Earth with the common man you so disdain.

Crop circle appears in some places, but, never I looked at in the South America. Why they do not make the drawings in these regions? Crop circles speaks of the dates of the occurrences, as could the humanity interpret these drawings?

We have mentioned that England gets the majority of the crop circles because of the publicity that results. The English take pride in their circles, document them well, and provide archives. Crop circles are in fact presented to the populace worldwide, but may get little publicity. In poor countries, where the circle is located in a crop that is feeding the starving, little of this is done as it is hardly a service to the people. In these countries other means of relaying the message are used.

New evidence supposedly proves that there was one location in sub-Saharan Africa which was the origin of all humanity, which is contrary to the statement by the Zetas that humankind was engineered into six races. Would you ask the Zetas to comment? Thanks. I think we'd all like to hear more.

All races of man have been genetically engineered. We have described 6 races of man, though mankind is aware of only 3 of them -- white, black, and asian. Indonesian man and Angola man were failures, dying out, and Gypsy man is not considered a separate race by mankind. Why have scientists recently discovered a common gene among all races of man, indicating a common ancestor? Do you think that the genetic engineers did not communicate with each other, and share any formula for success? This common gene was inserted into all the engineered projects, as it was a factor in success of the product! Thus, the appearance of a "common ancestor", which is actually just a common gene.

Last week a questioner asked about genetic engineering of the Zetas. Within the Zeta's explanation, they said genetic engineering occurs to "expedite the process of sparking and growing souls, and to give them a learning environment." I have read the sections in ZetaTalk about the soul, sparking, substance, forming entities, etc. Can the Zetas explain what the motivation is to expedite the sparking of new souls? If I understand correctly, souls are created from substance which, of course, is not an animated soul until created. If a soul does not exist until created, I don't see how the motivation to expedite the process of sparking can be for the new soul, then, since if it were not created, it would not have known the difference, therefore, it seems there is a payoff for the souls expediting the sparking process via genetic engineering. Is the perpetual addition of Service-to-Other souls to the Service-to-Other community a desired goal, necessity, or obligation?

Man is familiar with cultivated crops, which were not the natural environment early man found himself in. He gradually began cultivating, encouraging that which allowed him to have settlements instead of constantly needing to migrate to find fresh food supplies. Man learned to produce clothing and tools, things that allowed him to live in harsh climates and adverse conditions, bettering his odds. Why then do developed life forms travel to developing planets and genetically engineer the life forms there? For all the reasons man travels to foreign countries and assists or enslaves the inhabitants there. Unlike Earth, where there seems to be no rules, there are rules in the Universe that do not allow enslavement of one world by another. But within those rules the Service-to-Self attempt this. They are trying to gain new converts, and of course these new converts would enter the Service-to-Self's culture at the bottom of the ladder, essentially as slaves. Likewise, the Service-to-Other are like those humans traveling to foreign lands wanting to help those cultures, to relieve suffering such as Doctors Without Borders, or helping poor villages get clean water and eliminate disease. Genetic engineering helps those souls who will spark in the young world to get a good start in life, and to expedite their progress toward being able to live in worlds where love will be the norm, and a trouble free life more likely.

A US cat that is reportedly able to sense when a nursing home's residents are about to die is baffling doctors. Any truth to this? Are animals more conscious than man?

This cat was reportedly sniffing all the nursing home residents, daily, making his rounds along with the doctors and staff. Thus, it was clearly a smell that the cat perceived. Cats are reported to have 9 lives, because of their ability to bounce back when faced with a death dealing situation. Cats are also known to move in prides, though seemingly aloof to each other, in fact assisting and feeding each other. It is no secret that a family cat will bring a mouse or bird to its owners, as a treat, just as a mother cat will bring such kill to its young. Thus, when a cat smells on another cat that death is near, it is a time to assist that other cat. Lying nearby, to lick or keep the other warm, is what happens in cat prides, naturally. Thus, this cat is simply providing to a stricken human what it would do to other members of its pride. A kind and supportive gesture!

There was a report I read, but I can not find the link. It might of been from NewsMax. They reported that the US sunk a N. Korean ship about to deliver to Iran some contraband. It implied there might have been nuclear material to assist Iran. Instead of the US ship entering the Iranian waters, which would create an international situation, Bush decided to just blow up this vessel. Can the Zetas comment if this is true?

N Korea very recently seemed to come to some agreement with the US, after years of the US refusing to talk directly with them. We have stated in the past that N Korea simply wanted more food, to relieve their starvation, but Bush was unwilling to give them such a deal as he knew the food stores in the US to be depleted. Having no oil, and unable to do anything but bluster, Bush figured N Korea would be someone else's problem after the pole shift. But N Korea found a way to become a greater worry, for Bush, and thus Bush agreed to deal.

Seems Cheney made it through getting his pacemaker replaced. Any updates as to how things are progressing towards the decapitation of the Bush Admin?

We have mentioned that unless the whole crew can be replaced, by arrest for their criminal activities, that chipping away at the White House crew one by one accomplishes little. Bush would be replaced by Cheney. An arrest of Cheney would only see someone like Condi in his shoes. The lot must go altogether to accomplish change. At present, the White House is being blocked, almost completely. They have tried to declare war with Iran, and have been ignored. They tried to declare martial law, and have been ignored or cut off from their outlets as in the recent Emergency Action Notification to radio stations. They are no more in charge of the US than the Queen is in charge of the UK! This is decapitation, though things may become lively if this situation becomes revealed to the public.

IT has been coming out in the news that the death of Pat Tillman looks more like a murder than "friendly fire" with three execution-style bullet holes found very close together and shot from about 10 yards away. There was no other evidence of "friendly fire" oe enemy fire. Hints that orders to execute came from the top. Will the truth of this come out? Will there be justice?

The evidence provided, that several bullets were put into the back of Tillman's head from an automatic rifle, makes it obvious that friendly fire was not involved. Given this expose, some scapegoat at a lower level will be identified and fried, so the guilty can go free. One could say this was a local matter, jealousy within the group or some such, if the cover-up had not been done at such a high level. It is the fingerprints on the cover-up itself that show who was involved, and this rose almost all the way to the top!

First, what's up with the Dow Jones? Several weeks ago we saw a concerted drive as if someone had decided to stop dilly-dallying around and drove the Dow way way up to top 14,000; now it seems there's just as determined an effort to push it off it's new-found cliff. What was wrong with the Plunge Protection Team maintaining, without having to risk pushing the record up so high, especially when there's nothing in daily reality to explain such a bump? [and from another] Dow, S&P Have Worst Week in 5 Years [Jul 28] Wall Street extended its steep decline Friday, propelling the Dow Jones industrials down more than 500 points over two days after investors gave in to mounting concerns that borrowing costs would climb for both companies and homeowners. It was the worst week for the Dow and the Standard & Poor's 500 index in five years. Although the market has often rebounded after a steep drop -- and has done so in recent weeks -- investors appeared unable Friday to set aside their concerns about a weakening housing market and tightening credit. A Commerce Department report that the U.S. gross domestic product rose at a better-than-expected pace in the second quarter appeared to do little to quell investors' unease Friday.

As is known, the Plunge Protection Team is authorized by Executive Order to stop trading, to slow a plunge down, but of course what actually occurs goes beyond that. Research into the approved price of products bought from companies in the military-industrial sector have shown that these companies are compensated, by the DOD, for allowing their stock portfolios to be used to bolster the markets. The contractor company initially loses, but gains back its loss via the price of its goods, and the taxpayer loses once again. We have detailed other manipulations, which sometimes are revealed in the news but are then quickly covered up. These manipulations would be called price fixing if not done with the approval and encouragement of the White House under Bush. Mutual funds which want to dump bad stock are told they must wait until a buyer is secured, so the stock value does not appear to drop. Poor stock is dropped from the DOW, no longer listed.

Do these manipulations have a limit? They require cooperation from the investment houses, and cooperation from firms buying from the DOD. If the DOD is in danger of losing its rubber stamp on requests for additional funding, being squeezed from all sides with demands for better treatment of vets and better equipment for soldiers on the ground and more scrutiny from Congress, the automatic payment for stock losses taken at the request of the DOD cannot be assured. So these companies balk! Mutual funds and other investment firms are willing to wait before dumping stock, if they can see that the wait does not give them a disadvantage. But when they wait and see the stock drop, and see others being given the go-ahead to sell, they balk! Thus this is not a failsafe plan, and can only be fixed if the price of stock is freed up for buying and selling with the posted value an outright lie! It may come to this, but not before more desperate swings in the days to come. We have stated that ultimately the common man will find the value of their stock high, but that they are unable to sell. This point is on the horizon.