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The climate in the Ukraine will be far milder, after the shift, due to the land being situated much closer to the equator, with Sweden just south of the equator. The Ukraine's primary problem will prove to be its low altitude. Within 2 years after the shift, the melting poles will eat away all the land, driving survivors to the mountains of the former Europe or into Sweden, if they can make the passage by boat. Those who wish to survive should plan on such migrations, as moving inland toward India will be moving into inhospitable cold and arid lands. The shift itself will prove less disastrous than in many parts of the world, as the Ukraine is not peppered with volcanoes and is situated in the center of a large plate, not near fault lines.


The elevation of the Ukraine is such that within 2 years after the pole shift almost all the land will be submerged, as we have stated. Of course the Carpathian Mountains are an exception. When we give general advice we do not address every hillock, but give guidelines as to the degree of rise in sea level that will occur so. If we state that all rivers will overflow their banks, higher than in past memory. We have stated that the Black Sea will slosh. This sloshing will cause a backwash in any river emptying into the Black Sea.

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