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Issue 78, Sunday May 18, 2008
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China Quake

A 7.9 magnitude quake devastated the Sichuan Province of China on May 12, 2008. The death toll is still being counted. The area was wracked with dozens of aftershocks. The original quake was relatively shallow, a factor that increases the damage a quake can bring to structures on the surface.

Death Toll Continues to Rise from Powerful Chinese Earthquake
May 13, 2008
Nearly 12,000 people are now feared dead in the wake of that powerful Chinese earthquake. But that death toll is expected to soar. Chinese state media reports that thousands of more people remain buried under rubble in one city. 20,000 Chinese troops are assisting the tens of thousands of people who slept outside in the rain on Monday night. They are afraid to go indoors because of the powerful aftershocks. Many of the rural areas are still impassable because of the damage.

At a magnitude 7.9, the impact of the Sichuan quake was still felt at a distance, even in nearby countries.

China Quake Death Toll Nearly 12,000
May 13, 2008
Sichuan Province sits in the Sichuan basin and is bordered by the Himalayas to the west. The quake shook the ground in Beijing, 950 miles (1,528 km) away. The earthquake was also felt in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, and as far away as Hanoi, Vietnam, and Bangkok, Thailand.

Other worrisome aspects are dams in the area which were cracked by the quake and their potential for swamping cities down river.

China: Troops Plug Dam as Death Toll Soars
May 14, 2008
China's death toll from a massive earthquake soared by thousands Wednesday as troops rushed to plug "severe cracks" in a dam upriver from one of the hardest hit cities. About 2,000 troops were sent to work on a dam near the epicenter of Monday's earthquake. The Zipingpu dam, upriver from Dujiangyan in Sichuan province, was in great danger. said that the 7.9-magnitude earthquake had caused "severe cracks" in the dam. The plant and associated buildings have collapsed and some are partly sunk. The Ministry of Water Resources said that an irrigation system and Dujiangyan City -- which has a population of about 630,000 -- "would be swamped," if major problems emerged at the dam.

The quake tumbled rocks onto roadways, cracked open roadways, and heaved landing strips. Despite no lack of effort on the part of the Chinese government, rescue workers had to negotiate the hardest hit areas on foot.

China Quake Death Toll Nearly 12,000
May 13, 2008
Roads blocked by rocks and mudslides had hampered the effort to reach the epicenter. Heavy rains forced the military to cancel plans to drop Chinese People's Liberation Army paratroopers into the area. Bad weather also has grounded all helicopter relief efforts. Blocked roads, disrupted communication and continuous rainfall have all created obstacles to rescue efforts. Row after row of houses collapsed during the earthquake, leaving people with no place to go. Many injured and hungry people wondered the streets, creating a scene of human misery. The roads to the town are open, but still no relief workers were around.

But those in the province of Sichuan are being rescued, by tens of thousands of Chinese troops and the stoical perseverance of the Chinese people themselves. Food, drinking water, medical supplies, tents, and blankets are being delivered. Should the people of China, or elsewhere, consider this the worst that could happen? When the Zetas warn of the coming pole shift, they warn about the lack of rescue that will occur, as the whole world will be affected, simultaneously. Their advice is to stay outside of buildings as the hour of the pole shift approaches 5.9 days after the Earth's rotation stops, seeking shelter from the wind in a low trench.

ZetaTalk Advice 7/15/1996: For those inland beyond the reach of tidal waves, the earthquakes are devastating. All but the flimsiest of housing is wrenched so violently that it collapses, crushing and trapping those inside. Those inside tents or straw huts will find themselves, along with their housing, jerked sideways, but aside from scrapes and bruises, relatively unharmed. Lying on the ground during this time is in and of itself a protection, as friction along the ground prevents one from being hurled. In the cities, structures collapse, creating the scenario seen after major earthquakes in the extreme, everywhere. The injured die from lack of treatment and the living soon sicken from drinking sewage contaminated water, and with transportation blocked on all sides, starvation soon takes its toll also.

The Sichuan basin sits atop the Himalayas, in an area where the Himalayas are pushing east. A major fault line, the Xianshuihe fault, runs through the area. Satellite views show the rumpled mountains of the Himalayas in relation to the location of the recent Sichuan quakes.

The Zetas have described the Himalayas as the brake in continental drift, as for the Pacific Ocean to compress or the Atlantic Ocean to widen, the Indo-Australian plate must be shoved under the Himalayas. In describing the scripted drama that will occur during the hour of the pole shift, this plunging action is the second significant action to occur.

ZetaTalk Description 4/15/2002: The stage having been set, then, the crust movement steps during the hour of the shift are as follows:
1. As the South Pole, gripped by the passing North Pole of Planet, X moves north, the crust is torn from the core and freed in this way, allowing pre-existing stress points to relax. Thus, Europe and Africa move further east, allowing the Atlantic to rip apart during the slide northward.
2. The immediate effect of the massive plate housing Europe, Russia and the Near East to move is felt most strongly in India, as the Himalayas are driven over India at this point, effectively submerging this country in a wink.

Rainbow Clouds

The stress on the rock in the Sichuan province was displayed in the sky prior to the quakes, in the form of clouds that were multicolored!
Shot at 13:11 on May. 12, 2008 in Mei Xian County, Shaanxi province, west China, close to Xichuan province.
Shot in Tianshui City, Gansu province, Northwest China.

Earthquake clouds are normally cloud colored, and only referred to as "earthquake clouds" by the striated appearance caused by emissions from the distressed rock into the atmosphere. As mentioned during the May 10, 2008 GodlikeProductions live chat, the tail of Planet X has changed the Earth's atmosphere. Rainbows can appear on an oil smear, and our atmosphere is more oily now.

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/10/2008: There are compounds in the tail that create an oily smear, halos around the Sun when viewed from Earth, etc. This haze is another aspect of this oily substance in the atmosphere.

But would rainbows in the sky portend an impending earthquake?

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/17/2008: Earthquake clouds are evidence of emissions from the rock wafting skyward in steady, regular bursts. Would such emissions also affect the composition of the atmosphere over such stressed rock? Where mankind understand that electricity and lightning flashes are caused by electrons on the move, particle flows are a phenomena mostly undeciphered by man, who is ignorant of 999 of every 1,000 particles we, the Zetas, are aware of. Particle flows are the reason that the planets line up, like the rings of Saturn, around the Sun's middle. Particle flows are the root cause of magnetic fields. Particle flows are also the reason rainbow clouds appeared in the skies above the Sichuan province prior to their recent quake. Rainbows are caused by a prism of water vapor, which bends the light rays on their way to the eye of the beholder. Rainbow clouds are likewise a prism, as the cloud itself has been arched over the particle flows emitting from the stressed rock. Yet one more sign that the inhabitants of Planet Earth can use as a warning of an impending earthquake.

Tornado Season

The tornado season in the US has had a vicious start, portending a record season both in the severity and death count. The latest wave of tornadoes racked up 22 deaths across several states.

Tornadoes kill at least 22 across U.S.
May 12, 2008
Another wave of tornadoes turned Mother's day weekend into tragedy in the Midwest and the South. At least 22 were killed as scores of twisters tore their way across four states. In Picher, Oklahoma, powerful winds, up to 175 mph, flattened the tiny town of 800. Some residents were killed as they tried to flee in their cars. The killer storm then moved to Missouri, creating a mile-wide path of destruction there.
Tornado Deaths Underscore Risks of Taking Shelter in Cars
May 12, 2008
About 100 people have died in U.S. twisters so far this year, the worst toll in a decade, according to the National Weather Service, and the danger has not passed yet. Tornado season typically peaks in the spring and early summer, then again in the late fall. This could also prove to be the busiest tornado season on record in the United States, though the final figure on the number of twisters is not yet in.

When the Earth wobble developed in 2004 the Zetas began warning of increasing tornado activity, as the blanket of air wrapping the Earth does not keep pace with the Earth's crust when the Earth wobbles, thus creating unexpected winds and temperature adjustments.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/6/2004: Where the Earth is pulled, the atmosphere is not, and lingers where it was while the crust moves beneath it. Accounts of sudden wind storms, unexpected and out of season, are occurring. Jerking the Earth about under her cloak of air also creates temperature changes. Will this trend continue, and become more extreme? Why would it not, in an Earth wobble that we have predicted will become more extreme as Planet X swings its N. Pole, a hose of magnetic particles that cannot be ignored, toward Earth. Earth attempts to align with the dominant magnet in the Solar System, the Sun, but can only do so in this instance when its own vulnerable N. Pole is hidden from Planet X, that portion of the day when India faces the Sun. The push of the Earth's vulnerable N. Pole away will occur with more violence, the rebound back to align with the Sun's dominant voice will occur with more violence, and the weather will follow!

The Zetas reiterated their warnings recently, when questioned about the increase in tornado activity, and the appearance of tornadoes in unexpected places.

Question: Downtown Atlanta tornado "came out of nowhere" and the weather warnings were not out in time and afterward they were still hesitant to even call it a tornado when it clearly was.

ZetaTalk Response 3/15/2008: We have predicted that tornados would occur in atypical places, but would not be at a strength outside of what mankind now expects. Likewise with hurricanes. Both these matters have occurred, and will increasingly occur, because the Earth wobble has become more violent, more forceful and quick. It will only get worse as the Earth approaches the time of the pole shift.

Question: It seems the tremendous increase in tornadoes in the past week must be due to the approach of Planet X. Is this in response to the wobble, and will it settle down soon or should we expect even more and worse after the "traditional" end of the tornado season

ZetaTalk Response 5/3/2008: Yes, this is due to the wobble. And no, it will not settle down. And yes, it will get worse.

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