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Issue 59, Sunday January 20, 2008
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UFOs in the News

UFOs are back in the news but this time with a twist - the major media is reporting on them. In Texas a huge ship reportedly over a mile wide was seen over several weeks by numerous credible witnesses in Stephenville near Dallas. F16 fighter jets were mustered to pursue the large ship, per witnesses, but the military has not admitted that such a pursuit occurred. The sightings were reported by Fox news, by MSNBC, and CNN. Remember the old days when such reports were buried in the local news, and only ridiculed on the major media if mentioned at all? The cover story for these dramatic sightings was that they were an optical illusion caused by several airplanes in the vicinity at the same time.

Dozens in Texas Town Report Seeing UFO
January 14, 2008
In this farming community where nightfall usually brings clear, starry skies, residents are abuzz over reported sightings of what many believe is a UFO. Several dozen people - including a pilot, county constable and business owners - insist they have seen a large silent object with bright lights flying low and fast. Some reported seeing fighter jets chasing it. "People wonder what in the world it is because this is the Bible Belt, and everyone is afraid it's the end of times," said Steve Allen, a freight company owner and pilot who said the object he saw last week was a mile long and half a mile wide. "It was positively, absolutely nothing from these parts." While federal officials insist there's a logical explanation, locals swear that it was larger, quieter, faster and lower to the ground than an airplane. They also said the object's lights changed configuration, unlike those of a plane. People in several towns who reported seeing it over several weeks have offered similar descriptions of the object.

The Zetas have stated that UFOs flying over an area, seen by many, are giving a telepathic warning to those below - of earthquakes and tidal waves that will beset the area. What warning was being given to the town of Stephenville?

ZetaTalk Warning 1/19/2008: Stephenville has a high elevation in its immediate area. Checking a topography map one sees that rivers flow from and around the area. Compared to the Dallas area, in which rivers flow through, Stephenville will be dry when Dallas is flooded. We have described what will occur in Texas during the hour of the pole shift. Tidal waves will flow in from the Gulf and not stop, as the flat land of Texas offers no barrier for water on the move. Texas will be flooded all the way to the highlands of the north and west, to an extent not considered possible by the residents of Texas. Dallas will be flooded, for weeks, until the waters slowly drain, forcing the residents to clamor into highrises to survive. The pole shift flood tide will occur too rapidly for those trapped before it to escape. All who did not heed our warnings will be clinging to floating material, washed inland and then out again when the tide recedes. Those in sight of any highlands in the area will paddle frantically in that direction, and arrive, starving and desperate, atop the hills of Stephenville. These are not neighbors one can choose, as they will arrive, unbidden. We have warned that cannibalism will occur in the highrises of Dallas when food in vending machines and restaurants run out. Those paddling to Stephenville may be good of heart or ruthless. The UFO warnings to the people of Stephenville are to be prepared for either group.

Stephenville has a sea level elevation of from 900-1700 feet, where Dallas has an elevation of 450-500 feet.

In San Diego on New Year's Day, another mass sighting was reported by Fox news, which played the video capture of the UFOs overhead for several minutes on their television broadcast. The cover story for the San Diego UFO sightings were that these UFOs were Chinese lanterns set aloft. Would a candle in a lantern appear that bright from such a high altitude?

VIDEO: San Diego UFOs

Could the UFO in the San Diego Skies Be Sky Lanterns?
January 1, 2008
Possible explanations flooded into FOX6 after we aired our first report, from top secret military drones to rockets. Several viewers suggested the lights were Chinese flying lanterns. Basically, minature hot-air balloons fueled by a candle or other flame. They are customarily released at the New Year for good luck.

Per the Zetas, San Diego is another city that will be inundated due to its low elevation on the Pacific coast.

ZetaTalk Warning 2001: A city prized for its mild climate and beaches, San Diego will find this proximity to the Pacific its doom. Without mountains as a solid backdrop, waves will wash in and out, over San Diego, as though it were a beach. This will scour the city clean, dragging most of it out to sea and depositing the rest inland as flotsam. Those seeking San Diego after the shift will be shocked to find it apparently missing. And the remnants will in any case go under water within two years, due to polar melting.

Were the New Year's Day UFO sightings Chinese lanterns, as speculated, or a warning?

ZetaTalk Warning 1/19/2008: San Diego will be quickly inundated during the pole shift, and will suffer high tides well beforehand too. New Year's Eve celebrations are normally a time when one looks forward with anticipation to the year ahead, the celebrants resolving to do better than the year that passed. What the young people celebrating into the early hours of the new day are not contemplating is having their life washed inland and then out to sea. They were being warned, by the UFO floating quietly overhead, to anticipate these flood tides. And for those inclined to fight for survival, for themselves or their friends and families and neighbors, they were also being advised as to what steps to take.

Travel Restrictions

The Zetas have warned that travel restrictions will likely be imposed during the last week, to keep the populace from migrating into the enclaves of the wealthy.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/7/2000: Travel restrictions will likely be imposed by governments in response to migrations, but not until this occurs. Where sudden homelessness or joblessness is cared for in some manner in situ, at the site, there will be no migration and no travel restrictions. An earthquake ravaged city, with "tents cities" placed on the perimeter and military to prevent looting, will find the majority of the populace in place, waiting for supper and not arguing with their military guards when told to return to their tents. If a long time running until the shift, months, such a tent city will need to clear travel for those parties who have relatives or second homes elsewhere, and passes will be issued so the military will not think the travelers are looters. Where life goes on, unaffected by high tides or ravaged by weather or quakes, travel will in all likelihood be similar to today, to seek work or to visit relatives or whatever. There will be less travel, during hard times, for entertainment, as the airline industry has already noted. Thus, until the week going into the shift, when all controls are likely to be lifted due to distraction by those assigned to enforce the restrictions, any number of controls may be imposed, and suddenly, based on Earth changes. This is one reason to be in your chosen safe location early, and if not possible, to have valid excuses to be there should you need the excuse.

On May 11, 2005, the Real ID act was passed by Congress, with the intention of forcing all states to comply by May, 2008. Initially, driver's licenses with an embedded chip and photo would be required, but eventually the act would require states to eventually verify birth certificates, social security numbers, and passports. The Real ID date would be digitized to be easily accessed. Several states objected to the cost, which was not funded by the act. Civil libertarians objected to privacy violations and because the detailed data compiled would be a gold mine for identity thieves. In response, Homeland Security has extended the deadlines, allowing states to request a waiver. In the meantime, travelers planning to fly during the month of May must worry about being stranded at airports due to lack of a proper ID.

New ID Rules May Complicate Air Travel
January 12, 2008
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, who was unveiling final details of the Real ID Act's rules on Friday, said that if states want their licenses to remain valid for air travel after May 2008, those states must seek a waiver indicating they want more time to comply with the legislation. Congress passed the Real ID law in 2005, but the effort has been delayed by opposition from states worried about the cost and civil libertarians upset about what they believe are invasions of privacy. A key deadline would come in 2011, when federal authorities hope all states will be in compliance. By 2014, anyone seeking to board an airplane or enter a federal building would have to present a Real ID-compliant card, with the notable exception of those older than 50.

Other countries may be planning to impose more restrictions on travel, as ID requirements are tightening. In India, for instance, Delhi has announced plans for random ID checking.

Proof of Identification a Must for Delhiites
January 4, 2008
From January 15, all those residing or working in Delhi will be subjected to random checking wherein they will be required to produce to the police officers proof of their identity- it could be their driving license, their PAN card, their passport, their ration card or their office ID card.

Wikipedia lists 24 countries that require some sort of national ID card or are in the process of implementing a national ID card, versus 8 countries that pointedly have no such requirements. The United States and the UK are presently listed as two of the countries without a national ID card requirement, though both these countries are moving in this direction. Even without such a requirement at the national level, travel restrictions and checkpoints can be imposed at the local level, as these examples from Arizona and Wisconsin show.

Ariz. City Cops Ask Citizenship Proof
December 23, 2007
Police in suburban Scottsdale have begun routinely asking for proof of citizenship from every suspect they arrest and turning those who are in this country illegally over to federal immigration officials. Police in the affluent suburb ask every suspect about their citizenship, have ICE agents pick up those who are in this country illegally, and keep a database of possible illegal immigrants in case they turn up again. Scottsdale Mayor Mary Manross supports the policy change and said that because every suspect is asked about citizenship, police are not engaged in racial profiling.
Police Begin Fingerprinting on Traffic Stops
December 24, 2007
If you're ticketed by Green Bay police, you'll get more than a fine. You'll get fingerprinted, too. It's a new way police are cracking down on crime. If you're caught speeding or playing your music too loud, or other crimes for which you might receive a citation, Green Bay police officers will ask for your drivers license and your finger. You'll be fingerprinted right there on the spot. The fingerprint appears right next to the amount of the fine. Police say it's meant to protect you -- in case the person they're citing isn't who they claim to be. Police say they want to prevent the identity theft problem that Milwaukee has, where 13 percent of all violators give a false name.

Signs in the Sky

As Planet X turns increasingly toward the Earth, hosing its massive tail toward the Earth, sightings of the moon swirls within the tail of Planet X will be seen.

ZetaTalk Description 2001: Why do the moons trail, and spin in a slow whirlwind behind Planet X, rather than orbit the planet? Planet X moves away from its moons. Moons that have arrived in a whirlwind behind a rapidly traveling planet have a new dictate to deal with. They are trying to catch the planet, while caught in momentum that their circular chase has created. The moons of Planet X, having assumed a swirl that perpetuates itself, remain in a dance behind Planet X. This swirl, unique to man in any comets or planets he observes, is what caused the ancients to call the passing monster, red in the sky because of its illuminated red dust cloud, a dragon, lashing its tail, the swirl of moons.

While at a distance, these moon swirls appeared like a string of pearls.

As Planet X drew closer to the Earth, the moon swirls appeared larger, often mistaken for Planet X itself. The moon swirls can be seen from the side, where they look like a long illuminated tube. When the view is looking down the tube, scattered light ricocheting down the tube makes the moon swirls look like an orb. Such an orb, a moon swirl, was captured in a photo that appeared in a Puerto Rican newspaper on January 12, 2008.

I am writing from San Juan Puerto Rico. Today a major newspaper in San Juan published the enclosed photo related to an article that describe the nearest point of the sun in January 2008. At 7 o'clock of the sun it is visible a round object with a tail. Enhanced it seems reddish.

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/19/2008: This is a genuine shot, but is not the corpus of Planet X but a moon swirl seen from the end of the swirl tube. The moon swirls are being turned toward the Earth, emerging from the N Pole of Planet X and swinging to the left along the magnetic flow lines that return to the S Pole of Planet X. The connection via red dust from moon swirls to the Planet X corpus is not obvious, as the red dust clings to the moons in the swirl. There is no visual connection thus to the Planet X corpus which rides to the right of the Sun in the view. Being more directly between the Earth and Sun, Planet X is reflecting sunlight back toward the Sun rather than tangentially toward the Earth.

The object in target="_top">Sign #1667 is also a moon swirl, close to Earth and in a similar angle to reflect sunlight from the rising Sun. That the moon swirls are now seen to the left of the Sun, where in November of 2006 when the Sign #1667 photo was taken they were to the right of the Sun, shows the degree of progress of Planet X in its 270º roll. Formerly, these swirls were located to the right of the Sun, but now with the N Pole of Planet X swung to point more directly at Earth, they can also be seen to the left of the Sun.

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