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Issue 105, Sunday November 16, 2008
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Killer Kids

A town in northern Arizona is in shock after a double murder - an 8 year old boy shooting his father and a roomer at the home, apparently a premeditated murder. The boy was not a problem child. Other than a police record of some domestic violence calls to the home, the father and roomer did not have a record either. Was the boy abused?

Boy, 8, Facing Murder Charges Appears Before Judge
November 10, 2008
An 8-year-old boy appeared in court Monday afternoon in St. Johns, Arizona, on charges that he murdered his father and another man. The judge and attorneys discussed preliminary issues, including conducting a mental health evaluation of the boy and possible visitation options for his mother. A gag order preventing those involved in the case from speaking about it was left in place. More than 600 mourners attended services for the father, Vincent Romero, 29. Tim Romans, 39, also was found dead Wednesday afternoon in Romero's home, where he rented a room. Police said that the boy had confessed to shooting the two men with a .22-caliber weapon. No motive was given. Meanwhile, the boy remains in custody at a juvenile detention facility, where he is attending school. So far, nobody had stepped up to take custody of the boy. The stepmother didn't want to take custody of him. His mother hasn't taken custody of him. St. Johns has a population of about 4,000 residents and is situated about 170 miles northeast of Phoenix, near the New Mexico border.

More details of the boy's life emerged. The father and the boy's new stepmother were devote Catholics, and consulted the local priest regularly. The father was popular, well known and liked. The crime had occurred during a visit by the boy's biological mother, but neither the mother or the stepmother wanted custody of the boy after the shooting. He remained in juvenile detention facilities. Was the boy some kind of monster, that he was being avoided in this way?

Slain Father Taught Boy to Use Guns, Priest Says
November 8, 2008
A man who police believe was shot and killed by his 8-year-old son had consulted a Roman Catholic priest about whether the boy should have a gun and had taught him how to use firearms. The Very Rev. John Paul Sauter said Vincent Romero consulted him on whether his son should have a gun. He wanted his son to learn how to hunt. The boy used a 22.-caliber rifle Wednesday to kill his father and another man, Timothy Romans, 39, of San Carlos. The boy, who faces two counts of premeditated murder, did not act on the spur of the moment. A judge ordered a psychological evaluation of the boy. The boy had no record of complaints with Arizona Child Protective Services. Romero had full custody of the child. The boy's biological mother visited St. Johns during the weekend from Mississippi and returned to Arizona after the shootings. Family members declined to speak on the record.
Large Funeral Expected for Man Allegedly Shot by 8-Year-Old Son
November 9, 2008
Ask anyone here, and chances are they know a member of the Romero family. Everybody knows them because there's like 100 of them. They're very well-liked in the community. At St. John the Baptist, Romero sang in the choir and his wife had also signed up. The couple spent two years preparing for marriage. Romero had full custody of the 8-year-old boy and the marriage made Tiffany Romero his stepmother. The boy's mother had visited St. Johns from Mississippi last weekend and returned to Arizona after the shootings.

Per the Zetas the boy is not a monster. The opposite is true. This is the classic picture of a sexual abuse victim, who cannot complain because his parents are powerful and respected in the community. In the case of the church-going Romero family, it was also true that the boy could not go to his local priest to complain, due to the church's attitude toward pedophilia.

ZetaTalk Explanation 11/15/2008: While waiting psychological reports to be submitted to a judge in a case under seal, the curious public wants to know the inside story. The boy apparently had a solid family life, with an extended family in the community, both a stepmother and mother in contact with the child, and close ties to the Catholic church. There were no distress signals, although domestic violence reports were on file at the police department and rumors of some kind of abuse at the household. This is a classic setting where the victim of child sexual abuse has nowhere to go with his complaint. The boy was locked in on all sides, could not go to the priest, as the priest was in regular consultation with the father. The boy had only to watch the interaction with the priest to understand that no accusation against the father would result in rescue. Most pedophiles in good standing in the community take pains to intimidate their victims in this manner, to assure that the victim has no escape and no means to rectify the situation.

The father was dictatorial, and being a good Catholic had sexual guilt even about marital relationships. Thus, he married sexually repressed women, and fought with both of them about the lack of marital relationships. As with pedophilia in the Catholic priesthood, lust finds an outlet by being turned against a child too young to resist. The pedophile, whether a priest or parent, forgives himself for having given into temptation and asks for God's guidance in the future. The child is boxed in as all authority is in lock-step against the crime being revealed or discussed openly. The sanctity of the confessional is extended to the pedophile's victim, as though the child must agree not to disclose a sin because it has been discussed in a confessional. The child becomes the victim once again. Did the family priest understand what was going on in the household? Yes, but this will not be divulged. Did the wives understand what was going on? Absolutely, and their testimony may be given in confidence to the judge. Why was the roomer shot as well as the father? The roomer had observed the boy's abuse, and done nothing. In the child's mind, he was thus a participant, and likely to become the boy's next abuser unless eliminated.

Why don't more cases of pedophilia within the family get reported? Per the Zetas, the victim assumes they had it coming and are to blame in some way. Seeing how powerful their abuser is and feeling they have no escape, they identify with their abuser, the more powerful part of the equation, and thus even begin to explain the abuse to themselves as something correct and proper - Stockholm syndrome.

ZetaTalk Pedophilia 4/1/2005: In that the church denies its priests a sexual outlet, and many migrate to the church due to homosexual leanings which they are desperate to deny, entrapping those likely to rise in power within the Catholic church in pedophilia is relatively easy, and explains why the hierarchy of the church was so resistant to admitting any wrongdoing in the pedophilia among priests in the lower ranks when it was revealed. The hierarchy, those at the top in the church, are not without shame, themselves. Stockholm syndrome, where the victim identifies with the captor. The abused wife comes to think she had it coming, deserved it. The abused child, where they most often bury the horror under amnesia and forget the episode until adulthood, if remembered at all, subconsciously react to what occurred by guilt and identifying with the attacker.

Per the Zetas, the wives in such instances of child sex abuse within the family are quite aware of what is going on, and look the other way. They are prissy, and are relieved that someone else must take care of what they consider a nasty part of the marital contract - sex. The child simply has no one who will rescue them, as both parents are in collusion. In the case of the Romero boy, the lineup against him included his father, the roomer, his mother, the stepmother, the local priest and the community at large. He felt he had no choice but to rely upon himself.

ZetaTalk JonBenet Ramsey 8/15/2001: What happens in cases where the children in a family are sexually molested, repeatedly, and the mother is supposedly ignorant? The mother is not ignorant, but is a participant! She is prissy, has been asked to perform acts that disgust or disturb her, or is trying to hold onto her own sexual response, repressing this, so wants to avoid contact. It is not uncommon for the mother to have been raised in a strict religious environment that threatened punishment of any sexual thoughts or actions, so complete sexual repression was the goal. When the father begins to molest the children, who are most often too young to resist or understand their options, there is a conflicting set of emotions in the mother. She is relieved, because she now is let off the hook, but at the same time she is horrified. Children are vulnerable, cannot fight back when the perpetrator is the parent, and are thus the first object when the father's resentment toward his prissy wife reaches the boiling point. Each prosecutor knows of situations within his extended family or neighborhood or circle of friends where molestation of this sort is suspected. Eyebrows are raised, jaws set in anger, but no actions are taken. The victims, being told they asked for their treatment, are bad, are getting what they deserved, are hardly likely to point an accusing finger. The victims have been convinced they are the criminal, and have gone into hiding with their parents, into face-saving denial, and silence.

Caribbean Crunch

Poor Haiti! One affliction after another. It's often in the path of hurricanes. It's denuded its share of the island it shares with the Dominican Republic of trees in pursuit of charcoal, a major Haitian industry and source of fuel. This has caused Haiti to be more vulnerable to flooding. Now we learn that the construction industry has failed to reinforce concrete or concrete blocks, so that public structures were subject to collapse.

Death Toll Climbs to 82 in Haitian School Collapse
November 8, 2008
The death toll in the collapse of a ramshackle school in Haiti rose to at least 82 on Saturday when rescue workers uncovered a room with 21 dead, many of them children. The disaster struck as impoverished Haiti recovered from four tropical storms and hurricanes that killed more than 800 people and destroyed 60 percent of its crops in August and September. Rescuers worked frantically on the outskirts of Port-of Prince, the Haitian capital, to find survivors in the rubble of the three-story La Promesse school, which caved in while class was in session. President Rene Preval said the church school had been built with hardly any structural steel or cement to hold its concrete blocks together.

Per the Zetas, this collapse is just another sad story in Haiti's history, not directly caused by the Earth changes afflicting the planet due to the presence of Planet X.

ZetaTalk Comment 11/8/2008: Haiti does not have adequate building codes, as they freely admit. In addition they have had flooding which undermines the foundations of buildings. They can anticipate more problems, and of course will fare poorly during the coming pole shift when few will survive.

But per the Zetas, the islands in the Caribbean are vulnerable during the coming pole shift. The Caribbean is situated on small plates, and will get crushed when the giant N American and S American plates start to move. Though many mountains are on Caribbean islands, they are often volcanic. As harsh as matters are for Haiti today, they will only get worse. Regardless of beautiful beaches, tropical breezes and being a sailor's delight - the Caribbean will be a deathtrap when the pole shift occurs.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2001: The islands in the Caribbean will be utterly devastated during the coming shift, hit from several sides. When the Americas move into the Pacific, shortening the distance around the Pacific Rim and widening the Atlantic, the giant continents of North and South America will not simply drift evenhandedly westward. Moving plates move in the direction of least resistance, which in this case is toward the middle of the Pacific hole. Central America loses in this crunch, as do the smaller plates supporting the Caribbean islands. Any island surviving this crush, where smaller plates will subduct under larger giants, will have to deal with tidal waves washing over them and exploding volcanoes. Going to sea in boats will scarcely be an answer, as the turmoil the water will be undergoing will create vortexes that will capsize large and small boats, and even dash well built submarines in deep water. Surviving in the Caribbean, during this violent shift, will be the exception, and will require luck, not planning.

Obama as Lincoln

While in a trance in May, 2007, psychic Gordon Michael Scallion relayed that the next president would be "Lincoln" and would be in body of someone called "Obama".

Ellie Crystal and Gordon-Michael Scallion
October 17, 2007
During the broadcast Gordon-Michael mentioned his May 2007 prediction at the Edgar Cayce Prophecy Conference when he said, "If there are no new entries into the field, then Lincoln shall return and occupy the White House again". He then named Obama as the next president.

VIDEO: Scallion Video

The media has taken note that Obama is fixated on the Lincoln presidency, mentioning for instance that he wants a "team of rivals" to advise him, as Lincoln had done. Obama announced his candidacy at Springfield, IL as Lincoln had done. Both Obama and Lincoln were lawyers from Illinois, served in the state legislature and then briefly in the U.S. Senate. Could the spirit of Lincoln be returning, as an African-American, to finish what Lincoln set out to do?

Can Obama Pull Off a Historic Presidential Double Play?
November 10, 2008
Our president-elect is obsessed with Lincoln, who changed the country both by changing government policy and by using the bully pulpit to help us change ourselves.
Abraham Lincoln's Legacy
July, 2008
Obama almost seems to be channeling the 16th President; he certainly shares the gift of inspired oratory. Lincoln's portrait hangs above his Senate office desk. Following in Lincoln's footsteps, Obama announced his candidacy on the steps of the Illinois State Capital in Springfield, site of the famous 1858 house divided speech. He spoke in the Great Hall at Cooper Union where, in 1860, Lincoln delivered the anti-slavery speech that is said to have won him the presidency. Lincoln, also a lawyer from Illinois who served in the State Legislature before being elected to the Senate, was in Congress only two years before occupying the White House. Last March, prominent psychic, Gordon Michael Scallion, speaking to a group at the A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment, The Edgar Cayce Foundation) in Virginia Beach, channeled the information that Obama is a reincarnated Abe Lincoln-- a compelling if improvable thesis.

Per the Zetas, the sense that many have that Obama is Lincoln reincarnated is correct.

ZetaTalk Comment 11/8/2008: Obama was also Lincoln, as is obvious to many, including Gordon Michael-Scallion. Most Star Children recognize early that they are different, and sense the reason why. In Obama's case, he was a walk-in during his teens, so was able to choose the body and life circumstances for his mission. In such cases, where a walk-in occurs, the human body and mind sense a change, and seek an answer for this, arriving at the conclusion that they have a new soul within.

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