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Countries lying east, or windward, of infamous volcanoes will not do well during the coming pole shift, as the laments of Moses so clearly relay. What is now Serbia and Romania lie to the east of Vesuvius and the shell of the former Thera, which had a monstrous explosion the last time around, and the many potential volcanoes along the fault that runs through the Mediterranean and down into Persia. Though east and west will change positions, the mountains that stretch from the Alps will buffer the winds, so that the volcanic dust will flow over these hapless lands for many years after the shift. This will poison what little drinking water exists, leaving the alternative the brackish water rising due to the melting poles. Add to this the history of brutality and violence against one's neighbor that has been in place for centuries in these locales, and the picture is not pretty. Those who wish to protect their loved ones, and establish a safe place to survive and the opportunity to plan and prepare, will need to consider relocating. Move to the north, into the mountains, which will survive the rising waters and be no colder than Serbia and Romania today, in the future.


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