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Issue 54, Sunday December 16, 2007
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Ocean Whirlpools

Per the Zetas, myths about giant whirlpools are based on fact, and occur during episodes of great ocean turmoil such as occurs during pole shifts.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/15/1996: These giant whirlpools have been recorded by the ancients, as their ships on occasion were caught in them during a pole shift. When one of the fleet managed to escape, the tale was told and recorded. However, as with many pole shift generated tales, these tales are taken to be myths.

The Zetas in fact have predicted that these would occur in the months and years preceding the coming pole shift, due to the Earth wobble. The Earth wobble has been present since 2004, caused by the near presence of Planet X pushing and pulling on the Earth's magnetic poles. This causes the Earth to move under her blanket of air, the atmosphere, causing the weather extremes we are experiencing today, and under her blanket of water, the oceans, causing high tides and giant waves and now, apparently, giant whirlpools. Did the Zetas predict this? Indeed they did.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/12/2000: We also predict that there will begin to be reports of whirlpools in the oceans that will startle those who have never seen such a thing in the oceans.

The first such reported incident following this prediction occurred on May 9, 2001.

Weird Whirlpool Just Off San Diego Shoreline
May 9, 2001
It can best be described as a giant whirlpool caught on videotape off Black's Beach. A man flying in a biplane shot the footage with his home video camera and it is extraordinary to say the least. Oceanographers say they've never seen anything like it. A passenger in an open-air biplane on a sightseeing tour sees something he's never seen before. The pilot circles around for another look and there it is: a huge, spinning whirlpool.

But have we had a whirlpool large and powerful enough to take a ship down? The first such incident has occurred off the coast of Taiwan.

Whirlpool May Have Sucked Down Freighter
December 3, 2007,22049,22861681-5001028,00.html
A freighter may have sunk in a whirlpool last week, dragging down as many as 27 crew members within five minutes after the ship was struck by a giant wave off Taiwan. The eddy between currents about 35 nautical miles east of Taiwan's northern tip is suspected of sinking the ship, which was carrying iron ore and an Indonesian crew of 28. One crew member was found alive, clinging to his life vest, a day after the freighter went down. "A whirlpool effect is possible", said Taiwan Coast Guard spokesman Hsieh Ching-ching after hearing the survivor's account.

Hailstorm Evidence

Another myth reported in folklore relates to severe hailstorms, one of the plagues that afflicted the Egyptians during the time leading into the Jewish Exodus. The last pole shift occurred during the time of Moses, approximately 3,600 years ago, and the time of the plagues and the shift itself were recorded both in the Book of Exodus and by the Egyptians. Both of these accounts contain tales of severe hailstorms, and the descriptions are remarkably similar.

Ages in Chaos, by Immanuel Velikovsky
The history of Egypt reaches back to hoary antiquity; the Jewish people have a history that claims to describe the very beginning of their nation's march through the centuries. They bore the yoke of bondage in Egypt. Historians have agreed that their Exodus took place during the period called the New Kingdom of Egypt. The beginning of the New Kingdom is established to have been about 1580 B.C. The Egyptian papyrus containing the words of Ipuwer according to its first possessor, Anastasi, was found in the neighborhood of the pyramids of Saqqara. In 1909 the text was published by Alan H. Gardiner. The text points to the historical character of the situation. Egypt was in distress; the social system had become disorganized; violence filled the land. Invaders preyed upon the defenseless population; the rich were stripped of everything and slept in the open, and the poor took their possessions. Compare some passages from the Book of Exodus with the papyrus.

Papyrus 2:10 Forsooth, gates, columns and walls are consumed by fire.
Exodus 9:23 The fire ran along the ground. There was hail, and fire mingled with the hail.

Papyrus 4:14 Trees are destroyed.
6:1 No fruit or herbs are found.
Exodus 9:25 And the hail smote every herb of the field, and brake every tree of the field.

The description of what occurred in Egypt has a corollary from China and Mexico. This was a worldwide hailstorm.

Worlds in Collision, by Immanuel Velikovsky
Following the red dust, a small dust, like ashes of the furnace fell in all the land of Egypt (Exodus 9:18), and then a shower of meteorites flew toward the earth. We are informed by Midrashic and Talmudic sources that the stones which fell on Egypt were hot. Ipuwer wrote: "Trees are destroyed. No fruits, no herbs are found. Grain has perished on every side". In the Book of Exodus (9:25) it is written: "And the hail smote every herb of the field, and brake every tree of the field". The description of such a catastrophe is found in the Visuddhi-Magga, a Buddhist text on the world cycles. "When a world cycle is destroyed by wind there arises a wind. First it raises a fine dust, then coarse dust, then fine sand, then coarse sand, then grit, stones, up to boulders as large as trees. The Mexican Annals of Cuauhtitlan describe how a cosmic catastrophe was accompanied by a hail of stones.

But is there any physical evidence that such hailstorms occurred during the last pole shift? Such evidence was recently aired by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) channel. The great mammoths, whose ivory tusks have been dug up from the frozen Arctic to become piano keys throughout the civilized world, died out during the last few pole shifts. Mammoth herds once roamed the great grasslands of Siberia, on lands which are now within the Arctic circle. But when a pole shift occurs the crust shifts, placing a new part of the globe into the frozen north, and the mammoth herds froze to death quickly, preserved in almost perfect condition for today's scientists to discover and examine. What has just recently been discovered is that some of these mammoth herds were subject to being peppered by meteor fragments - from the tail of Planet X.

Great Beasts Peppered from Space
December 11, 2007
The ancient remains come from Alaska, but researchers also have a Siberian bison skull with the same pockmarks. The scientists released details of the discovery at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, US. They painted a picture of a calamitous event over North America that may have severely knocked back the populations of some species. In the case of the bison, we know that it survived the impact because there's new bone growth around these marks. The mammoth and bison remains all display small (about 2-3mm in size) perforations. Raised, burnt surface rings trace the point of entry of high-velocity projectiles; and the punctures are on only one side, consistent with a blast coming from a single direction. Viewed under an electron microscope, the embedded fragments appear to have exploded inside the tusk and bone, say the researchers. Shards have cut little channels. The sunken pieces are also magnetic, and tests show them to have a high iron-nickel content, but to be depleted in titanium. The ratios of different types of atoms in the fragments meant it was most unlikely they had originated on Earth. A proposed impact can not yet be tied definitively to any craters - if there ever were any. The team also needs to explain how the bison and mammoth remains can show similar damage when they were widely separated geographically.

No craters, geographically over a widespread area, and tiny pieces of meteors, much like the description of the hailstorms caused by a tail lashing from the tail of Planet X during a passage! The Zeta warned at the very start of the ZetaTalk saga that such tail lashing should be anticipated.

ZetaTalk Warning 7/15/1999: The tail has dust, gases, stones, boulders, and moons, depending on the size and composition of the entourage at any given point. Nothing much affects this out in space, on the long arc Planet X makes as it zooms away from Earth and floats into the darkness of outer space. All this changes when the comet enters your Solar System. The Solar wind, a bombardment of radiation your eye cannot see except as light, pushes the tail outward, away from the Sun. Thus the comet's tail sweeps the Earth - dust, gases, stones and boulders all. What is the effect? The comet's moons hug close, so do not come in range, but all else is a massive onslaught on the Earth's atmosphere. The tail of the comet is composed of lighter material toward the tip, as any heavier substances that far from the great comet's gravitational influence are drawn in other directions at one point or another. Thus, the gases and dust curl toward the Earth, and are first noticeable as a fine red iron dust, turning the water a bitter blood red. Does this dust not burn in the available oxygen, and end as so many tiny flying star specs? This dust, already oxygenated, does not burn. The next notice is of a fine gravel, dropping in places like hail stones. Why does this not burn, as meteors regularly do? Some do, but their number overwhelms the Earth's defenses, the majority not igniting at all. By this time the Earth's upper atmosphere is tearing away, dispelled into space and no longer snug as a mantle around the Earth. Now comes an occasional boulder, falling without resistance on the hapless Earth.

These hailstorms do not necessarily sweep over every spot on Earth, but one should be prepared. But how can one be protected against such a hailstorm, especially when being underground in a bunker or cave is dangerous too, as the bunker or cave may collapse? The Zetas give practical advice.

ZetaTalk Advice 7/15/1999: Those who would escape the wicked lick of this tail are advised to take shelter against cliffs, in caves, in valleys, or under metal roofs. Its passage is swift, a matter of days, and the ending abrupt. It is reported in folklore that hail stones, gravel, lashes the Earth, but those reporting this have sought shelter and are thus alive to report. During the last passage the reports stated that crops and small trees were utterly destroyed by these hail storms. The best defense for humans is to huddle near cliffs, out of the wind, not in open fields, as most missiles that crash to Earth, large boulders, will not drop straight down! They come in at an angle, and will glance off hilltops, bouncing about. Thus, those in ravines are unlikely to experience a direct hit.

Christmas Quakes?

On December 23, 2004 dual quakes occurred, an 8.1 in Tasmania and an 8.2 in Auckland. Following this, on December 24, 2004, the live seismographs showed a global wave action worldwide. Earthquakes are recorded on the seismographs in a spiky pattern. This wave action is not indicative of an earthquake but an adjustment in the magma. On December 26, 2004 a massive 9.5 quake in Sumatra caused a massive tsunami. Geologists reported the Earth "rang like a bell" for days afterwards, once again this wave action in the magma showing up the following day on December 27, 2004.

Are we due to have such massive adjustments in the South Seas? On December 9, 2007, following a mere 7.6 quake in Fiji, such wave action was evident again. Not all large quakes are recorded by man, as the great Pacific is too vast and deep for seismograph equipment. Was there an adjustment in the Pacific?

Many psychics and contactees have sensed that something is going to happen in December.

Indonesia Prepares After Psychic 'Predicts Quake'
November 21, 2007
Local officials in a quake-prone Indonesian province said Monday they were taking precautionary measures after a Brazilian psychic warned a powerful earthquake would strike next month. Husni Hassanuddin, a spokesman for Bengkulu province on Sumatra island, said the Indonesian embassy in Brasilia had passed on a letter from a "professor" and psychic predicting a quake would rock the island on December 23. Antara said da Luz had sent a letter in 1998 predicting the tsunami that devastated Indonesia in 2004. He also issued a warning in 2006 forecasting September's 8.4-magnitude quake in Bengkulu, which left 23 people dead.

The Zetas have confirmed that something global will indeed occur during the Christmas season. However, they are bound by the rules the visitors to Earth are under, which is that they cannot warn mankind about specific pending disasters. They can give general warnings, but cannot name a date, a place, or what specifically will occur. The issue came up recently, two weeks in a row, on the live ZetaTalk chats on GLP.

Question: Will anything happen this Christmas season? Will there be a disaster of some kind? A disaster that will affect the whole world.

ZetaTalk Answer 12/1/2007: Yes, but just what it will be, we cannot say. We are not being specific to date or time, nor what such a disaster might be. Be mindful that sloshing tides have inundated Indonesia and the UK simultaneously recently, and this is something we consider a whole world disaster. Earthquakes are increasing in magnitude, and ricochet all over the world, also becoming a global disaster if strong enough.

ZetaTalk Answer 12/8/2007: What we are predicting might be just existing trends such as high tides or a stronger wobble or more earthquakes, or it might be something new. As we stated, we will not reveal what we know. The fact that the Earth leans as it does, both poles pointing out into space away from the Sun at the winter solstice, is not an accident. We have explained that Planet X leaves the vicinity suddenly, leaving its imprint on the Earth when it does so. This is why the Earth has its tilt, with magnetic and geographic poles not quite lined up with each other. The key is 23°, and indeed there is something out beyond the solar system in the direction the Earth's winter solstice N Poles point to that tugs at the Earth each Christmas season. This is why the most recent massive earthquake, a 9.5 on December 26, 2004 occurred. This is also a factor in the disasters we expect this forthcoming Christmas season.

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